Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest Review by Closet Crisis: Madewell Derby Jacket

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I am pleased to be bringing you another Guest Review...this one is by the always fabulous Closet Crisis (check out her blog One Too Many Closets). She recently purchased the Madewell Derby Jacket and has graciously agreed to share her review of it for us. Thank you Closet Crisis! :)

"I first saw this jacket back in February online, when I was "doing research" in preparation of my visit to the B&M. I thought, how cute, a military jacket in an unusual colour.

To my surprise, I actually found one to try on when I was at the store. I took my JC jacket/top size, in a Small, and found that it fit very well. I came home, took advantage of a % off sale items promo with free ship, and snagged the jacket when it popped back.

The jacket is very well-detailed. Like some other Madewell items, this one has a "house" label, called "Wearmaster". It's Made in China, fabric is Cotton/Nylon blend, quite soft.

Colour is a weathered red, quite unique. Hardware is polished brass, works well with the red.

Lots of seaming, fully finished inside, with a drawstring waist (neat grommets!) to give the jacket a bit more shape. Button at cuff, can be rolled up easily.

Lots of pockets, as the site description says, and look! Bonus hand-warmer pockets.

I'm quite pleased with the purchase. It's a good jacket for the price, and I know I'll get lots of wear out of it. It's a good alternative to the usual dark green/khaki/blue military jacket, and would also be nice in place of a jean jacket, just to give your casual weekend looks a different spin."

Thank you again Closet Crisis for the wonderful review, and congratulations on getting the's looks wonderful on you! :)

(While the Derby Jacket is currently sold out, it does pop back in the sale section on a regular basis, so it's a good idea to check on it often if you're interested in getting one for yourself. You could also have Madewell do a store search for you to see if they still have one in stock at one of their B&M locations.)

Madewell is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100+ with code GOFORIT at checkout. Here are some of my personal picks from the website:

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Have a beautiful day!



  1. what a great jacket! thank you, FFM and CC!

  2. Great Review from our friend Closet Crisis!
    I just love that shade of red, and it looks gorgeous with your beautiful dark hair CC.
    Thanks FFM for another fun guest review.

  3. Thanks FFM for the opportunity to share this review! And thank you dinster and DaniBP :D

  4. Fantástico color y práctica chaqueta!! Buen fin de semana. Besos, desde España, Marcela.

  5. wow your revieww are always weel detailed:-) great job. and let me tell look great in the pics taken with the mobile!
    This jacket is so cute, i love red. Yesterday I used red lipstick at the cocktail. wanna show soon the photos.

    One more time, +1 chic point to you!:-)

  6. dinster and DaniBP: You're welcome! Closet Crisis gave such a fantastic review of the jacket, didn't she? I just love it on her. :)

  7. Closet Crisis: Thank you again for sharing the interview with us! :)

  8. Muchas Gracias Marcela! Yo espero que tengas un buen fin de semana, también! :)

  9. Thank you Anna! Closet Crisis have such a fantastic review of the jacket...glad you enjoyed it! :)