Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Shopping: Anthropologie

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you're having an absolutely wonderful and enjoyable weekend! :) So, have you had the opportunity to take a look at the Anthropologie website lately? I die! Seriously...SO many cute pieces right now! Thankfully they have a Wishlist feature so I can save the Gazillion things I would love to get. ;) Let's visit Anthro for our Sunday Shopping this week, and I'll show you some of what I'm interested in. :)

*Finessed Sweaterdress. adorable is this dress? I absolutely love the neckline and sleeves...cute, cute , cute!
*Walkway Dress. This looks extremely comfortable...pair it with a cardigan, tights, and boots for the cooler weather.
*Wightwick Manor the print and style of the dress.
*Yukata Dress. I love the color scheme and silhouette...SO pretty and feminine.

Spinning Lace Dress. Not sure where I'd wear this one, but it sure is pretty...
*Caidal Top. I love both colors on this one...think how gorgeous the wine color would look with grey pants or jeans.
*Corinthian the navy.
*Out Of The Jungle surprise that I like this one! ;)
*Autumn Honey Jacket. Love.Love.Love. If I didn't already own a leather jacket in a similar color I would seriously be stalking this one. I hope this one's around in my size when it goes on sale.

Floating Sparks Cardigan...pretty, pretty, pretty.
*Easy Keeper Skirt. I really like both colors, but would probably go with the black for myself.
*Tout Va Bien Pullover. Love this in navy, and take a look at the back adorable is that???

Tales Of Yesterday Skirt. Yes, please! :)
*Uppsala Clog Boots. Still on my the color and design.
*Recollect Travel Bag. Love the shape and color, not to mention it would look beautiful with the clog boots.

What pieces are you interested in at Anthropologie? Have you seen any of these IRL? Do you own any of them? Please do share! :)

Have a wonderful rest of your day!



  1. Happy Sunday, FFM! I enjoyed peeking at your picks. I LOVE the Spinning Lace dress; I just wish I had occasions to wear it. I also thought maybe I was a little too old for it;( And it's a "little" expensive. Oh well. I hope some lovely ladies out there enjoy it.

    I just picked up the Deuxhill Cowlneck and Mascarpone camis. I haven't tried them on yet so I hope they are as nice in person. I've also been eyeing the Gusts of Grey blouse.

  2. Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by today! :) I definitely don't think you're too old for the Spinning Lace Dress! Imagine it with a little black cardi, tights, and cute! Like you though, I have no place to wear it, unfortunately.

    What color of the Deuxhill cowlneck did you get? It's really cute! Let me know what you think of both it and the Mascarpone when you get the chance to try them on. Oh, and I really like the Gusts of Grey blouse, too...excellent pick! :) Have a wonderful afternoon!

  3. I ordered the Deuxhill in teal. Can't wait to see it in person.

    Maybe the hubby will buy the dress and find someplace special to take me. We do have a big anniversary coming up!

  4. I just saw the first dress (lace)in person last week. It is even better IRL!!!!!!! LOVED it!!

  5. I stopped in Anthro last night and came away with 4 gorgeous pieces--very excited:) I also bought a coat for my sister for Christmas:)

  6. I tend to buy the more tailored Anthro pieces. I have the Verite dress and fluttering pencil skirt from last year, and the Hello Sunday blazer from this year, to name a few. Much of Anthro is too fluffy for me :) When they do tailored though, they do it very well. I like some of their dresses very much but there is no way they fit into my life. They're way too cute for work and for my age. Still, I love this store and although I don't buy the majority of my wardrobe at Anthro, I always find a piece or two each season.

  7. Holly: The teal is so pretty! Let me know if you end up getting the lace dress.

    Angie: Thanks for sharing about the lace dress! I hope my Anthro gets it so I can see it IRL, too. :)

    Genny: Congrats on your Anthro purchases...plenty of cute things to choose from, that's for sure. :)

    Desert Flower: I hear ya! I would consider the majority of Anthro pieces to be quite creative, and can see how many of them don't work in a regular work environment. I don't tend to dress in head to toe Anthro, but do find that a lot of the pieces compliment my J.Crew clothing well.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! :)

  8. I haven't stepped inside an Anthro in awhile and only check out the website occasionally. I made the mistake of looking this morning and am so close to ordering the Wrapped-in-Waterfalls cardigan. I can't figure out what color to get. :)

  9. fshnonmymind: Wow, is that cardigan ever gorgeous! Tough call on the color though. Which one do you already have more of?

    I love both colors too, and I really would love to try it on. Hope my Anthro gets it in. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!