Friday, May 20, 2011

J.Crew New Arrivals PLUS Free Shipping on All Orders

As many of you may already know, the J.Crew website was updated with New Arrivals...YAY! On top of that, they are offering FREE SHIPPING/NO MINIMUM with code SUMMER at checkout until 5.22.11. New Arrivals + Free Shipping/No Minimum = SHOPPING FUN!!!

Here are some of the latest J.Crew pieces I'm interested in and/or that I feel have a lot of potential to be really lovely. :)

*Alyssa Top. So pretty and and white are my favorite colors on this one.
*Floral Peasant Blouse. This is one that needs to be seen IRL. The blue color in the floral pattern looks lovely and is probably even more intense IRL. The fit looks a bit off on the model, but for a non-model type body it may work out better.
*Heather Popover Hoodie. I'd love to see how soft this one feels. I like both colors, so if it feels anything like my Jaspe' Hoodie or Sweatshirt, it will definitely stay on my watch list.
*Featherweight Cashmere Multistripe Sweater. A tad *Brady Bunch*, but I adore the stripes and color combination...I would wear it.

*Stripe Blouson Dress. I didn't think much of this dress when it was shown in Lucky Magazine, but it looks quite cute on the model, especially belted. I would be willing to give it a try.
*Pluma Pendant Necklace. I had the opportunity to see this in person and the color is gorgeous. It was in the case so I can't say if it was too large or not, but it did look really lovely laid out.
*Reusable Tote in Animal Print. How cute!
*Surplus Pant. I actually bought these in the store last year in green and black, but they never made it to the website until now. The quality is good and they are really comfortable to wear.

*Summer Jacket in Crisp Linen . Absolutely adore this, especially in White. I would love to wear it over the matching white vest, but also on its own over a cami or blouse.
*Secretary Blouse. Love everything about it...the color, print, silhouette, and especially the sash tie at the neckline.
*Printed Scarf in Dark Pumpkin. Such pretty colors and the blue in the print looks so lovely.

*Minnie Pant in Seersucker. So fun and summery!
*Panama Hat. This was one of my Madewell picks, too. J.Crew offers it in different colors though. Very cute, and as I said before...the perfect way to still look chic on a bad hair day. :)
*Rowboat Dress. This is adorable! I love the buttons on the back. The tough decision would be choosing which color to get.
*Eva Espadrille Sandals. Cute. Cute. Cute.

*Hutton Chino. Love the wider leg and overall relaxed feel to these.
*Stripe Elsa Jacket. I like the cropped silhouette, and of course the stripes!
*Paisley Bermuda Short. I am in love with the colors on this short. Definitely on my watch list!
*Rachelle Wrap Dress. How absolutely gorgeous...too bad the price is way out of my range. Who knows, maybe I can catch it as a popback on supersale eventually...fingers crossed! :)

What do you think of the New Arrivals? Are you planning to try anything out with the SUMMER Free Shipping promo? Is there a particular piece you have and would recommend? Please do share! :)

*You can see some of my other J.Crew picks in this post.

Have a lovely day! :)



  1. Hi FFM!

    I ordered the Heathered Space Dyed Hoodie yesterday with the fs promo, I hope I ordered the correct size based on the mesaurements CS gave me, it is supposed to be slouchy so we will see. I also like the Surplus pant, ths skinny leg description stopped me from ordering it.

    This is the 2nd order from JC in a couple of weeks after a year absence, I got to say I am impressed with their speedy shipping times to Canada they have improved alot. I also am liking their styles this summer.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. YAY...Let's shop away..Thx for sharing doll


  3. Oh jcrew I love you and your sales and free shipping!

    p.s. Did you enter my giveaway I think it will be righ up your alley ;) Just a hunch!

  4. Hi casual-crew! It's great to *see* you! How is everything going these days? I'm really glad to have you back commenting again! You have been missed! :)

    Let me know what you think of the hoodie. It is so cute and I love the color. I'm glad to hear they are shipping more quickly to you now, too. How did it feel to not shop there for a year? Did you miss it? I would think you'd have to avoid the J.Crew blogs, website, etc. to make it a bit easier. How did you do it?

  5. Thanks for stopping by Marina! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. Thanks Shana! I'm behind on a lot of my blog reading, but will be sure to stop by soon. :)

  7. Good morning ffm!

    Yes I missed it but I replaced one bad habit with another shopping at Lululemon which is crazy, and it was even more expensive than JC just for workout clothes and sometimes good casual wear.

    I found not reading the blogs helpful, and not checking the website daily, and eventually you stop thinking about it. My plan now is to order the ocassional item something that I cannot buy in my town.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. The striped dress looks cute, but unless I'm missing something, I don't see the fabric content on the website. Does anyone know what it's made of?

  9. Desert Flower: A J.Crew CSR said the dress is 100% silk with a 100% Polyester lining.