Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review: J.Crew Dot Flouncette Blouse

The J.Crew Dot Flouncette Blouse in Navy, item #28829 retails for $98. The website description reads:

"A ravishing riff on the tuxedo ruffle in raw-edged, ultrasheer silk chiffon. We love it in this sweetly spotted print. Long sleeves. Buttons at cuffs. Import. Dry clean."

The dots on the blouse are not white, but actually more of a beige color:

On me in size 0 (definitely needs to be steamed). I'm not sure why I buttoned it up so far...maybe to show fit? It definitely looks better with the 2nd button undone, which is how I will more than likely wear it if I get it.

I absolutely love everything about this one! The color is so pretty IRL, and the silhouette combined with the polka dots make it ultra-feminine. It's the same style as the Bayberry Flouncette Blouse that I blogged about in this post (now on sale for $59.99), and the Paisley Flouncette Blouse that I blogged about in this post on the 5th. The Dot Flouncette is also sheer (like the Bayberry and Paisley), so it's probably best if you wear a cami or tank underneath it. I seem to go between a size 0 and 2 in J.Crew tops with sleeves nowadays, and this blouse is no exception. The fit in the size 0 is nice through the body, and while a touch fitted in the sleeves, it isn't enough to be bothersome. The size 2 fits nicely for a looser, blousier overall look and the sleeves fit good, as well. All three blouses will transition well into fall worn under a blazer or cardigan and over a turtleneck, as well.

What are your thoughts on the Bayberry Flouncette blouse? Have you seen it IRL? Do you already own it? Please do share! :)

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  1. I love it on you! Thanks for the review, I was curious about this top. Boo to the sheerness though. Totally over that.

  2. I love this blouse on you. It looks really nice and the fit is fantastic.

    It is not for me as I am always cold and sheerness just doesn't do it for me but for others I am glad to hear about this one:)being nice.

  3. It looks great on you. Thanks for the review. I have a weakness for navy color so I may have to check it out when I get the a store this week. A little bummer the dots are not actually white/ivory but more cream.

  4. Oh I like this one too. Looks adorable on you. I've been wanting the Bayberry, and now that it's on sale, I'm tempted. However, I just took home too much stuff yesterday. ;)

  5. Hello there:) I am SUCH a sucker for polka dots!! This blouse is perfect!

    Statements in Fashion

  6. ITA that the sizing in this one could go either way. I just bought the paisley flouncette in a 2 because I wanted a little more blousiness. Thanks for the review!

  7. Thanks roxy! I don't mind the sheerness so much when it's "supposed" to be that way, and I know I'll need a cami underneath it from the get go. :)

    Thank you Genny! :)

    jcrewphd: I was also expecting white dots, but I think the cream on this one will actually work better for the fall and winter months. I hope it goes on sale soon, too. :)

    shopwithm: I think the Bayberry will be SO pretty on you!

    Thanks Collette! :)

    Andrea: I think I may go for the size 2 on this one. Hopefully it will still work well under a blazer with it being blousier. Have you tried that yet with the size 2?

    Sassy In The South: You and me both! :)

  8. This shirt looks so good on you! I've seen it in the store paired with a black pencil skirt and skinny black patent leather belt, so cute! I am waiting for it to go on sale :)

  9. Hi Andi! I hope I can get the blouse on sale, too. I love the idea of pairing it with black...such a great way to wear it for the fall. Thanks for stopping by! :)