Thursday, October 21, 2010

Style Inspiration by FFM: Camel and Black

Happy Thursday my dear readers! Thank you for stopping by today...I hope you are having a wonderful week! :)

Today's post continues an already ongoing feature that I am now calling *Style Inspiration by FFM*, where I will post one of my Polyvore set designs and include links to items you can purchase to re-create the look if you so choose. Some of the set designs will be outfits I am wearing or have worn in the past, others will be *reader request* sets, and some will simply be outfits I would love to wear. (If possible I try to include a *real life* photo of me in the outfit if it's something I'm wearing at the time. Of course my schedule doesn't always allow time for snapping a pic, but it is definitely something I hope to include more of with this feature in the future.)

Now on to today's *Style Inspiration by FFM*...this set is an outfit I plan to wear this fall when the weather cools down: *Camel and Black*.
Camel and Black

Camel and Black by FFM

It has been a long-time belief of mine that dressing casually does not have to mean yoga pants and a t-shirt, or sweats. I've mentioned numerous times before that I believe you can still be chic, *put-together*, and comfortable even if your lifestyle is a more casual one, or if you are having a *casual* day. As a long-time stay-at-home/work-at-home mom, I made a decision many, many years ago that I would make an effort to get out of my workout clothes and into something casually chic and put-together every day. I decided to stop saving my *good* clothes for special occasions, instead opting to make EVERYDAY a special occasion. After all, if I loved the item enough to buy it, then why not wear it as much as possible? I also like to be ready and presentable in case I need to run an unexpected Coco Chanel said, "
I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny." You know how it is, the ONE time you decide to run to the store without makeup or your hair done is the time you see practically everyone you know. However, if you get ready first thing in the morning, then running that last-minute trip to the store can be made with you looking cute and confident. :)

Dressing nicely is relatively easy to do on a daily basis, and it does not mean you have to be uncomfortable. This set *Camel and Black* is a good example:

The Details:

The Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater in (now sold out) Camel is from J.Crew, and only used for the set. My camel turtleneck is actually from Banana Republic 2 years ago, and now sold out (of course). You can find similar options here, here, and here.

The jeans are "The Weekend Jean" from Old Navy in Weathered Wash, although I may swap in a pair of Lucky Brand jeans that I recently found at TJ Maxx for $30...both pair are very comfortable on. (Similar options here and here.)

The Burberry Check Scarf is on my wishlist for fall...hoping to get one soon. :) (Other options here and here.)

I am waitisted for the J.Crew Wide Calf Hair Belt, and can't wait to get it...very pretty IRL and runs TTS. There are similar options from other retailers here and here.

I purchased the Ann Taylor Pave Stem Cap Pearl Earrings during the free shipping promo they had a while ago. They're sold out now, but there are similar options here and here.

My local Target finally restocked the Merona Oversized Gold Watch (only sold in stores) last week, so I was able to get one. It's "inspired" by the MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Goldtone Oversize Iconic' Chronograph Watch, only at a much more affordable price point (mine was only $12.99).

I actually purchased the Madewell Chain Cluster Cuff at my J.Crew, and have worn it numerous times already.

I was able to purchase the Mulberry for Target Large Patent Black Satchel when they became available online 10.10.10. It finally arrived yesterday and I love it...very pretty IRL and the size is large, but not *too* large, IMO. If your store is still carrying them they are definitely worth checking out.

The Merona® Magdalene Black Patent Penny Loafer is a perfect compliment to the black patent bag, and very comfortable from what I can tell so far by trying them on. They are *inspired* by the Miu Miu Black Patent Mirror Detail Loafers. If the Target pair isn't for you, there are other options here and here.

I purchased my Large Frame Tortoise Sunglasses a couple of years ago on Ebay, and they are still in great condition. You can find a similar pair here and here.

That's outfit that is *casually chic*, yet simple to put together and still very comfortable to wear. :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. I totally believe in casual chic and as I'm getting older I tend to gravitate towards basic look but all pulled together by accessorizing appropriately with a nice bag, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry.

