Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Shopping: J.Crew

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you're all having a fun and relaxing weekend. :) It's been awhile since we've visited J.Crew, so for this week's Sunday Shopping we're going to take a trip there. I'll share with you some of my favorite pieces, and I'd love to hear what your favorite pieces are, too. Let's go shopping!

One of my favorite items on the website right now has to be the Drapey Sequin Tee. All three colors are divine, but I have to say my personal favorite is the Heirloom Pink. This one is definitely on my watchlist...hopefully it will be mine soon. :)

Another piece I'm really loving is the V-Neck Maxi Sweater in both colors. I think this could look really adorable layered over a tissue turtleneck or long-sleeve stretch perfect shirt with a pair of matchstick jeans and tall boots.

I love the colors and silhouette of the Tipped châle cardigan. I could definitely see wearing this one with an *Off White* turtleneck sweater (like this one from Gap) and J.Crew pencil skirt in *Heather Carbon*.

I am still absolutely in love with the Dot Flouncette blouse and was actually lucky enough to have purchased it from another JCA on the J.Crew Aficionada Weekly Exchange early this month. It is so pretty and feminine I absolutely adore the polka dots. Here's a Polyvore of the way I wore it back on the 14th. This was so cute IRL and got lots of compliments, too. :)

I think the Cloud paisley perfect shirt looks promising, especially for layering under a jacket such as the Tuxedo Jacket or under the Boutonniere blazer, as well.

The Selvedge chambray shirt (seen on Katie Holmes above) has quickly become one of my favorite *go to* pieces. It is extremely versatile and can be worn with just about anything and everything...highly recommend. :)

I think the Merino sequined crochet cardigan looks really pretty, and once again my favorite color is the Heirloom pink, although the black and gold do look very pretty, as well. This is the cardigan that was featured in the October issue of Women's Health magazine (in gold).

The Ashbury satchel in *Toffee Fatigue* is absolutely divine and my personal favorite with the *Tuscan Olive* coming in a close second.

On my jewelry watchlist is the Pearl cobblestone bracelet (both colors are lovely) and the Crystal chain-link necklace, especially in *Crystal* but the other two colors are very pretty, too.

The Silk Jacinta Vest looks adorable the way they have it styled on the website with the Cambridge cable ribbed turtleneck sweater :

I absolutely love the color combination of the Langford two-tone high-heel oxfords...SO very pretty. I'd love to see them IRL to find out if the lighter color is actually a pink or more of a stone color. Please share if you know the answer to this one. :)

The Crystal briolette dress (also worn by Katie Holmes) looks pretty in all three colors, but that price tag...too much for me, unfortunately. I'm sure some lucky girl will have the opportunity to wear it someplace special and fabulous though. :)

So there you have it...a handful of my favorite pieces at J.Crew right now. What are your favorites? Do you own any of the pieces on my list? Have you seen or tried them on IRL? Do you have any items you would recommend? Please do share! :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Love your choices. On my wish list: Lisette tank, Gemini hobo, Tweed Tatum jacket, Merino lace shell.

  2. Happy Halloween! I'm a fan of the drapey sequin tank in the olive and the tee in shadow. One will be mine. Last year I didn't buy the Short chalet shearling boots, and regretted it, so I may pull the trigger with a discount. The
    Silk taffeta Gillian dress in golden khaki looks pretty but not at all something I need. I hope they come out with more sweaters in red, burgundy and jewel tones-those are the items are really "need".

  3. I always get inspiration from your sets, FFM :)

  4. Great choices! I am curious about the fit on the Selvedge chambray shirt. I heard it runs huge. I am pretty petite, so I am afraid even the XS might be too big. Thoughts?

  5. Thanks for stopping by ladies! :)

    ThePhDWearsPrada: I think the Selvedge shirt does run a bit big, but not like last year's version (which I purchased and returned right away). I have the XS and would say it has more of a boyfriend fit, but isn't overly huge or anything. If you need me to give you measurements on it I can...just let me know. :)