Friday, September 10, 2010

Love This...

The Leopard-Print Velvet Coat from Talbots...absolutely stunning. A definite statement piece that will guarantee to get you noticed. 

What do you think of the coat? Do you own it? Have you tried it on or seen it IRL? Please do share. :)

Btw, don't forget to enter the Talbots contest which ends on 9.15.10.



  1. I saw just a quick peek at it in store yesterday, but didn't have enough time to form an opinion.

    I do have to RAVE about the double-faced wool pencil skirt. I was dying to try it on, and will soon. It is gorgeous, a perfect camel color, sooo soft, lovely weight. There is also a new camel Ruffled Jacket on the site that looks really pretty.

    I'm hoping to go there tomorrow and check the new pieces out (like the sequin boyfriend cardi I saw finally in store) and take some pics.

  2. I saw the leopard coat in store yesterday. It appeals to me too, although it looked like it runs really large and is double breasted, which isn't usually the best cut for me. The sales associate said it had been really popular -- they only had larger sizes left so I couldn't try it on and get an accurate gauge. But, let's face it, Linda Evangelista could make a potato sack look amazing!

    I've also been dying to see the sequin boyfriend cardi and had a chance to try it in the xs. I thought it was ok -- REALLY itchy and tight in the sleeves, but a size small (which would have been better for me) probably would have helped on both counts. I hope the sweater works for you, shopwithm.

    I'm going back Thursday when my store has its 20% off hostess event for the crocodile platform pumps in the dark red/rose color. They are beautiful!

    Totally O/T, but if you are in Target any time soon, try on the Converse One Putnam Jacket in the olive green -- it is a great cut, quality fabric and if you order it online it's currently 20% off. I thought it looked way better IRL than on the website.

  3. This coat is fabulous and I wish I lived in a climate where I could get a lot of use out of it because I would buy it in a heart beat.

  4. Gorgeous coat. I saw it at my local store on Wednesday. I tried it on just for fun. Fit great. I own WAY too MANY coats as it is. They also had a cute navy blue dot coat.

  5. I like this one. Very striking.

  6. i bought this coat in a size 4 petite. It runs large and the petite is several inches shorter. It looks great with the wool camel skirt.

  7. I had great expectations on this coat and finally saw it today. I think it would overwhelm my petite frame but they didn't have my size to try on (it seems to run big anyway so I am probably sized out). By the way, the dress in the same print looks much cheaper IMO(it's a different fabric).
    I found a code for 20% a single FP item: enter "lipstick2010" at checkout (valid until 9/30). Enjoy!

  8. I received mine yesterday and I love it! It has a very vintage appeal to it. I am normally a petite 0 in JC and while I had no choice but to order a petite 2 with Talbots, I am happy with the fit. It may be a tad roomy but this will allow me to layer underneath it well into late Fall. The petite size hits just above the knee. The coat has an A-line fit and the material is not too heavy. It seems well made. I see myself wearing this piece for many years to come, as it is a classic piece - highly recommend it! Thank you FFM for featuring this coat. I hope that you will be featuring more Talbots items this Fall!

  9. Definitely love it, and you know- The Power Of Linda Evangelista In The Coat. It's a mathematical fashion rule that whatever she wears = automatically awesome. Well played, Talbots, well played!

    Also, thanks to shopwthm for her quick review on the double-faced wool pencil skirt. I was actually eyeballing it a few days ago online in camel to try- ordered, done & done!

  10. The wool skirt looks great online. I saw this coat thru the window, but haven't been in-store to try it on. It definitely looked good from far. I tried the croc embossed pumps. They run TTS. Quite sassy, I must say.

  11. shopwithm: I'm looking forward to your pics! I may try to make it over to Talbots this week to see if they got any of the new pieces in. The last time I was there it was mainly the older item. I'd love to see this coat in person.

    Tucker: Thank you for the great reviews on the Talbots pieces, and I COMPLETELY agree that Linda could make a potato sack look amazing...she is absolutely stunning. Thank you also for the tip about the Converse Putman jacket. I looked at my Target yesterday but couldn't find it. I think that maybe they haven't gotten it in yet. Everything seemed to be on clearance this week with no new arrivals.

  12. Desert Flower: You and me both! :)

    Genny: I also tried on the navy blue dot coat a few weeks ago and it is really cute, too.

    Cleo: I think this one would look fantastic on you! :)

    Mrs. Sweeney: Congratulations on your coat, and thank you for the sizing information. :)

    Ema: Thanks for the code! :)

  13. stella: Thanks for the review and congratulations on your coat! Talbots is making some great changes and I do plan on featuring more of their line in the future. :)

    Chloe: Talbots definitely made a smart move by featuring Linda Evangelista for their reinvented line. So many of the women they are now targeting remember her from *back in the day*, and I think they can actually *relate* to her a bit, not to mention LOVE seeing her in the clothes. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Thanks Gigi! :)

  14. I visited Talbots this weekend. I was personally very disappointed in the quality of the fabric IRL. I thought it looked a bit cheap.

    A surprise purchase was the Tweed Jacket. It looks boxy and shapeless online, but the petite was fitted and much less bulky. The fabric is thick and wonderful. It looks like a classic Chanel cropped jacket IRL. with the 20 perecent discount, I think it was a worthwhile purchase.