    I see a lot of celebrities in their casual self with basic pair of jeans, white or black shirts and they look fabulous. I like your polyvore set and I'd like to wear that look someday when the temperature drops.

    I got the wide cheetah print calf hair belt from JC last fall... is the one you're getting that much different?

  2. I love this set. I have most of the items in it so I will definitely plan to wear this when it cools down in VA. I love the watch at Target but I am scared that it would be too big. I have a tiny wrist. I wonder if some of the links can be taken out to make it smaller?

  3. jcrewphd and Robin: Thank you so much for stopping by today! :)

    jcrewphd: I am the same...usually opting for the basics and wearing them with fabulous accessories. Such an easy way to dress but still very chic at the same time.

    I'm not sure about the belt, but it's a good chance this year is pretty much the same as last year. I think they bring back the belt each fall, although I'm sure it can be found on popbacks the rest of the year. ;)

    Robin: Thank you! The watch at Target is too big on me, and I have normal size wrists. My husband said I need to take it to a jeweler and they can probably remove a couple of the links. I'm hoping to do that within the next week and will let you know what happens. :)

  4. luvin the idea of the patent shoes with the patent bag! thank you my Fashion MUSE girl!

  5. FFM, I love this set and I totally agree with you about making the extra effort every day. As a working mom, that means weekends for me. However, I live in a college town where thes students dress very sloppily. There is also a big hippie/outdoors esthetic as well (which is fine for some but not me). It's so hard not to just throw on yoga pants, but I'm trying. : )

    I have to comment on a few specific pieces you chose. Love the sweater. I would personally choose a v neck (or crew neck w/scarf) in a brighter color due to my large bust and coloring, but love the idea and I'd definitely keep the leopard belt. It would look just as smashing with a red or majenta sweater. But the camel looks great and is spot on trend for those who can wear it.

    I purchased the black oversized Merona watch with the reddish face. It is huge! I have large wrists, had two links taken out and it's still too big. I love the gold; for me I'll look for a similar version in silver. Haven't seen it yet.

    I love love love my ON Weekend jeans. I found a pair sans rips somehow. I'd love another pair. This is a trend I found laughable on Katie Holmes. I can't believe my short curvy self is an adopter.

    And, change the pants to black work pants and you have a great business casual outfit!

    Finally, the patent shoes and bag add that extra oomp. As a loafer person, I'm happy to see that style. And for those in more norther climates, note that patent is great for nasty weather.

    In closing, I just want to emphasize how a blogger can inspire you even if her color choices, figure, lifestyle or climate are different from yours!

    FFM, please keep up the great work!


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  7. Love the set! FFM, you are always able to turn something basic (jeans & sweater) into something fabulous with all the accessories. (and without having too many accessories!)
    I love camel but in the past I've shied away from the color near my face because of my pale coloring, but I've been easing into it by also wearing a colored scarf, red lipstick, etc... and some camels are better than others!

  8. I love the camel/black combo, and the Burberry scarf brings it all together!

  9. Shari: Thank you so much for your kind words! I love the way you showed how the set can be changed up a bit to fit other figures and lifestyles. That's what it's all about...taking the inspiration of the overall look and making it work for you personally. Btw, I think red would be beautiful with this look, and will definitely wear it myself.

    Also, kudos to you for trying to break away from the yoga pants! One day at a time, one baby step at a time is all it takes. Before long it will become *second nature* to NOT want to live in them. :)

  10. ldc: Thank you so much! I agree that camel can be a difficult color to wear, but you are right that some tones are better than others. It just takes a little searching to find the correct camel that will work well with your skintone and coloring.

  11. Love this set...camel has to be my top fav color of this season....paired with those super cute jeans...youll be a knockout in this outfit!!!

    Enter my Fab Tulle Giveaway♥

  12. Oh boy, I do stay in my workout clothes most days and keep my clothes for "good" That's going to be my resolution next year, to make an effort everyday but I'm just not good at putting casual looks together.