Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Calypso St. Barth for Target Collection: Sneak Peek

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope your week is going well and that perhaps the weather is starting to warm up and become more spring-like where you are, too! Speaking of warmer weather, the Calypso St. Barth for Target collection is due to hit stores in about 2.5 weeks on May 1st. Yesterday over on, there was a sneak peek of the full collection...YAY! :)

"Target’s newest design collaboration with Calypso St. Barth is perfect for the coming summer. Everything you love about Calypso–the breezy printed tunics, airy white linen dresses, maxi dresses and tiny bikinis–is there, but at a fraction of the cost. The line–which also includes kids, accessories, and home (don’t miss the adorable ceramic elephants)–retails for between $1.99 to $79.99 and will available in store from May 1 through June 11 and on through August 15." (By Leah

What do you think of the collection? Do you see any pieces you will be looking forward to seeing IRL? Any must haves? Please do share! :)

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  1. what do you think? some of the pieces (the white wrap dress for example) look so pretty. that turquoise dress/coverup is adorable too!

    thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Lizzy T! I was actually hoping to see more maxi dresses and tunics, but think it looks nice overall. I will definitely be hoping to see the pink maxi dress, turquoise dress/coverup, white dress, and the blue dress IRL. :)

  3. How many posts about this brand, you definitelly like it:-)
    And you're right, this capsule collectione make me want to go to the sea even more!!Let's hope it will be sunny on Easter.

    Thank you so much for your everyday thoughts, they make me so happy:-)
    Have a great day, FFB :-)

  4. That slideshow makes me want a beach vacation :) I like a number of the pieces. Can't wait until this comes out.

  5. I am so happy they are collaborating...I love Calypso but some of their prices are so much for stuff that will just be destroyed by the sun. Thank you for posting this :)

  6. Ooooooooh! I can't wait!!! I am loving the white wrap dress, the teal cover-up, the hot pink smock... I am SO excited that these little jems are hitting Targets!!!!!! YAY!!!! Thank's for posting!

  7. I saw an ad in a magazine today. Very intriguing and a good way to check out Calypso for newbies. They have some very cute things. I can't believe May will be here in a minute.

  8. I can't wait to see the collection. I hope the quality is decent.....

  9. I reserve final judgement until I can see the whole collection IRL, but I am a little bit disappointed by this preview. The only two items that really grabbed my attention are the tie-die tee and top (and maybe that little blue cover-up skirt and bikini).
    All in all I think I will save my money for the real thing, on sale of course!

  10. Millicrew,

    I agree. Need to see the quality first. I loved the prints in the Liberty of London for Target line but the fabric were not of good quality. The umbrella handle split after using it 3 times.

    I like that Target is collaborating with designs so that the masses can partake but I am careful of the quality now esp.

    I hope this line is done well.