Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Shopping: LOFT *First Look* Preview Event and Free Shipping

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you are having a FABULOUS weekend so far! For our Sunday Shopping this week we are visiting LOFT, where their *First Look* Preview Event is taking place, giving shoppers 30% off their new arrivals purchase with code FIRSTLOOK at checkout. LOFT is currently offering Free Shipping/No Minimum on every item on their website, too...such a fantastic deal, and a great time to shop! :)

Are you planning on taking advantage of the LOFT *First Look* Preview Event? Are you planning on purchasing any of their sale items? Do you have any pieces you would recommend? Please do share! :)

*Btw, Ann Taylor is also currently offering FREE SHIPPING/NO MINIMUM on their entire website, and you can see my pics in this post.

Happy Shopping! :)



  1. I got the merino wool blazer last week. I just missed the suede booties in grey and I'm so sad I missed them! I wonder if they do "find it" services.

  2. Desert Flower - Yes, a Loft store will look the item up online for you. If a store has it, it's a flat shipping rate of $7 or $7.50. They offered it to me yesterday and I passed. If you have a Loft card, I think it's free. I guess you could also try w/customer service to see if they can look it up for you & find a store that has it.

  3. Thanks, Gigi. I don't have a Loft in my city, I can try the customer service line though. I wonder if they'll honor the 30% off.

  4. OT but I wanted to let you know that I tried on the long Talbots skirt that you posted last week. It is AMAZING! The skirt is comfortable, flattering and very easy to wear. Highly recommend as a year round item for formal events, or if you're hosting a cocktail party at home. It can easily be worn during the summer with a silk or cotton tank or tee.

  5. Desert Flower, since the 30% is in-store and online, I think they will honor it. I askd and online will NOT honor in-store only promos. Quel dommage - no Loft for you? A year ago I wouldn't have minded, but they are looking better and better!

    Another note - the Loft cares card costs $25 and 90% of the purchase price is donated to breast cancer research. It gives you 20% (25% with Loft card) ALL $100+ purchases at Loft, Ann Taylor online and factory through 11/15. Wish I had got it sooner this month!! And you can combine it with the 30% :)

    JulieStyles, I'm so curious about that skirt. How is the sizing and length? I'm 5'6" and wondering whether to go regular or petite?

  6. mommydearest: I posted this on my initial *Love This...* thread with the skirt back on the 19th of this month:

    Hey ladies! I wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity to try on the skirt at my Talbots today. They had only gotten in one so far and it was a size 2 which was on the mannequin. They removed it for me to try and while so very, very was too big in the waist area by 1.5 inches or so. It was floor-length on me without heels, so it wouldn't reach the floor unless I wore flats. This means that the 2 petite or 0 petite won't work for me, either, as they would be too short. I also tried on one of the jackets I've been longing for and the size 2 was too big in it, too. I really wish they would make a size 0 that isn't a petite. For reference, I am 5'4"...however, I am short-waisted and my inseam is 31 inches, so I always wear a longer pant/jean/skirt. The regular length skirt is 42 inches according to the website, and the petite is 37.5 inches. For someone with a shorter inseam the regular length skirt may be a bit longer on them.

    I'm at least glad I was able to try it so I can stop obsessing over it now. Congratulations to all of you who it works for and are able to get it. It is really beautiful and *flows* when you walk (or dance). :) They should start arriving in the stores this week if anyone else wants to go to their store and try it on.

  7. Oh, thanks, FFM! I had completely forgotten you tried it on!
    Oh, very hard to resist, especially since my size is now backordered... ;)

  8. mommydearest-my regular size in the long skirt worked fine. it hit me higher in the waist so sizing up would have been low slung and too long. I'm 5' 5.5" and I'd only wear it with a kitten heel. I'm not sure how well I'd be able to navigate in high heels and long skirt, so I'm fine with the length.

  9. Thank you, JulieStyles. That is really helpful. All the sizes around mine are now backordered, so we'll see what happens :)

    Sorry to hijack your post, FFM!

  10. yes, FFM-I really didn't mean to hijack your post as well. I was just so excited to share my review of the skirt since I wasn't sure if you'd tried it on.