Friday, September 10, 2010

J.Crew In-Store New Arrival: Embellished Cardigan

I'm pretty sure this one isn't on the website yet. It's an embellished cardigan made from an acrylic blend that retails for $118. I took a picture of the tag, but it ended up being blurry, so I can't read the item #...sorry!

What are your thoughts on this one? Are you going to give it a try, or is it a *pass* for you?



  1. This was the sweater I tried on yesterday and posted about. I kinda liked it (better in person I think), but it was crazzzzy itchy on me. It was also a shorter sweater, so might hit funny on some. Eh, it's a pass for me.

  2. Hi-Saw a bunch of new arrivals today, including this sweater, which I picked up, looked at the price, and put it down. Pass at any price.

  3. It bothers me to see the word "acrylic" in so many items. I really do like the feel of natural fibers, except for mohair! It is very pretty, but expensive.

  4. Pass, along w/the tweed jacket in your previous post. Ickh!

    Thanks for the pic's!

  5. Big pass. Acrylic just doesn't hold up, it loses it's shape, it looks bad in a short time, at least in my opinion. And, if I were going to buy something with acrylic in it (which always makes me think of plastic!) I would only be willing to pay about twenty dollars. It's a cheap fiber and that's why you see it in F21 sweaters and other low end retailer's items.

  6. I tried it on too and it was super itchy and a little boxy. Too bad cuz I like the sparkles.

  7. A definite pass for me. Not my style and way overpriced.

  8. Saw this today.... looked a little bedazzled to me..

    But there were a few darling tees in the rollout. Especially the pink bicycle tee with a bit of sparkle...{love!!}

    A few very cute pencil skirts, especially one with a bit of grey and purple tweed also caught my eye.

    What left me speechless was the atrocity that is known as the (and I am not kidding you) baseball tee brocade top. Item 29625 on the web. It is a boxy, overpriced mess. How they even managed to style it in the web photo to look so cute on the model is beyond my realm of comprehension. That would need to be in the $19.99 range to tempt me, and then, and only then, if I needed a top to wear to my grandmother's baseball game.

    happy weekend fabulous florida mommy! thanks for posting.

    ps. I don't find the jacket in your last post quite as horrible as you do. I'd bite at 49.99 :)

  9. LOVE this sweater....looks so soft too:)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for following back:)

    Cant wait to get to know you better!!

    Have a great night:)

    Statements in Fashion

  10. Saw this too, and not even a chance. I am not trying to be snarky, but it was not the JCrew I know and love. Lots of acrylic in the new rollout - very disappointing, and again, not JCrew. Not to say I don't own anything acrylic, but it didn't cost $118...

    I have some pictures of the new tees in flickr, if anyone is interested.

  11. I used to be a snob about acrylic until I lived in France for awhile and saw that even Rodier was using it in their sweaters. If it means that J. Crew items will be easier to take care of (I am sick of all their "dry clean only" pieces!) than I am all for adding a little bit of acrylic to a still beautiful sweater.

  12. I saw this in the store yesterday, touched it, and decided not to try it on based on the feel. Just want to mention that the sparkles on it seem to have more of a look of shiny studs rather than sparkles...not sure how clear that is from the photo.

  13. I felt the same as most… tried it on - boxy and short. For that price it should fit like a dream.

  14. I tried it on this morning in the blue color and I liked it. I would get this after a mark down, though, b/c it wasn't love for me.

  15. I am not too keen on the metal embellishments. BR has already done this and they didn't look very attractive. JMO

  16. shopwithm: I thought this one was itchy, too, and really didn't care for it at all, especially for the price.

    Hi JulieStyles! ITA on the price AND the sweater! No go for me, any price. :)

    Kathy: It's too bad that they keep raising the prices of the cardigans, especially since they won't last for more than a couple seasons (if that).

    IRL: You're welcome! :)

    Desert Flower: You're right...F21 does use a lot of acrylic in their sweaters. It seems though that J.Crew is also starting to use more and more of it in theirs, as well.

    Zoelicious: Not sure what's up with all the itchy sweaters being produced lately, but I know that I won't be buying them...

  17. Kimberly, Cleo, mommydearest, Ann, and cdp: It looks as if we are all in agreement on this one...a big pass.

    The Chic Chauffeur: That brocade top is one of the pieces I tried on in order to show a pic, but (and I know you'll get a good chuckle out of this) the arms were so tight on it that I almost stuck in it! I was really a little worried they were going to have to cut it off of me...NOT GOOD! Needless to say, I did get it off, but I didn't get a pic. It will certainly be a *pass* for me at any price. ;)

  18. Awww...thanks Collette! You've made my day! :)

    Bostanna: Thank you for the information about the acrylic being used so extensively in Europe. I'm sure that probably means we will more than likely be seeing a lot more of it used here.

    math teacher: Thank you for stopping by! I hope you're able to get the blue one sale. Maybe it will be a fairly early markdown, too. :)

    Rose: I've seen the metal embellishments used on a lot of clothing at Kohl's too.

    Thank you all for stopping by! Have a wonderful evening! :)