Monday, November 15, 2010

J.Crew Holiday Sale: 30% Off Plus Free Shipping On Orders Of $150+

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start! After a weekend filled with 30% off sales, this week begins with yet another one from J.Crew. It's the Holiday Sale where you can save an extra 30% off your purchase plus FREE SHIPPING on orders of $150+ until 11.18.10. I know a lot of us have been waiting for a promo like this and it's finally here...YAY!!!

There are plenty of great deals to be found in the sale section, but shop early for the best selection since items will start to disappear quickly. 

Here are a handful of cute things to consider:

*Dot Flouncette Blouse. I have this one and absolutely adore it...highly recommend!
*Lace Tee. Only the Cobblestone color is on sale this time.

*Arrow Sweater Jacket. This one was worth full price IMO, so at the sale price it is a definite must have. :)
*9" Chino Short. I know for most of you it is too cold to even think about wearing shorts, but this is a great time to stock up for next year and save a bundle.

Are you planning on shopping the Holiday Sale to get the extra 30% off? Have you already made a purchase? Are there any pieces you would recommend? Please do share! :)

*For the Anonymous *Fabulous Follower* who asked about styling ideas for the Merona Reindeer tee...I have not forgotten about it, and will try my best to style a set or two either today or tomorrow. :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Thanks for the pics, FFM. I'm considering the arrow sweater in caramel. Which color did you pick up?

  2. Hi Cleo! I already have the heather carbon but would like to get the black one, as well. I've been watching quantities on it and they are starting to disappear quickly. I tried the caramel awhile ago and it's very pretty. Unfortunately the color isn't the best with my skin tone so I returned it. Are you considering anything else?

  3. Thanks FFM for the heads up!

    Cleo - I have the caramel color and love it! I also have the black. I'd love to get that light gray as well, but can't justify another one. :)

    I just got back from the store and had to pick up the sequin-stripe henley tank (I know it's a fave of yours!) -- it was $29.99 plus discount, so a good deal. FYI - the in store extra 30% discount is FINAl sale.

  4. Oooo, thanks for the heads up! How does the Dotted Flouncette Blouse fit? I am very, very interested!

  5. Going to pass on this promo. I will wait closer to Christmas and see if what I want goes down further in price. I am too much of a bargain shopper...willing to chance it:)

  6. shopwithm: Congrats on the sequin-stripe henley...what a fabulous price too! :)

    amy kelinda: I can wear both the 0 and 2 in the Dot blouse but ended up getting the 2 for a bit more room in the arms and shoulders. You can see pics of the size 0 on me here. HTH!! :)

    anon @2:34: I don't blame you! I am really only interested in the black Arrow Sweater Jacket right now and can wait on further price reductions on most everything else. :)

    Have a great day ladies! :)

  7. I think I will pass on this promo because I've gotten all I want out of the sale section. This thought might be revised if I see a cute coat.

    I peaked in the store yesterday and am more interested in the new arrivals, so I might want to save for the next promotion discount on regular items.

  8. fshnonmymind: Good for you! What are you eyeing from the new arrivals?

  9. FFM, nothing else really other than the arrow probably in the heather carbon. I'm curious about the caramel but think it's not going to match too well with my skin tone either.

    Shopwithm, I've seen you in your arrow sweaters and you look nice. Good deal on the Henley.

  10. I might bite again if they replenish the stock overnight and find what I want in my size...

  11. I like the arrow sweater but not willing to pay the price it is now even with the % off. Will wait and see if it goes down further in price. I already own similar sweaters in this style and there have been a few reports of pilling on the JCA blog which disturbs me a bit. So will wait for a lower price point.

  12. Hey FFM! Took your advice here and bought two arrows - hunter and caramel. I have the black one and completely agree - wonderful sweater. Also got the dot blouse - if it's tts then hopefully the 4 I ordered will fit. And finally the trouser jeans. Very exciting!! Shoot me an email when you get a chance :)

  13. Cleo: Too bad it isn't free ship no minimum with the 30% off...even shipping on $50+ would have been nice to get just the sweater.

    Rose: There was only a very small update this morning.

    Genny: I think the Arrow is definitely worth this sale price. Also, it seems like the Heather Elm is the one that has the main pilling issues. A lot of others have said they haven't had problems with their sweaters in different colors. Time will tell, I guess. I'm hoping that I have one of the non-pilling ones. :)

    Hi jcrewbug!!! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if your weather has changed yet. Congrats on all your purchases! Everything sounds wonderful, and the dot flouncette blouse is going to be gorgeous on you! I wear a navy perfect-fit cami underneath mine and it's almost an exact match, although a nude cami will work, too. I'll email you soon! :)

  14. Thanks for letting me know it is mainly the healther elm that is pilling. That was the color I was thinking about too!