Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fabulous Florida Mommy *Book Club*...Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange

Happy Thursday Everyone! It's time once again for Fabulous Florida Mommy *Book Club* and this week we continue our read of Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange. :)

Part 3: Spotlight on Accessories (Part One)...

"The Parisian builds her look around fabulous basics, so accessories are the key to her personal style. It doesn't matter if you're tall or small, slender or curvy accessories are the easiest things to adapt to your shape. And if you invest in quality accessories, you can go for more affordable clothesnobody will notice. Accessories are all-important!

Parade of Shoes...

—→Women often express their fantasies in their footwear: shoes are the symbol of what we want to be. Which explains why some women buy shoes they will never wear. We love shoes like we love bags we have plenty already, but we can't resist the call of the new. And because we know how a simple pair of shoes can transform our whole look.

*All About Heels: Many women think they look better in heels, but this is quite wrong. Just ask any man. No man would ever say "I'd love you more if you were four inches taller!" And remember, many women have no idea how to walk in high heels. Nothing looks worse than a girl tottering about on unmanageable heels! So she wants to look sexy? The key to sex appeal is a feline walk, not a precarious wobble. I know girls who have ended up on crutches because they wanted to walk tall without mastering the rudiments of striding with confidence in eight-inch heels. Practice first, at home!

*Memo: Better one pair of really beautiful shoes than a roomful of duds!

Every Parisian's shoe collection contains...


*Ballet Flats: From E. Porselli in Milan (or at APC, and SAP, 106, rue de Longchamp, Paris 16e). When you're tall like me, and tired of being asked, "Are you sure you need heels?" every time you step out in a pair of pumps, you find yourself wearing ballet flats 24/7. Happily, there are ballerines for ever occasion. Gold for day and black suede for evening is always elegant. With pants or dresses everything goes! If you had to choose just one pair of shoes, these would be the ones.

*Open-toed Sandals: Impossible to get through the summer without them! France's favorite classics are found only in Saint-Tropez, at Rondini (or online at K. Jacques, also made in Saint-Trop', are an alternative choice, ( or in Paris at 16, rue Pavée, 4e. Tel: +33 (0)1 40 27 03 57). But Parisians will always admit that the best ones are found down south in Saint-Tropez. Remember Parisians are incredible brand snobs.

*Black Heels: One fine pair of black heels will last a lifetime. It's worth investing in the best you can afford. Shapes change, and toes are sometimes round, sometimes pointy, but choose an ultra-classic design (neither too pointy nor too round) and you'll clock up hundreds of miles without the need for a pit stop to search for a more up-to-date pair.

*Penny Loafers: Absolutely essential, but wear them with care, to avoid looking like a preppy caricature. Never with a pleated skirt, of course — but then, who wears a pleated skirt these days? Team with chunky socks and jeans just short of your ankle. And remember to slip the eponymous penny inside the front slot, for good luck. Simple!

*Riding Boots: With a skirt, a dress, or even with shorts and tights, for the under-35s. Knee-high boots are the winter equivalent of ballet flats. In black or tan, the best ones really look like genuine riding boots. Some Parisians are even known to buy theirs in specialist equestrian boutiques.

(All the information above is from the book.)

*The Spotlight on Accessories excerpt will be continued in a future post.

What are your thoughts on the third excerpt from the book? Do you agree with what Inès de la Fressange has to say? Will you consider following her advice for Accessories? Do you already own some of the items she recommends? Please do share! :)

A Parade of Shoes to look at today...

Ballet Flats:

Open-Toed Sandals:

Black Heels:

Penny Loafers:

Riding Boots:

Have a lovely day! :)



  1. What a fantastic post., and so sensible about the myth of the high heels.

  2. Can't say I totally agree with this segment. Women *do* look better in heels, even the taller gals like me. It lengthens the leg and accentuates the calf muscles. Of course if you are falling over then no one will notice your legs.

    I very seldom wear ballet flats or flats at all because I find them less comfortable than heels. I have some loafers that I will wear with pants if the inseam isn't long enough for heels but that's about it.

    I do agree with her message that it's more important to have fewer, better quality shoes than a whole closet full of duds. I have a sizable collection of shoes but they are all good quality and fairly classic design/color. A few exceptions are a couple of funky Fluevogs that are supposed to be anachronistic IMO.

    Overall I am enjoying these book posts and I think that any style advice has to be considered based on your own life and lifestyle. We're happiest when we are ourselves.

  3. I completely agree with you. At my high school, I see these girls who walk like zombies on amputated legs in 6 inch platform heels. Their strides are ridiculous.

  4. xiziluo: Wow! That must be a real sight to see! Just think how much cuter they could look in a cute pair of ballet flats. They should read this book. :)