Wednesday, February 16, 2011

U is for Umbrella

Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic week so far! :) Today I am sharing another excerpt from the book The One Hundred by Nina Garcia..."A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own." It shares the A-Z staples each woman should have in her wardrobe, and today we are continuing on with the letter U. :)

U is for Umbrella:

Ms. Garcia writes:

"Weathermen just cannot be trusted. They will tell you it's going to be a gorgeous and sunny day, and so you will happily and naively head out the door without an umbrella. Then, hours later, you and your perfectly blown-out head of hair are happily and naively walking down the street, and the skies open up to a not-so-gorgeous burst of rain. That moment is, in fact, apocalyptical. You are now probably cursing a weatherman's name. You are probably far from shelter. You are definitely wearing a white shirt. And the smarter girls are walking by with the mini umbrellas they keep at the bottom of their totes, and you are vowing to be one of those girls the next time your weatherman betrays you. A stylish woman is never caught off guard."

Where To Buy:
*Totes: Makes a mini one that fits in some of the smallest handbags made.
*Burberry: Makes the classic plaid version or a perfect all-black mini.

"If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain." ~Dolly Parton~

(All the information above is from the book.)

Long gone are the days of the "one-size fits all" umbrella. Today, umbrellas come in a large variety of sizes, colors, and prints. Here are a handful to check out. :)

*Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Check Mini Umbrella
*Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumbled Birds Umbrella
*Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Ultimate Mini Umbrella

Do you agree with what Ms.Garcia has written about the Umbrella? Do you carry one every day? Do you prefer a solid or printed one? Large or small? Please do share! :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!


  1. Funny that you should pose this question on one of the rare days that we have rain around here. I have my large AUBURN UNVERSITY golf umbrella in the back of my car at all times - I've had it since college (circa mid-1990s). Living in So. Cal, I don't carry one in my purse, but in Seattle I always had one stashed under my passenger seat.

  2. I love the jumbled birds umbrella. I had been debating if I wanted to buy this book, and now i am pretty sure I do.

    I live in Northern California, so I always have an umbrella with me. I keep one in my car and one in my desk at work.

  3. I don't carry an umbrella in my purse, but I do have one inside my home, one inside my car, and one inside my desk at work so that I'm never caught in the rain if I can help it, haha!

  4. I loved picking up the cutest umbrellas when I lived in the UK. They have them down to a science there from cute with ruffles to serious ones to compact and lightweight. I came home with 5 after a few years there and I still look on return trips for work.

  5. I always love to read about fashion and footwear and your blogs give me whatever I want to find

  6. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts ladies! Have a great day! :)