Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday With J.Crew

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you've had a great week! I don't know about you, but I am REALLY ready for the weekend! I have had an extremely busy past week and a half which included another trip back over to Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa (to have my son's leg brace readjusted), helping a friend cater a wedding reception, substitute teaching a class at our Homeschool co-op, along with the daily school lessons for my boys, work, and my day to day domestic duties. Needless to say, my blog posts and responses have been "lacking" due to time constraints, and for that I apologize. I do appreciate all of you who have continued to stop by in the meantime...THANK YOU!

So enough about my personal life...on to the post! I was recently asked to share the pieces that I'm currently interested in at J.Crew. While the recent offerings overall have not been that enthralling, there are still a handful of pieces I would love to they are. :)

Dot Flouncette Blouse. I reviewed this one a few weeks back in this post. I loved it then, and I still love it now. Definitely at the top of my list to get.

While I have the GAP Shrunken Schoolboy Blazer and think it's fantastic...I would still eventually like to get the J.Crew Navy Schoolboy Blazer because it's a different weight, color of navy, and fit. Plus I tried it on with the Dot Flouncette Blouse and they look beautiful together. :)

The Drapey Bateau Tee in White Ash Navy is very pretty IRL and also on my list. I tried this one on Tuesday and would definitely size up to a Small because the shoulders were too snug in the XSmall.

I am also pining after the Prince of Wales Schoolboy Blazer. I love the color and it would fit effortlessly into my current it looks lovely with the Dot Chiffon Betsy Cami. However, I do plan to check out Zara when I go to the mall this weekend to look for this jacket or this jacket as an alternative to the Prince of Wales Schoolboy Blazer.

The Brompton Hobo in Henna is on my watchlist(as in my watch it to go on sale list). I had the opportunity to see this one IRL last month and fell in love with it. The color is gorgeous IRL and the leather is nice. This one is large though, so if you aren't a "big handbag" kind of girl, then you should pass this one by.

Another J.Crew handbag I'd love to have is the Rhodie Satchel. I was also able to see this one (in Black) IRL and love it, as well. The size on the satchel is good...not too big and not too small, plus the leather feels buttery soft. I already own a black COACH handbag that I carry a lot, so I think I would go with the Olive Moss color on this one.

I think the Haya Sequin Sweatshirt looks promising. I have previously tried on the Haya Striped Hoodie and it was super comfortable, so I imagine the Haya sweatshirt will be, as I really like the lighter *marled cloud* color, too.
The Zip-Side Jaspé Sweatshirt in the color Heathered Midnight looks promising, as well. I love the Jaspe soft and comfy, and the heathered midnight color of this particular sweatshirt looks very pretty. I hope to be able to try this one on this weekend.

The Northern Lights Necklace in Crystal has been on my watchlist for a while now. I keep hoping to see it in person, but my B&M hasn't gotten it in yet. I think it would be easier to wear on a casual basis than some of the other crystal necklaces that J.Crew has been selling lately and would work better for my lifestyle on a day to day basis.

I already own the Arrow Sweater-Jacket in Heather Carbon and Heather Caramel and LOVE it! This is SUCH a nice piece...highly recommend! :)

The Stadium-Cloth (aka Milo) Peacoat is also on my watchlist. This is another J.Crew piece that is made very well and promises to last for several years to come. I reviewed the Navy version here, but if I am able to purchase it, I think I will more than likely go with the Heather Grey, because I love the color and the contrast of the gold buttons against the light grey.

That's it as far as the items available online. I know there are new arrivals in the J.Crew Brick and Mortars, so there may possibly be a few items added to my list.  :)

What's on your J.Crew Wishlist/Watchlist now? Do you own any of the items on my list? Have you made any recent purchases? Have anything you would recommend? Please do share! :)

Have a fabulous day!



  1. Nice picks!
    I have the Northern Lights necklace in crystal and have found it so much more versatile than I thought it would be. I like that the length is shorter than the usual longer layering necklaces. I really like it paired with casual looks too, hoodies and tanks and such. I think it would be a great buy. My B&M store had it on sale for 25% off too.

  2. Your picks are all fantastic. I agree with Andi, the Northern Lights necklace is a great piece. Hopefully it will go on sale soon and you can snatch it up! I adore the Milo peacoat and the navy schoolboy blazer as well, both are such classic pieces that will get tons of wear season after season.

  3. great fall picks! now if only the weather could cool off here and I could actually wear my new fall thing!

  4. Really spot-on picks! I have been eyeing up that dotted blouse, you're right, it would be prefect under the navy schoolboy blazer.
    I hope you have a restful weekend. TGIF :)

  5. Love all your picks as usual! I'm heading there tomorrow, on a mission. :) I can commiserate with the craziness -- hopefully the weekend brings some rest.

  6. I do like your picks! I just returned my Brompton purse due to a defect, but you are correct, the henna color and leather are beautiful. The northern nights necklace looks beautiful, as does the tweed jacketand the navy schoolboy. I have given up on the J. Crew jackets that have button on the sleeves because I have short arms and cannot alter them. The petite just doesn't fit the rest of me.

    I hope you have a calm weekend!

  7. Hi
    I also like some of the pieces you picked. I am in total l-o-v-e with the Haya sequin sweatshirt. I wish I could see it in person - unfortunately my store always carries limited stock. I also had my eye on the dot flouncette blouse when I first saw it, then the bayberry flouncette went on sale. So now, believe it or not, I'm actually facing a tough decision.
    I like you blog too by the way. I'll be visiting more often :)

  8. You know I am a sequin lover, so of course I am in love with Hiya sequin shirt which I am sadly will not be buying as I already have the Jaspe Sequin one. You will look fab in it.

  9. The Stadium Jacket in the grey with the gold buttons is TDF! Super SHARP!