Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Shopping: J.Crew New Arrivals

Hello Everyone! I apologize for the late post today...too much to do, too little time, but I am here now and ready to go *window* shopping with you! :) As I'm sure most of you already know, J.Crew added a lot of NEW ARRIVALS to their website this past Thursday. For our *Sunday Shopping* this week we are going to pay them a visit, and I will share a handful of the items that interest me...hope you'll tell me what interests you, too! :)

I actually had the opportunity to make a quick visit to my J.Crew store yesterday evening. I am really excited because it is now a LUXE store, which means we get shoes, handbags, collection items, and cashmere. Most of the items available online were in my store, so I was able to take a quick look at most of them and even try a couple pieces on. So what did I come home with? Three items that I can't wait to wear. :)

The Marled Shawl-Collar Cardigan in the color *Marled Saddle*. This one immediately went on my *must have* list when I saw it on the website Thursday. I purchased the Marled Wool Cardigan (which I blogged about here) last year and wore it repeatedly through out the winter, so when I saw the new color being offered this year...I knew it would be a definite purchase for me (as long as the zipper pockets were ok IRL, which they are). I purchased the XSmall and the fit is good, with plenty of room to wear it buttoned up all the way. Here's a picture of mine:

I love the color and think it's nicer IRL than it looks online. :)

I also came home with 2 tees that look really pretty with the cardigan. The first is the in-store only Paris tee (item #30847, color code PEA), that is currently on promo for $26.50. I purchased my normal XSmall tee size and it fits nicely...I love it. :)
Here's the graphic up close:

The second tee is the Beady Falls Tee in an in-store only pinkish color (code RDU). It is currently on promo for $39.50. It is indeed another tee that requires laundering by hand, but it is so lovely with the cardigan that I ended up getting it. (Plus I had gift card credit that just about covered all 3 pieces...gotta love that!)

Up close:

The tees with the cardigan:

Another cardigan on my wishlist that did not disappoint IRL is the Plaid Boyfriend Cardigan in Black Coal. This fit well in the XSmall, although the sleeves seem to run a bit small. I actually like the sleeves on my cardigans to be fitted so I don't mind, but if it bothers you then I would try sizing up one. I didn't get this one, but it's definitely a future purchase for me.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to try on the Marled Pullover Hoodie , but it is another item on the top of my wishlist. I love the color and imagine it is super comfy, too.

The Merino Silvana Cardigan in Bronzed Twig is another piece I would love to own. I saw the Sweet Almond color laying on the table in the store and it was absolutely lovely. If it weren't for the $148 price tag, I would have loved to brought it home. I hope to get this one on sale eventually.

I also really like the Wool Flannel Marion Jacket, especially in the Navy color. It would be adorable over a striped tee or turtleneck once the weather cools down.

I tried on the Glen Plaid Minnie Pant because they are absolutely adorable IRL, but unfortunately I don't have a *minnie* bottom half and they looked horrible on me. I wish they'd make a straight leg or trouser style pant in the same plaid for those of who can't wear the Minnie pants.

The Starry Donegal Tweed Pencil Skirt in Moss looks really lovely online, but I didn't get the chance to see it in person, unfortunately. I love pencil skirts, but since I don't wear them on a regular day to day basis, I'll put this in the *on sale* category for me personally. :)

Yes, Please! :)

So there you have it. A small peek at my J.Crew New Arrivals Wishlist...what's on yours? Please do share. :)



  1. I remember you loving your black & white marled cardi last year, so I'm glad you got the other color this year! I had a chance to try on both the hoodie and the cardigan yesterday (pics here and loved the hoodie. It was the only thing I ended up buying.

  2. Thanks for posting about items many of us haven't seen. I would have loved to see how the fit is on the Flannery jacket and I'm not sure I want to order both sizes to figure it out. Did you see the Rhodie bag? How is the wearing on it? Heavy distressing can look great but not be suitable for work related wearing. Wish they had an inky black version.

