Saturday, February 5, 2011

Whatever Happened To Style?

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far! :) I saw this commercial the other night while I was watching a little television and thought I'd share it with you. Have you seen it yet? I love the clothes, the hair, the makeup, plus it asks the same questions I've been asking for over three decades now...hard to believe that it ends up being a car commercial. :)

Love these images too...



  1. Love that!! Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous images as well.

  2. I think people had way more time on their hands. Life was not so face paced. I am happy in my sweats day to day BUT also knowing I have great dress up clothes when I need them for going out or dressing up. I just prefer and feel better working/playing with my kids around the house in my "dress downs". I could never wear a blazer or cashmere sweater around the house. To each his own:)

  3. Great commercial! Very well written and well executed. I love the message. It's perfectly fine to where whatever at home, but taking it out in public is another thing. Pj's in public? We've gotten ridiculous.

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies, and for sharing your thoughts.

    I also like to be comfortable at home and feel completely at ease in day dresses, chinos, and sometimes blue jeans. What is it with the PJs in public? If you don't want to get dressed, then you shouldn't get out of bed in the first place. :)