Friday, July 29, 2011

Madewell Fall 2011 Lookbook Plus Free Shipping on All Orders...YES PLEASE!!!

Good News!!! Yesterday Madewell added the Fall 2011 Lookbook to their website, along with some new arrivals, PLUS they are once again offering FREE SHIPPING on All Orders with code YESPLEASE at checkout until 7.31.11...YAY!

Although I do not really care for most of the styling in the lookbook, there are a few outfits they have put together that I do think are cute, and I've included those pics throughout the rest of the post. I also find that if you do not look at the outfits in the lookbook as a whole, but instead look at the individual pieces, there are some that I personally think look promising. 

Now, I have heard from many ladies who are no longer a 20-something that they don't think they can wear Madewell clothing, or feel that perhaps the line is too *young* for them. I do agree that the overall vibe that Madewell gives off through their styling is for the younger generation. However, there are numerous pieces available at Madewell that will work in many wardrobes of all ages. It all comes down once again to considering the individual item and deciding whether or not it will fit into your own wardrobe and lifestyle. All in all, I think it's worth giving Madewell a chance if you've been contemplating it. :)

Here are some of my picks of the new arrivals, as well as my other favorites from the website (some of which are currently on sale and ship for FREE). :)

*shortstop pullover. Another cute take on stripes.
*denim tumbler tee in downpour wash. The buttons at the back are a nice added touch.
*Scenic-stripe top. This one is a re-release in new colors...very cute. I love the slouchy fit and the positioning of the stripes on the back gives a nice hourglass silhouette.
*darling dots dress. Oh I really like this one! The length looks as if it would actually be fairly decent on those of us who aren't the model's height, too.

*striped cashmere cabin sweater. Is this cute or what? I love it in all three colors, but am curious about the quality of the cashmere. Anyone have any experience with Madewell cashmere?
*cashmere cabin sweater. Same silhouette as the one above, but in solid colors instead of stripes.
*Share with...le minor® dip-dyed hoodie , which is similar to the share with...le minor® dip-dyed tee that was first released back in April and also mentioned here on Garance Doré back in May. I personally like both of them and would be happy with either one. :)
*shrunken striped boyshirt. Of course I love this one! :)

*Colorcode maxidress. This one reminds me a little of the Delphinia Gown from J.Crew, but in gorgeous, vibrant!
*Soft Silk Boyshirt. Such pretty colors on this one. I love the slouchy fit and *airiness*, too...perfect for a casual warm weather look.
*Noonday Stripe shutterbug Top . So it! The only problem would be choosing which color to get. :)
*Silk Canyon Skirt. YAY! So glad to see this back in an additional color. (Desert Flower reviewed the skirt in the original Brunette colorway here.)

Of course after yesterday's post I couldn't pass up mentioning the animal-print at Madewell. The leopard sunnyday sandal and the pony telegram clutch both offer an interesting take on animal print.
*autumn rose scarf. Pretty, pretty, pretty...
*denim wrap skirt. I'm pretty sure my mom and aunts had one just like this back in the 70's, but I can't help but love this modern day recreation...what can I say? I love vintage and retro-inspired pieces.
*Lacey Waves Top. So pretty...

*Widelegger Jeans in Salt Spring Wash. Love everything about them. A fun way to wear denim in the warm weather, too.
*Staircase Skirt. Oh how I am in love with this skirt...especially in the Pauline Bengali Stripe colorway. This one is definitely on my watch list.
*The Endless Summer Espadrille. Love those stripes! :)
*Bamboula Ltd. Market Tote. The Black and White Stripe is my favorite. :)

*The Almanac Boot. Love the color on this one.
*Embroidered Dot Top. So pretty in both colors...
*The Shiprock flip-flop. The Desert Sky stripes are really cute...very fun to wear with a basic navy dress to add some interest to the overall look.

Madewell is also going to start producing their own catalog. You can sign up to receive it HERE, and/or view the entire Fall 2011 Lookbook HERE.

So what do you think of the Fall 2011 Lookbook? Do you see any items you're interested in? Are you planning on taking advantage of the YESPLEASE promo? Are there any items you have purchased and would recommend? Please do share! :)

I also want to mention that Tippy has started a Madewell blog where she shares the sizing and fit of many Madewell items she already owns. Check it out here. :)

Have a lovely day!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There...The J.Crew Pia Calf Hair Pumps: A Guest Review by Desert Flower Plus Additional Animal-Prints at The Crew

Hello Everyone! Today I am bringing you another Guest Review. This time the ever-fabulous Desert Flower is sharing her review of the J.Crew Pia Calf Hair Pumps with us...YAY! :)

Desert Flower writes:

"The Pia calf hair leopard print heels jumped out at me from the fall previews and I preordered over a month ago. I was not disappointed. I think this is a wonderful pair of shoes.

Here are the pros and cons:

The pros include leather outer, leather insole and leather sole! For those of us who did not care for synthetic insoles in particular, this is a very pleasant surprise. I don't mind paying a little more for a shoe this well made. The shape of the shoe is classic, with a gently rounded almond toe. This is a very walkable heel. The pitch of the shoe is manageable because of the platform. I think it might fit a little on the big side. I am a 6.5 or 7 in J. Crew shoes and since there isn't a store that carries shoes near me, I always order a 7 from the website and determine my needs from there. I tried these on at the end of the day and there was a lot of room and some slippage as I walked. I think I will have to go down to a 6.5 in this shoe.