    Congrats on getting a Luxe store, wish we had one! The Bellevue mall is pretty upscale for having so few catalog items.

  3. Hi AppGal! I love the Marled Hoodie on you! It looks so cute and comfy! :)

    If I wear the Saddle color cardi this year as much as I wore the one from last year, then my CPW will be in the mere dollar range. ;)

  4. Hi Anon@4:56! I hear ya' about the whole *LUXE* issue. I can't believe it took this long for our store to get *promoted* since it is in a fairly upscale mall, not to mention one of the top vacation destinations pretty much worldwide. A lot of the shoppers are international and this is their one chance to actually see what J.Crew is about, so having a good representation is important, IMO.

    So, I did not get to see the Flannery jacket or the Rhodie bag. That doesn't mean they weren't there, but I was in a bit of a hurry and there was a lot to take in in such a short amount of time. They also put a lot of the bags on the higher shelves of the walls, so if you don't intentionally look up there, you will miss items, too. I'm sorry I can't help you out with those two pieces. If I'm able to make it back to the mall soon I'll see if they have them and try to get pics for you. :)

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  5. That marled sweater is like caramel and cream, so gorgeous. I'll have to check out the black and white version (better for my coloring) the next time I hit a JC. Not sure about the length on me and I'm curvy so sometimes long sweaters grab on the behind...

    Can't wait to see some outfits with your new items

  6. I only saw the black/white marled cardi the other day, but the caramel looks more my thing. I might have to try it on and see. Love that Eiffel Tower tee! Thanks for the pics of those - I like them better now than just in the catalog. I def want to see the plaid sweater in person, but it looks really cute online. Top of my wishlist right now: the Sasha peacoat in Baked Squash, the khaki wool Minnies, and the ochre pencil skirt.

  7. Thanks for the pictures. That tee is adorable and the sweater is fantastic as well. On the top of my wishlist are the Jenna cropped cardigan and Alpaca long cardigan. I also saw that studded cardigan in store but whoa, the pricetag!

  8. Also, would you say that the first cardigan (the marled one) has a very chunky knit look to it when worn? Would it be flattering worn open? Thanks.

  9. I love the marled cardi. I tried the black/white last Saturday, but I really like the caramel will be a tough decision :-) I didn't see the graphic Eiffel Tower tee! Love it!!!
    I have the plaid cardi in my wishlist, so cute :-)

  10. Good Morning to You,

    Absolutely LOVE the Marled Cardi in the new color combo. I have the Blk/White from last year and have worn it sooooooo much. I will definitely buy this new version. the Paris Tee. Such a cute print on this one. I saw the Silvana Cardi in my local B/M last week and it is indeed a beauty...but the price is too much at this point...will double check this one when/if it goes on sale. Thanks so much for your 'Sunday Shopping' post. This was REALLY your pics. Have a TERRIFIC week.

  11. love all of your items here! the two tees are pretty, may have to go look at these. love the sweater, but bought a similar one (black/white marled) from ON last year, so i don't think two marled sweaters is needed.

  12. Oh, that Rhodie is calling my name!

  13. Generation Kvetch, shopwithm, Bellamama, Andrea, Irene, mrs.anketell, and Rose: Thank you ladies all so much for stopping by! I'm so glad you enjoyed our Sunday *window* Shopping at J.Crew and hope that those of you who haven't had the chance to visit or see the pieces IRL will get to do so soon! There really are quite a few new items that are very, very nice. :)

    Bellamama: I wouldn't consider the marled cardi to be a very chunky knit. It's actually fairly lightweight...almost like a beach cardi for those chilly autumn evenings when the sun has gone down. It isn't nearly as thick as the marled cardigan from last year. It can be worn open if positioned correctly, since the way the pockets are sewn in the inside is not very pretty, and they can be seen when it's worn open from certain angles. They are the only thing that bothers me about the sweater (not sure why they were done that way), but not too much of an issue to keep me from buying it. HTH! :)