Friday, November 26, 2010

Love This...

(Image courtesy of The Sartorialist)



  1. She's that Russian magazine editor, I believe. Cannot remember her name! I love this look, so polished. I just bought similar sandals to hold for next spring. I'll definitely try something like this outfit.

  2. LOL, why can't I look like that in a messy bun? I just get "drunk librarian"!

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! I love how her look is simple, yet so chic and elegant at the same time. I would love to find a shirt dress like's on my stalking list now. ;)

    Desert Flower: This is the lady that Scott calls *Little Gio*. She is the same woman that was in my last Love This post with the all black outfit complimented by gold accessories. I'm thinking this might have been shot a NYC Fashion Week.

    Hexicon: You are too funny! I think you would look lovely with a messy bun! I actually keep wondering if hers is a hair piece?