Friday, September 17, 2010

J.Crew New Arrivals

Happy Friday Everyone! As I'm sure most of you already know, J.Crew added some New Arrivals to their website's what I'm interested in:

Rhodie Satchel in Olive Moss.

Metallic Bouclé Moto Jacket. This is way out of my price range, but maybe it will go on supersale???

Marigold Jacquard Bell Skirt. This does look a bit short, but sizing up and wearing tights may help to make it work. It would be pretty to wear during the holidays.

Crystal Flower Pin. I'm sure there will be less-expensive alternatives out there, but this one is still pretty...

That's it for me this time around. What about you? Anything you're interested in? Please do share! :)

Btw, I'm curious to know what you think of the online J.Crew Factory store. Are you planning on making a purchase? Already bought something? What do you think of the prices?



  1. HI sweetie.....hope you are having a good morning so far..I LOVE the have really opened my eyes to other things this store has to offer...I think I will be making a stop in over the weekend...thanks!
    Im really enjoying your blog:)

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
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  2. Oh...I didn't realize they had an online factory store - I just looked at it, and um...these are factory store prices? Maybe I just haven't been outlet shopping in a while?

  3. hi, FFM! i love the sequin bell skirt. great razzle-dazzle for the holidays. :)

    i'm purchasing the pumpkin paisley scarf and blakely bracelets from the new factory site. i bought a stretchy elastic bracelet in a lovely seafoam/gold colorway before the summer and i've barely taken it off! i have abnormally small wrists and can't wear most bracelets--so i love these elastic ones. and i think the quality is there.

    otherwise, i am so disappointed with the factory prices. an extra %20 off would have been ideal for their inaugural weekend, no? i do want the lavender floral silk tiered cami, but not before it gets marked down further.

  4. Prices are similar to the factory store so I didn't expect anything different.

  5. Lovely choices, I fancy the sweatshirt too, it looks so good and it's cosy too. When you size up on skirt for lenght what do you do about the bigger waist? There's one that I have my eye on but it's 17 inches and that's just too short, even with opaques.

  6. Thank you Collette! Isn't the bag gorgeous? I've seen the black one IRL and the leather is SO soft! I'd be happy with either color, actually. I hope you're having a great week so far! :)

  7. Carol: They just launched the online Factory store this past weekend, and it's only available on the weekends, as well. The factory store prices are NOT good at all, IMO. If you go into the actual store sometimes you can get additional percent off though.

    Thank you so much for stopping by !:)

  8. mjbeet: Congrats on your new purchases! I agree with you that an additional percent off would have been a fantastic way to introduce the online store. Although it seems like everything sold pretty well, so maybe that's what they were banking on, and why they didn't offer a good promo...

  9. Rose: The prices are very similar to retail...I find that very disappointing, too. That's why I don't usually shop there.

  10. Hi Tabitha! I'm sorry to be so late in responding to your question, so I hope this info will still help you out. When sizing up in a skirt for length, the larger waistband gets worn further down on your hips...sort of low-rise style. Since it's worn lower the bottom hem hits lower on the leg. HTH! :)