Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Shopping: Boots

For me personally, the approach of fall brings about the desire to find a new pair (or two) of boots (yes, we do wear them Florida). I don't know about you, but I love them...tall boots, ankle boots, booties, and even the latest over-the-knee boot trend, too. Whether you're looking to spend a little, or a lot, this season the options out there in *shopping land* are plentiful, so finding your perfect pair shouldn't be too difficult. So for this week's Sunday *Window* Shopping we're going to look at some of the boots now available. I hope you enjoy our trip! :)

Let's start with one of this season's top boot trends: The Over-the-Knee boot. This one has been shown everywhere on the runway, worn by celebrities, and has now made it to the mass market. The over-the-knee boot is available just about everywhere, from Neiman Marcus to Target, retailers are offering different styles and brands of the trend.

Next is the Tall(Knee) Boot. A must-have staple in every woman's wardrobe, both the flat and heeled version of the Tall boot look great with skinny jeans, wide leg crop pants, short skirts, long skirts, and pencil skirts.

Frye *Jane* Tall Boot at Nordstrom.

The ankle boot is a great choice for wearing with pants and jeans, but are also now frequently shown paired with dresses, skirt, and even shorts.

The Bootie is sort of a mix between an ankle boot and a shoe. It is also great for wearing with pants, jeans, skirts, etc...pretty much the same as the ankle boot.

Sam Edelman. These are the Simone black suede ankle booties. I purchased a pair last year and wore them all the time. Very pretty IRL, great quality, and comfy, too.

If you happen to prefer a Mid-Calf Boot, there are plenty of cute styles out there now, too. (Unfortunately I have muscular calves and mid-calf boots just don't work for me since they *hit* at the largest point and exaggerate the size. I do own a couple pair but have to wear my pants/jeans over them, and what's the fun in that?) For those of you lucky women that wear them well, here are a few options:

What is your preferred boot? Do you purchase a new pair each year? If so, have you started your boot shopping for this year? Do you have a pair you love and would highly recommend? Please do share...



  1. I love boots too. I have the opposite fit problem--no matter what kind of workout I do, I can't get my calves to develop, so many boots are too big for me. Unfortunately, most stretch boots are faux leather. A few years ago Mr. Hex bought me a fabulous pair of tall skinny Stuart Weitzman stretch suede HH boots, and they have been worth every penny.

    One of the remaining items on my fall wish list is a sleek, dark brown bootie like the J.Crew Metropolitan or Kingston, but not quite so high-heeled nor as high-priced.

  2. I'm a Florida girl too and just wish we could wear boots more often!! Looks like I will have to wait until at least November before I can don any of them :(

  3. I love boots and living in Canada wear them a lot. I just bought some flat black suede slouchy knee high boots, so soft! I love my J Crew chalet shearling boots and my Frye harness boots too. I stick to flats for better traction in the snow and cuz I'm over 6 foot tall. LOL

  4. Hexicon: Your Stuart Weitzman's sound gorgeous! There was actually an SW boutique on Rue La La the other day, and I just missed out on a pair of beautiful black leather over-the-knee boots because I hesitated. I have a pair of black wedge Cole Haan Nike Air tall boots I purchased I think 2 years ago now that I wear constantly during the winter. Definitely got my $$$ worth out of them.

    I'll keep my eye out for a brown bootie for you. :)

  5. Cindy: It would be really nice to have an earlier *cool down* with the weather here in Florida this year. I usually break out my boots mid-October or so, once it starts to at least seem a little more like fall. :)

  6. Robin: I am oh so jealous of you lucky ladies that live in the north! What I would give to have 4 actual seasons!

    Congrats on your new suede slouchy boots...they sound TDF! :)

    How wonderful also to be so tall...I am a shorty at 5'4", but my DH is 6'5", which means our boys are also very tall for their ages. My 12 year-old is as tall as me now already.

