Monday, August 30, 2010

My Interview with Polyvore & A Mini Editor Contest Reminder

Hello Everyone! I hope you're are having a wonderful start to your week! :) As most of you already know, Polyvore is currently running a contest to introduce their new Mini Editor. The winning blog and one of their participating readers will both receive $1,000!!! I was chosen as one of Polyvore's 5 Launch Partners to kick-off the contest, and gave them an interview last week which they posted here on their blog.

I also wanted to say another big THANK YOU to all who have submitted sets so far! You all are absolutely fabulous! :) Don't forget...the more sets that are submitted the better our chances are of winning! I have switched out more items, so there are brand new options for you to use in making your sets. Please continue to make as many sets as possible...we only have until September 7th to move in to the lead, so the more sets created each day the better! If you haven't yet started to participate, you can read all the details and begin styling your own outfits here. :)

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!



  1. I lost track how many sets I put together, but wish you good luck!

  2. Good luck!! I love polyvore- it opened a new world for me when I started trying to be more interactive with my blog content.

  3. Hi Rose! If you go into your Polyvore account, you will be able to count them. Each set you did in my mini editor will have the tag:

    HTH! Thank you again for participating, and I hope you'll continue to make more sets! :)

  4. Good luck, FFM. When I get a spare moment, I will make EVEN more sets for you. It has been a hoot! :)