Friday, November 19, 2010

Love This...

                                 Classic.Understated.Elegant.Effortless.Chic. (Image courtesy of The Sartorialist)



  1. I think you captured this look when you styled the black Merona shirtdress!

  2. Ooooh- I love this too, however, when I sport an all-black ensemble to work my clueless co-workers never fail to ask if I'm heading to a funeral. *Sigh*. Some people just don't get it!! ;)

  3. I just bought a Ralph Lauren black shirtdress! This is a great look to emulate. I love your "Love This" posts.

  4. laurie_miw: Thank you! Your comment inspired my outfit for Friday (as you already saw on Polyvore). :)

    hchamberlin: You are so right...some people just DON'T get it. Very frustrating for those of us who do. ;)

    Desert Flower: Thanks and congratulations on your RL dress! I'm sure it's beautiful and looks gorgeous on you! :)

    Joanne: Me too! :)