Monday, March 28, 2011

Style Inspiration by FFM: *3.23.11* IRL

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope your week is starting out to be a fabulous one! :) Today's post continues an ongoing feature called *Style Inspiration by FFM*, where I will post one of my Polyvore set designs and include links to items you can purchase to re-create the look if you so choose. Some of the set designs will be outfits I am wearing or have worn in the past, others will be *reader request* sets, and some will simply be outfits I would love to wear. (If possible I try to include a *real life* photo of me in the outfit if it's something I'm wearing at the time. Of course my schedule doesn't always allow time for snapping a pic, but it is definitely something I hope to include more of with this feature in the future.)

Now on to today's *Style Inspiration by FFM*...this set is an outfit I wore on 3.23.11, featuring the Lands' End CANVAS Pleat Front Dress. The weather has been gorgeous here lately, so I have been taking full advantage of it to start wearing my spring dresses on an almost daily basis. :)


The Details:

My dress is the Pleat Front Dress from Lands' End CANVAS which I purchased on sale last year. The description from the website read as:

Classically cool.
* Cotton lawn fabric
* Tucked pleats in front and back
* Sleeveless; zipper on side
* Above-knee length

Design: Simple but distinctive. Pleated accents and bodice styling create a shaped look. Discreet side-zip.

Possibilities: A necessity for spring and summer. Wear it with or without a cardigan — and almost always with sandals and a positive attitude.

Material: 100% cotton, Machine wash. Imported.

This little dress has been such a great *go to* piece for the warmer weather months. The quality is excellent and it has held up to several washings without any fading or other issues. I had initially purchased it in white but later exchanged it for the navy, simply because I felt the color was more flattering on me in this particular silhouette. That decision was a good one, as I have worn this dress multiple times ever since. :) Unfortunately the dress is sold out now and they haven't brought it back this year so far. However, there are similar options here and here.

The Silk Driving Scarf is from J.Crew and has quickly become one of my favorite *go to* accessories. I love the print and find that the colors are working with numerous items already in my wardrobe.

My Monet Gold Hoop Earrings were purchased at Macy's last year. They aren't available online, but you can find similar options here and here.

The gold oversized watch is from Target and is a great less-expensive alternative to this one from Michael Kors. It runs large, but I had a jeweler remove a couple of the links and it's now a perfect fit. I love it AND the price! :)

My Angela Caputi Chain Link Bracelets are from Serena Italian Imports. I absolutely love them and wear them all the time. (They are the same ones seen in this photo and this photo from The Sartorialist.) The color of these two in particular work perfectly with the colors of the silk driving scarf, and are just absolutely lovely together. :) 
 The Large Metallic Thompson Tote was purchased from J.Crew a couple years ago. I don't carry it often during the winter months, but it gets plenty of use during the spring and summer. It is a bright yellow gold that actually works well as a great neutral for all the prints and color I wear during those seasons. I also like the way it coordinates and almost *matches* most of my yellow gold jewelry pieces. (Every now and then the bag will show up for sale on Ebay, or there are similar options here and here.)

My sandals were purchased at LOFT two years ago on super sale, and you can see from the pic that I have worn them a lot. They are the Serena Mini-stud Sandals in Gold, but I also own them in Black with Gold Mini-studs and White with Gold Mini-studs. They are so incredibly comfortable and another great purchase...CPW (Cost Per Wear) must be in the negative amount by now.  I'm not sure if you could find them on Ebay, but this pair (in Gold) and this pair (also in Gold) may work as an alternative for you.

Here's how it all looks on me:

That's it for now...have a beautiful and blessed day! :)



  1. very chic! love the scarf takes it up a notch.

  2. I love the gold! I am normally a silver girl but I find myself drifting to gold this season. and the dress...So versitle!

  3. I love how a few new chic accessories completely updated this dress! Looks fantastic!

  4. Actually it did show up as a popback a few weeks ago on sale in quite a few sizesin both colors.. I bought it in white. Unfortunately my teen saw it and now it is in her closet. I went back to the website to order again and it's gone. Agree with you 100% about the quality.

  5. Yippee! You are starting to show more IRL's!!! I think the dress is great and over the weekend I ordered the Silk Driving Scarf on Patina's recommendation!

  6. Love the outfit....the scarf is so gorgeous:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Mochila Bag Giveaway!!♥

  7. Cute, very cute!
    Ohhh the bracelet, I love it on you and I love it on The Sartorialist blog!
    Also the way you wrapped your scarf, how nice! I wish I could do same!

  8. Thanks so much! I've got them!!!!!
    I mean the bracelets.....I've seen them on Viviana Volpicella by the Sartorialist and I was wondering where I could find them.

    Your outfit it's perfect ...that's my style

    ciao ave

  9. Yay for the OOTD post! I absolutely love the way you accessorized the look with the timeless chic items.

  10. FFM, I am so thrilled you got the Caputi bracelet in turquoise! I have been toying with that myself, I need a code or free ship or something.

    This outfit is perfection. I love the gold accents.

  11. Shana: Thank you! I really like the way the gold accessories look with the colors of the scarf. :)

  12. Anon@10:59am: Thanks for letting me know that it popped back onto the website. Hopefully it will happen again, because I would absolutely reconsider the white. It would be really nice if they'd bring it back again this year since it's such a great little dress. I'd like to see it offered in the persimmon color they have online right now, too.

  13. Thanks yogagirl! You are going to LOVE the scarf! :)

  14. The Outfit of the day: Thanks! The bracelets have quickly become part of my *favorites* collection. I think they'd look great on you, too! :)

  15. The white cabbage: YAY! I'm so glad to be of help! You are going to LOVE the bracelets!!! :)

  16. FFM - Love this outfit and love your IRL pics. You're such an inspiration to me (as I sit and type this in my sweats an fleece). Love that turquoise bracelet. I might have to get it for Summer. I wear my other two all the time. Thanks!

  17. Desert Flower: THANK YOU! :) The turquoise bracelet is absolutely lovely IRL and looks so pretty with both the Amber and Ochre bracelets, as well. The red one is next on my wish list, and I wouldn't mind having the black and lucite ones, either. :)

  18. Thank you so much Lizzy T! :) I find myself wearing my bracelets all the time, too...they are just so fabulous, and I always get tons of compliments on them.

  19. You look so great! That dress is a wonderful foundation for all those terrific accessories. Love it all!

  20. The dress is online right now in a size 8. Click HERE. Free shipping/no minimum with code SPRINGSALE pin 1243. :)

  21. so glad to see the IRL posts. lovely, as usual!

  22. LOVE it! The scarf and the bracelets are killing me it's so chic!