Thursday, October 7, 2010

J is for Jeans

Hello my Dear Readers! I hope you're having a fabulous week so far! Today I am sharing another excerpt from the book The One Hundred by Nina Garcia..."A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own." It shares the A-Z staples each woman should have in her wardrobe, and today we are continuing on with the letter J. :)

 J is for Jeans:

Ms. Garcia writes:

    "I am always asked, "What is the best jean?" I panic every time. It changes every d@mn day and I always think, "Why don't I know this?" I don't know because there is a denim snobbism that has taken over our simple blue jeans. "Who are you wearing? Oh, you can't wear those anymore! You have to buy [insert jean of the week here]." The irony of it is laughable. One of the most simple, most casual items in the world has turned into such a headache for women. We need a Zagat's to navigate it all. Don't let any of this get to you. Pick a jean that fits you perfectly and stick with it, no matter the brand. Fit is everything, and the very nature of denim is that it's so democratic. Be you and the jean will, too."

"Blue jeans are the most beautiful thing since the gondola."--Diana Vreeland--

Fun Fact:
The average American owns 8.3 pairs of blue jeans.

The Skinny: Four Types Of Jean Buyers:

*The Classicist: She buys 501s, Lees, or Wranglers. She is known to sift through vintage stores that have pairs that are worn in already, and when she puts them on, they look like they have been hers for twenty years. She could not care less what the jean of the moment is.

*The Fashion Follower: She follows jeans like the stock market. If you want to know what the "the" brand is, she knows. She will tell you exactly how the pockets should be, who the "It" brand was last week, and who it may be next week (Earnest Sewn, True Religion, Diesel).

*The Euro: She wears only the designer jeans (Gucci, Prada, Versace).

*The Eco: She wears only environmentally friendly jeans like Rogan and Edun.

I do not know when the continental rift occurred, but I do know that it has become very stressful to buy jeans. It is very stressful, that is, until you realize that it's not the label or the cost that makes a pair of jeans perfect; it's the way they fit and the way they make you feel. Mostly, it's about how you look when you walk away... 


"We've all been there. Standing in the dressing room, trying on a tenth pair of jeans as the salesgirl calls, "How you making out?" You just want to reach out and strangle her. But instead you calm yourself, peek out, and ask if she might be able to bring you a few more in your size. And the size below your size. And the size above. But then, on the twentieth or thirtieth try, you find them. Your perfect match. Sure, they'll need a little altering and a bit of breaking in, but for the most part, it will be love at first sight.

*Do not assume that because a brand is expensive or a friend or celebrity "swears by them" that they will be the right jeans for you. One brand does not suit all.

*Try a jean with stretch. A revelation and a revolution.

*Consider a white jean or a black jean.

*Expect to have them tailored. It's rare to find a pair of jeans that fit you right off the rack.

*Try out every brand, style, size. Seek and ye shall find."

Fashion 101: Denim, Decade by Decade
*1853: The California Gold rush. The gold miners wanted strong, sturdy clothes, and Leo Strauss (who later changed his name to Levi) started a wholesale business to meet the demand.
*1930s: Jeans gained notoriety when actors started to wear them in all the popular Western movies.
*1940s: American soldiers introduced jeans to the world when they wore them while they were off duty.
*1950s: Denim became a symbol of teenage rebellion (think James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause), and jeans became immensely popular among the young, so much so that some schools in the United States banned students from wearing them.
*1960s-70s: Jeans were made to match the hippie fashions (painted, embroidered, flared, psychedelic, etc.).
*1980s: Denim went high fashion and famous designers started to make their own jean designs with their labels.
*1990s: Sales went on the decline as teenagers turned to khakis, combat, and carpenter pants. If they did opt for jeans, they went for vintage pairs found in secondhand stores. Eleven North American Levi Strauss factories closed.
*2000s: Jeans came back with a vengeance, appearing on every runway, on every store floor, in every fashion magazine. Now there are innumerable brands to choose from, and somehow, the humble jean has become a sort of status symbol.

*All the information above is from the book.

 As you know, jeans are available at all different price points and are offered just about anywhere and everywhere...from high end designers and department stores to mass market retailers to vintage stores. Surely there is a perfect pair for each and every one of us...all we have to do is find it. :)

Have you found your perfect match yet? Do you prefer designer or vintage? Boot-cut, flare, skinny, or another style? Please do share! :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. I love jeans of all shapes and sizes and I am actally going to a special denim event at my local 7FAM store today!

  2. I love jeans, and as a SAHM now, I get to wear them all the time, hooray! I basically alternate from jeans to skirsts. Oddly, I still haven't gotten into the crazy brand name jean madness. I have all different brands and fits. I still think a good bootcut is the most flattering overall, but I like the skinny and ankle trend as well, especially with boots. I have a pair of Gap Long & Leans from many years ago that are still favorites. My fried recently turned me on to Nordstrom's Kut from the Kloth, which aren't pricey, but are uber-comfy and flattering.

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I love how she says who cares what brand it is. Brands aren't everything and that's why I'm not loyal to one store or brand. My fave jeans would have to be my dark denim skinnies right now. Ooooh yeah . . . I'm glad your interested in my fitness portion of my blog! I was totally happy when I read your comment!! Hugs!!


  4. Last year my favorites were my designer high priced jeans, but after training for a triathlon all summer, my body shape has entirely changed. My new faves are my Gap Essential fit (an old pair) and my Gap Long & Lean which I bought last spring. I'm done with the high priced ones for now. I just like how Gap fits my new and improved thighs and bootie without clinging to them.

  5. I'm in between a classicist and a fashion follower, but I have a serious love for J Brand. They fit me well and I love their washes, but I do have F21 and Gap jeans in my wardrobe too.
    Good jeans can be such a pain to find!

  6. I also love jeans, my current favorites are the Gap Real Straight jeans especially when I have been able to buy them on Wednesdays with the 40% discount card.