The cons is a short list. The leopard print is fairly random, unlike some shoes and garments that have a more predictable repeating pattern. This can result in the shoes looking significantly different which may be bothersome depending on the pair and the person. You can see on the toe of the right shoe that there is a very light spot that doesn't seem to fit in with the pattern. I'll be trading these out for a smaller size and I'm sure the pattern will be different on those shoes.

Personally, I think every woman should have leopard heels. Leopard is a neutral in my wardrobe. I'll wear these with simple work outfits like a navy skirt and white button down, and with denim on the weekends."

Thank you so much again, Desert Flower, for the fantastic review...the pumps are gorgeous!

I don't know about you, but I personally love Calf Hair items and Animal Prints, so I am thrilled to see J.Crew offering such a large selection of them right now:

*Edie purse in Italian calf hair...on my personal wish list.
*Ladies' calf hair watch strap. Love's on the way to me right now, as a matter of fact. :)
*Leopard Tippi Sweater...also on my wish list.
*Albertus Swanepoel™ for J.Crew fedora. I own this one and mentioned how much I love it in this post on Sunday.
*Leopard-print flip-flops . Very cute, and I've always found J.Crew flip-flops to be comfortable, almost as much as my Havaianas.
*Leopard print scarf . I own this one, too...very nice print and highly versatile. I love it paired with charcoal grey or red especially.
*Valentina printed patent pumps. I love the way J.Crew has this pump styled in the picture below with the Schoolboy Blazer in 'Decadent Red', a Turtleneck Sweater in 'Vibrant Flame', blue jeans, and the Marlow Tote in Italian Calf Hair...understated and casually chic.

*No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Leopard. This one has been getting mixed reviews. I had to see it for myself and placed an order for it the other day...I'll let you all know what I think once it arrives. :)
*Skinny Calf Hair Belt...LOVE! I have the Wide Version from last year and will definitely be looking to pick up the skinny one this year.
*Silk Leopard-print Scarf. This version is larger than the one listed above and made of silk chiffon.

What are your thoughts on the Pia Calf Hair Pumps? Do you plan on purchasing them? Do you already own them? What do you think about the other Calf Hair and Animal-print pieces at J.Crew? Are any of them on your personal wishlist? Please do share! :)

**If you have a review you would like to share with us, please feel free to email me at :)

Have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Had Me At Hello...

(Jason Wu 'Raylena' Stretch-cotton Shirt Dress)

Words cannot begin to express how much I love this dress...seriously. The color, the length, the
buttoned turn-up cuffs on the sleeves, the seam paneling on the bodice, pleated full skirt, not to mention that it also has pockets! Love.Love.LOVE!


A Must See!!! **

Earlier this month I was contacted by fellow J.Crew lover Erin and asked to *test drive* a new shopping website she has been working on. Now, being a woman who loves to shop AND try new things, of course I said yes, and now that the site has officially gone public, of course I want to share it with all of you! :)

The new site is called It allows you to keep track of the items you like from Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Gap, J.Crew, Madewell, and Old Navy, then sends you an email alert when those items go on sale. Now we all know how items go on sale and then sell out in the blink of an eye, but with you’ll be able to catch your items before they go out of stock -- without the daily stalking and extra effort!

There is absolutely no charge for signing up...all you have to do is register your name and email address, so they know where to reach you when the things you want go on sale. You also create a password so that you can come back and add more items to your account whenever you want! It's that simple...go ahead and give it a try! :)

Have a lovely day!


Monday, July 25, 2011

You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?

Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a great week so far! It's time for another edition of *You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?*, so let's get started! :)

*Similarly in the animal family is the Cheetah Shirt.

J.Crew Darlington Satchel in 'Bright Indigo'

*Also similarly in the animal family is the Ruched Cheetah Spots Scarf.

A big THANK YOU goes to Gigi for sharing the next *Familiar Finds* with us:

Thank you again Gigi! :)

Btw, if you have a *Familiar Find* you would like to share, please feel free to email it to me:

That's it for this week's edition...I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)


Jenna Lyons Spotted in August 2011 Vogue Magazine

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :) I wanted to share a picture of Jenna Lyons that I spotted in the August 2011 edition of Vogue Magazine. The picture is on the FLASH page in the Talking Fashion section featuring 'FOWL PLAY' ensembles. Jenna is wearing a maxi-skirt covered in feathers paired with a pull-over sweater, which is more than likely cashmere.

I have to say that this is one of the best photos of Jenna that I have ever seen, and I think she looks very elegant and absolutely gorgeous in it! Her hair, makeup, and accessories are perfection and she wears the feather maxi-skirt very well (which isn't an easy thing to do, IMHO)...a very beautiful look overall, wouldn't you agree?

