Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?

Hey Everyone! I hope you're having a great week so far! It's time for another edition of *You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?*, so let's get started! :)

Also, if you like the look of a lace cami, such as this one from J.Crew, but don't want to spend a fortune, then you might consider this one from Free People.

A big THANK YOU goes to Christy for this next *Familiar Find*:

If you missed out on the J.Crew Merino Maya Cardigan :
The Ruched-Front Merino Cardigan from Garnet Hill could be a great substitute to consider. :)

Thanks again Christy! (Btw, if you have a *Familiar Find* you would like to share, please feel free to email it to me: FabulousFloridaMommy@cfl.rr.com)

That's it for this week's edition...I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)



  1. I missed out on the Maya Cardigan and recently found that the Crewlet is carrying a cotton version in the same colors as the original. It's cute.

  2. Hi Sue! I've heard the Crewlet is carrying their version of the Maya. What do you think of the quality on it?

  3. The Garnet Hill "maya" is really nice! I wonder if things go on sale, I've never purchased from Garnet Hill. The Latte color is nice, and not a color that the J. Crew Maya came in. I will watch it and hope I can pick it up on sale. I don't need it for a few months anyway!

  4. Hi FFM, Thanks for these. OT, but could you please do a post on great heels? I am a mom of 3, can't shop often but am invited to my husband's coworker's cocktail party and can't seem to find shoes!!! Also, after kids, I can only do heels upto 3 inches. TIA

  5. Desert Flower: I've never purchased from Garnet Hill, so I'm not sure about quality or how there sales work, but they sure do have a lot of cute things! I had considered one of their striped tees a couple months ago, but it was completely sold out in my size, unfortunately. Please let me know if you end up ordering from them. I'd love to have you do a review for the blog about them. :)

  6. Hi Anon@11:02! I hear 'ya on the whole high heel issue! I really need comfortable shoes now, but hate to compromise on the *wow* factor, so I'm always on the hunt for a shoe that combines the best of both worlds. :)

    I have a question for you regarding the shoes for the party...are you looking for black shoes, a specific color, or nude? I recently purchased a pair of shoes by Dana Buchman from Kohl's and they are very comfortable...more so than my Cole Haan Nike Air pumps. The DB pumps have built in cushions in the toe bed area, making it feel almost like pillows on the balls of your feet. Plus they are only 3 inches and you can get 30% off with code THIRTY4U at checkout. Here's the link:
    Gracelyn High Heels

    I also ordered another pair of her shoes that I also like really well, but have to exchange for a smaller size. They are 3.25 inches, but also seem to be pretty comfortable. Ainsley Heels

    The Ainsley shoe also comes in a similar style and a 2.75 inch heel: Kaley Heels

    Let me know what you think. :)

  7. Sorry, the link for the Gracelyn heels didn't work, so here it is again:

    Gracelyn High Heels

  8. thnx for this fun post! I love a lot of these pieces. Would be curious if anyone's tried the nordstrom version of the climbing cowlneck. I know anthro had two batches - the first were MUCH thicker and nicer than the 2nd, but I ended up getting a couple colors on the 2nd batch that were sold out in my size - they are cute but not nearly as nice as the original.