Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fabulous Florida Mommy *Book Club*...Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange

Happy Thursday Everyone! It's time once again for Fabulous Florida Mommy *Book Club* and this week we continue our read of Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange. :)

Today we continue with the second part of the book: Belle of the Ball....

Part Two: The Price of Beauty...

"I like the things I use everyday to be beautiful and so often I choose creams by their packaging. I never buy makeup in ugly containers. I love pretty boxes and stylish bottles and tubes in my bathroom they're decorative and they always put me in a good mood!"

Beauty Essentials: —→ Throw out everything else, but be sure to keep these!

(A few on the list are...)

*Serge Lutens Eye Shadow:
—→The packaging is gorgeous, and the texture melts magically on the skin.

*Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Creme:
—→A legendary treatment that makes the rounds backstage at every runway show.

*Terracotta Moisturizing Tan Powder from Guerlain:
—→The most effective way to a healthy, sunny complexion. Why go to the Bahamas when you can shop at Guerlain?

*Neutrogena Body Oil:
—→Penetrates the skin by magic, leaving no oily traces. Of course, it leaves your skin silky-soft, as he will no doubt tell you...

Memo: Everyone looks better with a little makeup!

 My 10-Minute Beauty Routine:

(Part of her routine is...)

*Wash your hair every morning (it helps you wake up). Apply mousse to wet hair for volume, or a supermarket volume rinse.

*I never go out without day cream. I buy mine at the drugstore, and I often change brands. Don't use too much, or your cheek will stick when you greet friends à la française.

*Use a liquid foundation (a pump-action bottle is easier when you're in a hurry). I keep my foundation compact in my bag for re-touching throughout the day. Warning—never apply foundation with a sponge; use your fingers instead, as for a cream. The result is more natural.

—→If I have time, I smudge a fine line of black kohl along the base of the lashes.

*Apply mascara to the top lashes onlythere's no danger of it running during the day.

 Scent of a Woman:
(Part of this section reads...)

*I change my perfume every ten years. I don't like trendy perfumes, which I find often too aggressive. I prefer older, more classic brands.
Three Beauty Secrets...

*For Glossy Hair: Pour three soup spoons of white vinegar diluted in a bowl of water evenly over wet hair after shampooing. Guaranteed to gleam under the flash!

*Drink Carrot Juice: It tastes good, makes us happy, makes us beautiful logical!

*For a Dazzling Smile: Use plaque disclosing tablets (from the pharmacy) to locate where you need to improve your brushing technique.

(All the information above is from the book)

My thoughts...

*I like that she purchases some of her products at the drugstore like so many of us do.
*I have tried the Neutrogena Body Oil and found it to leave oily traces if you don't use just the right amount. 
*I  like the tip about Glossy Hair, but wonder if there will be a hint of vinegar smell left behind. Also, do you still condition afterwards? 
*I agree that Carrot Juice is delicious...just don't drink too much of it or you will start to turn orange. (I've seen this happen before.)

What are your thoughts on *The Price of Beauty*? Do you agree with what Inès has to say? Please do share! :)



  1. Washing your hair every day is a sure way to damage it if you live in a dry climate. I have thick, long hair and in the winter it literally takes all day to dry unless I use a blowdryer with diffuses and that takes almost an hour - forget doing that every day. My hair stylist advises that my hair should be washed no more than 3 times/week and at first I cringed but now I have zero split ends and it looks so much healthier overall. Another benefit is less exposure to the chemicals in hair products, especially shampoo.

    The comment about mascara only on the top lashes will work for some people but not all. If you have very pale lashes it can look unbalanced and as though you forgot a step. Good quality mascara like Jane Iredale will not run during the day anyway. If your mascara is running you need to upgrade to a better quality product.

  2. I think the entire book is really less about advice and more about what works for Ines. Some of what she likes is going to work for other women but not all of it. Like xoxo, I would never wash my hair every day or I'd end up with straw!

  3. xoxo and Desert Flower: I almost commented about the hair washing, too. I only wash my hair a couple times a week, as well, and would never even consider washing it everyday. My hair stylist has also said this is best and wishes more of her clients would do the same. I know that some people have more oily hair that does need cleansing on a daily basis, but I think they are the exception and not the norm.

  4. Hi! She changes her perfume every ten years (not two as transcribed).
    I do wash my hair every day by dermatologyst recommendation. My hair is long (up to my waist) and straight. Everybody comments on how healthy looks. My dermat says that is better to wash it everyday so pores won't clog, leading to hair loss. I also do the vinegar thing plus other herbs every month or so since I was 8-9y ears old.
    On the other hand, I enjoyed reading the tips but, the book sounds more lke written by a kid than a grown up woman.

  5. I buy product that works well with my skin/hair, not because it's in a pretty bottle. I agree with the above comment that this particular section does not sound like advise from a grown woman, and the writing itself seems immature as well. The vinegar part sounds interesting. I assume she uses white distilled vinegar, but I could be wrong. I've heard and believe shampoong every other day will leave you with healthier hair in the long run. However, I prefer to wash my hair daily with a gentle shampoo, but not because it wakes me up. I have coffee for that, lol.