What are your thoughts on this photo of Jenna? Are you surprised to see her in minimal layers and without her 'signature frames'? Please do share! :)


Inspiration: What Faith Means

Have a lovely day! :)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Shopping: J.Crew New Arrivals

Hello Everyone! Sunday Shopping is back this week and we are headed to J.Crew to take a look at their first rollout for the fall season. I scanned the August 2011 catalog and posted it HERE on Friday in case you missed it. I thought it would also be fun to do some window shopping together today to take a look at the new arrivals, and I'll share some of my personal picks with you, as well. Let's go! :)

*The Hacking Jacket in Herringbone first caught my eye on Net-a-Porter last month, and I have been in love with it ever since. It is offered in 5 lovely colors and sure to be a great staple piece that can be worn for many years to come.
*Perfect shirt in indigo the color and the print. How pretty this would be peeking out from under a blazer this fall, too.
*Linen Crespi Tee. It has been a long time since I've even looked at an embellished or graphic tee, but I have to say that the print on this one is quite interesting and cute. The only hesitation I have is the fact that it's 100% linen...need to see this one IRL for sure.
*Edie purse in Italian calf hair . {sigh}I really, really, really like this one...why oh why does it have to be priced so high? Fingers crossed it makes it to sale.

*Watercolor Floral Scarf. What a beautiful color combination and more than likely it's even prettier IRL.
*The Skinny Leather Belt is back with some new color the Bright Cobalt.
*No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool. Oh what gorgeous shades of color on this one! I am currently waitlisted for the Viridian Green, but may have to consider picking up additional colors in the future, depending on how I feel about the quality and fit of the one I am waiting to receive.
*Leopard Tippi Sweater. I really hope this one doesn't disappoint IRL, as I think it would be a great option to pair with my Lolli Pants in Bright Dahlia, and nude Fiona Mid Heel pointy-toe pumps from Cole Haan.

*No. 2 pencil skirt in leopard. I have been looking for a leopard pencil skirt for awhile now after seeing this image of Giovanna Battaglia, as I would love to create an *inspired* version of my own to wear this fall. I hope the print and colors of the J.Crew skirt are really nice in person, as I am very particular when it comes to my animal prints.

*I am loving all the colors the Café Capri is offered in this time...especially the yacht blue and baked citron.
*Cabochon and pavé link bracelet. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Both it and the Stone Charm Necklace remind me of pieces that were offered back in 2008 with the debut of the Morocco Catalog.
*Albertus Swanepoel™ for J.Crew fedora. I bought this in the Camel Leopard last year and LOVE it! It has such a flattering silhouette and fit...always gets tons of compliments, too.

*Maisie Dress. This is just so adorable and I'm sure it will probably be longer on most of us than it is on the model. I love the Graphite color in the solid version of the dress, but my absolute favorite is the *Waterfloral version of the pretty and feminine. Another one I hope makes it to sale...fingers crossed again! :)
*The Velvet Schoolboy is back again this year in new colors, as the Poppy and Bristol Blue!
*Cashmere cable sweater is so cute. I love every color this one is being offered in.
*Puff-sleeve popover in French Blue. This one also comes in 3 additional colors of Black, White, and Vibrant Flame. This is a great little blouse to tuck into skirts and wide-leg trousers for a bit of an extra feminine-feel.

What are your thoughts on the New Arrivals at J.Crew? Are you excited to see fall pieces even though temps are soaring into the triple digits in a lot of places? What are your must-haves from this rollout? Please do share! :)

Have a lovely day! :)


Weekly Recap

Sunday: Weekly Recap

Friday and Saturday: J.Crew August 2011 Catalog


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fabulous Florida Mommy *Book Club*...Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange

Happy Thursday Everyone! It's time once again for Fabulous Florida Mommy *Book Club*, and this week will conclude our read of Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange. :)

Our final excerpt comes from the second part of the book: Belle of the Ball....

Chapter 4: Beauty Faux Pax

"As with fashion, we can all make beauty mistakes. Make-up trends are unimportantit's all a question of harmonizing with your natural physiognomy and complexion. Runway models may sport blue false eyelashes, invisible eyebrows, or metallic blusher, but we live in the real world, minus spotlights and flash photography. Even a supermodel looks her best au naturel. Here's what to avoid if you don't want to look like a "makeup victim". "

*Blusher applied like war paint. War is over...

*Makeup to match your clothes you'll look like a girl who thinks too hard and really shouldn't. Have faith in your natural complexion, eye, and hair color instead.

*Foundation applied too quickly, without going right up to the hairline. The mask unmasked!

*Too much eyeliner (a.k.a. the "raccoon" look).

*Under-arm hair. Parisians spend a great deal on epilation (as a rule, the Parisian male dislikes body hair).

*Too much lip gloss. Your mouth will look stickynot attractive.

(All the information above is from the book.)

There you have it...the last excerpt from this edition of book club. The rest of the book continues with insights from Inès regarding such things as where to go in Paris, Parisian Wellness, Food, Where To Stay, among other topics, and continues to be informative, as well as entertaining.

What are your thoughts on the highlights from the *Beauty Faux Pas* chapter? Do you agree with what Inès has to say? Please do share! :)

Have a lovely day! :)