Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Style Inspiration by FFM: *2.21.11*

Hello my dear readers! Today's post continues an ongoing feature called *Style Inspiration by FFM*, where I will post one of my Polyvore set designs and include links to items you can purchase to re-create the look if you so choose. Some of the set designs will be outfits I am wearing or have worn in the past, others will be *reader request* sets, and some will simply be outfits I would love to wear. (If possible I try to include a *real life* photo of me in the outfit if it's something I'm wearing at the time. Of course my schedule doesn't always allow time for snapping a pic, but it is definitely something I hope to include more of with this feature in the future.)

Now on to today's *Style Inspiration by FFM*...this set is a casual outfit I wore on Monday. The weather has been in the 70's and sunny, so I took the opportunity to pull out one of my J.Crew knit dresses and a pair of sandals to wear...effortless casual chic and comfortable at the same time. :)


As I said before, my navy blue Ruched V-Neck Dress is from J.Crew. I had tried this one when it first came out, and thought it was really cute. Unfortunately, the dress I received had an uneven hem so I returned it and never re-ordered. I was recently able to catch it again on promo in my size and decided to give it another try since the price was so fabulous. Luckily the hem on the dress I received is just fine and I was thrilled to be able to wear it already. It appears that the dress keeps popping back on the J.Crew website every now and then so you may be able to catch it if you're interested. Otherwise there are similar options here, here, and here.

I purchased my Old Navy Denim Jacket a couple years ago at a great price and find the quality to be excellent.  (Similar option here and here.)

The Pave' Necklace I wear was a birthday present from my parents and came as a set with matching earrings. This necklace is very similar, except the pendant on it is a heart and the pendant on mine is a barrel. 

My Urchin's Shell earrings in Crystal from Anthropologie are now sold out unfortunately, but this pair are a similar alternative.

The J.Crew Small Crystal Colletto Bracelet was purchased last year at a great price. It is sold out now, but you can find similar options here and here.

My Aviator sunglasses were purchased from quite awhile ago and are one of my *go to* pairs. Aviators are sold just about everywhere and at different price ranges, so finding a pair to fit your budget should be fairly easy. :) (A few you may be interested in here, here, and here.)

As you may have noticed, I carry my J.Crew Large Metallic Gallery Hobo a lot. This was one of the best purchases I have made and the CPW (Cost Per Wear) on it must be at about 3 cents by now. ;) If you're looking for one I would suggest posting on the J.Crew Aficionada Weekly Exchange {Looking to Find} thread or check Ebay on a regular basis. You never know when someone may be willing to part with theirs. In the meantime, check out this one (in Gold) as an alternative.

My sandals were purchased at LOFT two years ago on super sale, and you can see from the pic that I have worn them a lot. They are the Serena Mini-stud Sandals in Gold, but I also own them in Black with Gold Mini-studs and White with Gold Mini-studs. They are so incredibly comfortable and another great purchase...CPW must be in the negative amount by now.  I'm not sure if you could find them on Ebay, but this pair (in Gold) and this pair (also in Gold) may work as an alternative for you.

That's it for now...have a beautiful and blessed day! :)



  1. Great outfit! That bag is fabulous!
    (I'm hosting my first giveaway this week!)

  2. I think I need a denim jacket.

    Love this set, FFM.

  3. Love this ready for our weather to get warmer so I can dress like this.

  4. I NEED the jean jacket....just sayin'

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Fab ModCloth Giveaway!!♥

  5. The Aly Way: THANKS! :)

    Desert Flower: Thank you! I own several denim jackets in different fits and washes. I think having at least one in your wardrobe is a great idea. :)

    Thank you Christina! :)

    Collette: You would of course look fantastic in one! :)

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  6. Wow, I really love how easy-going and chic this outfit looks! The dress looks SUPER comfortable, but the metallic sandals and bag and denim jacket really kick it up a notch!

  7. Ah, that looks so comfy. I'm longing for warmer weather. I love navy + denim + metallic. (Silver for moi).

    Speaking of, I have the gallery bag in silver and it does not seem to be holding up as well as yours. The metallic leather has taken on a pebbled texture and in some places the silver seems like it wants to flake off. It definitely can't hold up to everyday wear. However, I purchased it on the exchange at a substantial discount, so I can't complain. They do pop up on ebay occasionally to.

  8. So cute! I would absolutely wear that same outfit.

    Come by my blog and register for the Shabby Apple dress give away.

  9. cute, but girl it is actually FREEZING her in So Cal. Okay, not technically freezing as in ice, but it's below 60 degrees for the next 3 days!!!! I'm dreaming of the day I can shed the uggs and wear flip flops again!

  10. Casually chic as always! Love it! I'm envious of your 70 degrees. Enjoy!

  11. hi! i just came across your blog and i loved it! love your style! check out my blog and follow if you like, i will do the same!

  12. Thank you amy kelinda! :)

    Generation Kvetch: I'm sorry to hear about your Metallic Hobo! Mine is still holding up well without any kind of pebbled texture or flaking. Perhaps it's a color issue?

    Stacy: Thank you! :)

    Janna: I've heard that you all have had really cold temps. Stay warm! You'll be in flip flops before you know it. :)

    Thank you Elizabeth in MO! :)

    Thanks Irina! :)

  13. Now I adore this outfit as I do all things with a denim jacket. I got mine at the Gap five years ago and I am still wearing it.