Friday, April 29, 2011

Guest Review by *The Outfit of the day*: J.Crew Roulette Clutch

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I am bringing you another Guest Review...this time the ever-fabulous *The Outfit of the day* (check out her blog MODA) is sharing her review of the J.Crew Roulette Clutch with us...YAY! (This bag is beautiful, and even though it sold out quickly, it may be possible to catch it as a popback if you keep watching for it.) :)

The Outfit of the day writes: "I had in mind to find a bright and fun bag for this spring/summer. JCrew made it easy, when I first saw the bright two in one suede/gloss patent unique effect of the Roulette Clutch, I decided right way this was the one! The size was proportional, the concept was genius and the color was perfect for my outfit ideas I had in mind.

This clutch is sold in two colors, bright yellow/sandalwood and apple green/parsley sprig.

The clutch is reversible, you can choose between the dramatic yellow or the calm sandalwood color.

Although the yellow suede is not as bright as I expected, it is more everyday wearable in the long run. You can use it as a clutch or you can wear it with the strap at shoulder length.

The clutch however was not easy to unfold inside out and I found it a little difficult to keep the bag completely closed which caused an awkward look. I haven't tried it yet but I believe if you rest the bag with a heavy material on top of it maybe helps.
 I found the bag overall to be clever, multifunctional, beautiful, for both day and night. Could not be happier!"
Thank you so much again, The Outfit of the day, for the fantastic review...the bag is gorgeous! (I especially love that you paired it with the beautiful blue dress and fabulous Chiara Ferragni blue heels!) Congratulations on getting it! :)

As most of you already know, J.Crew recently added some New Arrivals to the website. Here are some of the pieces from my *watch list*, in case you missed them the other day. :)

*Doria Dress. I absolutely love maxi dresses, so of course I would love to try this one IRL.
*Perfect shirt in Casbah paisley. This print looks really lovely and has gotten positive reviews in the JCA community.
*Shrunken fisherman sweater. I love that it is now offered in Navy. I'm actually waitlisted for this one...can't wait to see it IRL! :)
*Sidewalk blazer in summer plaid . Love the color on this one! Hopefully I can snatch it on sale. ;)
*Oversize boy shirt in stripe. This reminds me of my Madewell Slim Stripe Shirt that I love. I've been looking for a similar one in blue, so this one may just fit the bill.
*Linen Maddie Pant in Gauguin Orange. I love the silhouette of the pant, not to mention the fabulous color. I knew I wanted to try them the minute I saw them on Marissa Webb in this photo from the Fall 2011 Preview. I really like the way she has them paired with the tan-colored blouse, so I will try a similar look by pairing them with this blouse(in Mineral Deposit) that I have from Old Navy.
*Summer plaid sidewalk short. Oh how I wish they would make these in with a longer inseam! I just cannot wear a 4 inch short, but would have definitely tried them if they were 7 or 9 inches.
*Tisbury bucket bag in Natural. What a cute bag to carry in spring and summer with more casual outfits.
*Double-strand charm necklace. Love the layered look and the fact that it isn't over-sized (especially since I'm absolutely loving delicate necklaces and earrings right now).
*Casbah scarf. I really like all three colors, but will go for the Jade if the perfect-shirt in the same color/print doesn't work out.

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  1. Thanks for the review and sharing your photos. I have this clutch too, you can see it on my blog here and here.

    Initially I loved it but I'm less enamored the more I use it. The two pockets are basically one tall pocket that goes the length of the bag behind one short pocket that goes half the length of the bag and because of the way the zippers are placed you end up with most of your things all on the same side of the bag as the short pocket, just like the gemini pouchette.

    I don't pack a lot in there but still it is always bulkier on one side with virtually nothing on the other side and it bothers me. What can you put into a pocket with a zipper at the bottom? It would have been more functional if both pockets had zippers near the handle, rather than the one at the bottom.

  2. Thanks for the review and the photos. I managed to snag the clutch when it popped back in the sale section a couple weeks ago. Eagerly awaiting its arrival! I'm not planning to put much in the clutch besides the essentials, so hopefully it won't bug me that the contents sit all on one side of the bag.

  3. After the review, I wore the bag to go to work, that is when I noticed the things inside move around to both sides. Would be better if the two pockets were separate, however, this didn't bug me at all.