    Btw, thanks for commenting. :)

  7. I'm in Arizona so I have the same issue, a very short time period within which to wear boots. I'm also very thin in the calves like Hexicon, so my choices are pretty limited. I would love to find real leather stretch boots! I have a pair that were given to me that are faux and they actually look quite nice but aren't terribly comfortable to wear in that way faux leather is uncomfortable.

  8. oh I have the same issues.... my legs are short and petite..most bots are too tall, too wide, heels too high or too flat............... I LOVED me some cole haan air lyndas last year but they were too tall and too wide and slapped me in the kneecap. ouch! they have some this year that are pefect classic and mid-heel BUT I cannot get a response from the company as to the shaft height and width AND they are (only!) $450++++ eeek


  9. Hi Barbara! Thanks for stopping by to comment! Is the Cole Haan boot your considering the Justine? I can't believe they don't give the shaft measurement on the website, since it's really pretty much crucial when making a boot purchase. I do hope they work out for you! Let me know if you ever hear back from Cole Haan. :)

  10. Great topic FFM! As you know, I've been positively obsessed with finding the perfect saddle/caramel-colored tall boot. I have those chicken legs, so all the pretty leather boots are too wide on me. But lo and behold, just today, I found the PERFECT boot!!! They are Vera Wang Lavender Label, and I happened to find them in my size at Nordstrom Rack for an absolute STEAL. Link to Nord and IRL pics


    I actually tried on some BEAUTIFUL boots (that fit my calves) at Stuart Weitzman today, but couldn't afford the cost.

    My 2 other boots are wondeful. A black, suede, waterproof boot from La Canadienne ( has great sales) that looks like new 2 years later. And a Paul Green stretch leather (not the usual fake) in chocolate brown, that looks brand new 5 years later. Both are insanely comfortable.

  11. HOORAY shopwithm!!! I am SO happy for you! I also cannot BELIEVE what an AMAZING deal you got on the boots!!! They are beautiful! Congratulations!!! :)

  12. I love boots and I love your blog! Question, I am seeing more almond toe shapes this year. Are the pointed and squared toe boots out of style this year or can you still wear them?

  13. I never thought people's calves could be too skinny for boots - mine are too wide for most of them! I have a pair of Miz Mooz from Nordies that I adore, but I can't zip them with anything thicker than tights on. Jeans? Forgetaboutit!

    I was just thinking today that I should pull them out and see whether my six months of doing serious leg weight training has made any difference (never really did lower body weights before). They don't look any smaller...

    I recently purchased the ankle western style booties from Target. I don't know why but I have craved this style for several years even though I am far from a western style girl.

    Here in Missouri we definitely have the brunt of all four seasons. Sometimes in one day!

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  15. Hi Anon@6:51pm! There are definitely a lot of almond toe shapes this season, but the pointy toes are still around and I wouldn't hesitate on wearing them (I know I will be). The square toes are seen much less often, but are still a shape I would consider to be fairly classic when it comes to boots (such as a lot of the Frye boots). I personally prefer the almond and pointy toes, so the square toes would be on the bottom of my list to wear when given other options. So, definitely YES to the almond and pointy toes as a first choice, and yes to the square toes, but as a second option. HTH! :)

  16. Generation Kvetch: Thanks for stopping by! I think I know the pair of boots you got from Target and they are very, very cute! Are they brown leather, similar to the leather on the Frye look-a-likes from last year? I don't see them online, but did see them in my store on Saturday.

  17. Boots Rock!

    I'm on a strict budget this Fall, but have been checking out the Target shoe section since learning about their upgraded styles- probably learned it from you, FFM!

    So I purchased the Target Mossimo Supply Co. Kaden Tall Buckle Boots in both Grey & Tan and I have to say, they will do the trick for me. The faux leather is actually good looking and they fit well- I sized down 1/2 size because they fit a little big due to their slouch look.

    Not a bad option for the budget conscious!