Monday, April 4, 2011

You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?

Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a great week so far! It's time for another edition of *You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?*, so let's get started! :)

Saint James ACORES

Anthropologie All Hours Belt

(If you have a *Familiar Find* you would like to share, please feel free to email it to me:

That's it for this week's edition...I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)



  1. Thanks again! I love Tuesday's post!

  2. Awesome, awesome finds. I've been obsessed over the Ann Taylor Luxe Chambray shirt, and I think with the F&F it's time to make that finally happen! *wiggles fingers*

  3. I love the linen blend animal print. The shorter length is really cute.

  4. Loving the Spring!

  5. I picked up the luxe Chambray shirt yesterday during the Friends & Family event, and I love it. It does not have the sheen of the contrast stitch perfect shirt, but the linen content is nice for summer! I also saw a very cute polka dot fit and flare dress that you would love: Sky

    Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Sorry for the delay in responding ladies! I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days and spent all day yesterday in bed (without my laptop). Anyways, thank you all for stopping by! :)

    Rose: You're welcome! I'm glad you're still enjoying this post after all this time! :)

    Chloe: Thank you! The AT Luxe Chambray shirt will be gorgeous on you! I hope you ended up getting it! :)

    Gigi: I like that one, too. Glad to see they are offering another version this year. :)

    Collette: Thank you for stopping by! :)

    laurie_miw: Congrats on the Chambray shirt! It really is so pretty, and I'm sure it's going to look fabulous on you, too! Thanks for the link to the dress. You are right, I think it's adorable! Thank you also for the well wishes, I am feeling a bit better today. :)

  7. Ooooooh striped shirts always have me at hello...
    Lovely picks!
    Like them all!!!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday sweetie!