Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Shopping: J.Crew

So the Labor Day Sale shopping weekend continues...for our Sunday Shopping this week we are going to once again visit J.Crew. Unfortunately they are not offering an extra % off online, but ARE offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100+ with code LABORDAY at checkout. The J.Crew brick and mortars are running a 20% off sweater promotion, as well offering $10 off full-price belts and scarves. The sale sections seem to be quite full, and the items are not final sale in the stores, either.

Today I'm going to post some of my J.Crew picks, as well as a couple reviews, in case any of you are contemplating a purchase. :)

Alpaca Long Cardigan. This one is coming to me in the Heather Umber color via the red phone and 20% off sweater promotion. I love the length and silhouette of the sweater. There is potential for some pilling, but I'm hoping it will be minimal. I like this one for creating *Casual Chic* looks such as wearing it over a tank, tee, or turtleneck paired with jeans, and clogs or tall boots. An easy way to look put together but comfy at the same time.

Arrow Sweater Jacket. Oh how I adore this one! The collar is absolutely gorgeous, the fabric is a nice substantial weight that reminds me of the Kelly and Candace sweater jackets from a couple years ago, and it fits TTS (mine is the XSmall). Well done, J.Crew...well done. This will be perfect for our mild Florida winters. Overall, I am very pleased and think the sweater-jacket is worth the promo price.

Here it is in the Heather Carbon:

I was able to see the Bayberry Flouncette Blouse in my B&M yesterday and have to say the color is much prettier IRL. A bit more rich or intense, if you will. The same blouse comes in a navy version called the Dot Flouncette Blouse. Out of these two I prefer the Navy Dot, but only because the color of the Bayberry isn't good on me, otherwise I would consider it, as well. Both blouses do require that you wear a cami or tank underneath them, but they are lightweight enough that it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience. Plus they look nice under blazers and cardigans, too. This same blouse also comes in a Paisley print which is now on sale. I found one in my size 0 yesterday and brought it home with me. I think this one is much prettier IRL than it is online, too. This one can also be dressed up or down, and you can tuck it in if you don't want to wear it hanging loose. (It is also sheer, so I would suggest wearing a cami underneath it, as well.)

The Dot Chiffon Betsy Wrap Cami is another item that I think looks much prettier IRL. The online pic and styling really do not do the blouse justice. I had tried it on in the store in size 0, but it was a bit too large, especially in the bust area. After seeing it was available online in size 00 I ordered it, and the fit is perfect. This is another one that will transition well into fall worn under a blazer or over a turtleneck.

The Prince of Wales Schoolboy Blazer is another one of my favorites, and I hope to be able to snag it when it goes to sale. I tried on both the size 0 and 2...the 0 fit the best in the waist, but was too small in the shoulders. The size 2 fit in the shoulders but is a bit large at the waist, but not so much that I wouldn't get it based on that reason. It isn't as noticeable when worn open as it is when buttoned up, plus it's an easy fix for a tailor to take it in a bit if you like. I just wouldn't want to have to pay for a tailor on top of the blazer at full-price, so I'll wait for sale and then contemplate the tailor.

The Velvet Schoolboy Blazer is really nice in person. I think this silhouette is a much more wearable option when it comes to velvet, too.

If you're still interested in ruffles and are chancing the final sale section, the Silk Frances Cami is available in limited sizes for a fabulous price of $29.99...definitely worth it.
Also in final sale at a great price is the Jackie Cardigan in limited sizes and past season colors.

I had the chance to see the Rhodie Satchel in person and love it. The leather is supple and slightly distressed, giving it a very *worn in* look. I was surprised at how large this one actually is though. I had initially wanted the Rhodie Tote, but after seeing the size of the satchel, think the tote may be too large even for me, and I love big handbags. I will definitely be stalking the satchel at a sale price down the road.

So are you shopping J.Crew this Labor Day weekend? Are you planning on taking advantage of the in-store only sweater promotion? Did you already make a purchase and have something to recommend? Please do share! :)



  1. I really love the Arrow sweater jacket! Hoping to get the Flouncette when it goes on major sale. I've done a couple hits of online ordering with the $100 shipping. I was able to score some popbacks at the super sale prices, like the Velvet Eden Blazer ($40), the Soiree Sateen Blazer in spicy olive ($40) the Gilded Jacquard pencil skirt ($20). I also got the Valerian cardigan for $40. (I actually like the crazy colors in it, so was good with that price.) I'm also waiting for the Wool Bell Skirt in english saddle to arrive (on promo for $59.50).

    (p.s. FFM - check out the Anthro blazer I just posted about - I could see this on you for sure.)

  2. Went to a B&M Sat 1.5 hours from my home - I also bought the Arrow Sweater Jkt - absolutely fabulous!!! This is the J.Crew I love! Love the style, cut, merino wool, the collar - perfection! I love a sweater jacket in the winter if I'm running errands and not outside for extended period of time (much better than wearing a heavy coat!). Was thrilled to get the 20% off - but it's a sweater I would have paid full price for. Also picked up a couple of the merino boyfriend sweaters - I have a couple from last fall and wore them constantly, so I picked up a couple of new colors.

  3. I am spending my weekend organizing life for back-to-school, so really I am shopping for the Packing of the Lunch Bags!
    I really love your picks. I just received the polka dot cami on Friday, ordered on the last % off, and it is great in real life, perfect under a little blazer, very neutral colors.
    Enjoy your Sunday, FFM!

  4. I went ahead and purchased 4 jackie's today (and used DH's teacher discount!) I'm so excited to get such a great deal for the current colors rather than always holding out for the sales w/ the past season's colors.

  5. I LOVED the Betsy dot cami too, and the 0 felt rather large on me too. Not sure whether I should take the chance and order the 00 online though.

  6. Great purchases! I went into my local b&m to get the dressage belt and none of their belts were marking down at the register. So bummed!

  7. Oh I'm so envious, I'm trying to cut down on wasting money through taxes and shipping - I'd love a B & M trip Great choices!

  8. FFM - tried on the flouncette paisley today, based on your post about it, and ended up loving it as well! Much prettier on than in pictures or hanging. Definitely wishlisted.

  9. Thanks for the post! Is the paisley flouncette sheer?

  10. shopwithm: I'm so glad you got to try on the Flouncette blouse! The price is really nice with the extra 30% off now. Are you going to get it?

    The Alma Mater blazer looks SO fantastic on you! Congrats! :)

  11. Elizabeth in MO: It's so great to *see* you again! Have you started school for the year yet? We are officially starting today (in a few minutes actually), and all the boys are very excited. :)

    I'm so glad to hear you also got the Arrow sweater-jacket. I agree it that it is even worth full price. What color did you get?

  12. Hi Dani! Thank you so much for stopping by! How did the first day of school go for you? Are you back in the office now?

  13. Anon @9:23pm: Congrats on getting the Jackie cardigans at such a fabulous price! I'm so happy for you! Thank you also for stopping by! :)

  14. Rose: Did you decide to try the 00 in the Betsy? I am a 34B if that helps you any with your decision. :)

  15. Zoelicious: How frustrating about the belts! I wonder if they were only on promo at certain stores?

  16. Lizzy T: You're welcome! :) The Paisley Flouncette is indeed sheer, so I would suggest a cami underneath it. I think one of the perfect fit camis will work, or one of the nude camis from Target that I have mentioned before. :)