Friday, July 29, 2011

Madewell Fall 2011 Lookbook Plus Free Shipping on All Orders...YES PLEASE!!!

Good News!!! Yesterday Madewell added the Fall 2011 Lookbook to their website, along with some new arrivals, PLUS they are once again offering FREE SHIPPING on All Orders with code YESPLEASE at checkout until 7.31.11...YAY!

Although I do not really care for most of the styling in the lookbook, there are a few outfits they have put together that I do think are cute, and I've included those pics throughout the rest of the post. I also find that if you do not look at the outfits in the lookbook as a whole, but instead look at the individual pieces, there are some that I personally think look promising. 

Now, I have heard from many ladies who are no longer a 20-something that they don't think they can wear Madewell clothing, or feel that perhaps the line is too *young* for them. I do agree that the overall vibe that Madewell gives off through their styling is for the younger generation. However, there are numerous pieces available at Madewell that will work in many wardrobes of all ages. It all comes down once again to considering the individual item and deciding whether or not it will fit into your own wardrobe and lifestyle. All in all, I think it's worth giving Madewell a chance if you've been contemplating it. :)

Here are some of my picks of the new arrivals, as well as my other favorites from the website (some of which are currently on sale and ship for FREE). :)

*shortstop pullover. Another cute take on stripes.
*denim tumbler tee in downpour wash. The buttons at the back are a nice added touch.
*Scenic-stripe top. This one is a re-release in new colors...very cute. I love the slouchy fit and the positioning of the stripes on the back gives a nice hourglass silhouette.
*darling dots dress. Oh I really like this one! The length looks as if it would actually be fairly decent on those of us who aren't the model's height, too.

*striped cashmere cabin sweater. Is this cute or what? I love it in all three colors, but am curious about the quality of the cashmere. Anyone have any experience with Madewell cashmere?
*cashmere cabin sweater. Same silhouette as the one above, but in solid colors instead of stripes.
*Share with...le minor® dip-dyed hoodie , which is similar to the share with...le minor® dip-dyed tee that was first released back in April and also mentioned here on Garance DorĂ© back in May. I personally like both of them and would be happy with either one. :)
*shrunken striped boyshirt. Of course I love this one! :)

*Colorcode maxidress. This one reminds me a little of the Delphinia Gown from J.Crew, but in gorgeous, vibrant!
*Soft Silk Boyshirt. Such pretty colors on this one. I love the slouchy fit and *airiness*, too...perfect for a casual warm weather look.
*Noonday Stripe shutterbug Top . So it! The only problem would be choosing which color to get. :)
*Silk Canyon Skirt. YAY! So glad to see this back in an additional color. (Desert Flower reviewed the skirt in the original Brunette colorway here.)

Of course after yesterday's post I couldn't pass up mentioning the animal-print at Madewell. The leopard sunnyday sandal and the pony telegram clutch both offer an interesting take on animal print.
*autumn rose scarf. Pretty, pretty, pretty...
*denim wrap skirt. I'm pretty sure my mom and aunts had one just like this back in the 70's, but I can't help but love this modern day recreation...what can I say? I love vintage and retro-inspired pieces.
*Lacey Waves Top. So pretty...

*Widelegger Jeans in Salt Spring Wash. Love everything about them. A fun way to wear denim in the warm weather, too.
*Staircase Skirt. Oh how I am in love with this skirt...especially in the Pauline Bengali Stripe colorway. This one is definitely on my watch list.
*The Endless Summer Espadrille. Love those stripes! :)
*Bamboula Ltd. Market Tote. The Black and White Stripe is my favorite. :)

*The Almanac Boot. Love the color on this one.
*Embroidered Dot Top. So pretty in both colors...
*The Shiprock flip-flop. The Desert Sky stripes are really cute...very fun to wear with a basic navy dress to add some interest to the overall look.

Madewell is also going to start producing their own catalog. You can sign up to receive it HERE, and/or view the entire Fall 2011 Lookbook HERE.

So what do you think of the Fall 2011 Lookbook? Do you see any items you're interested in? Are you planning on taking advantage of the YESPLEASE promo? Are there any items you have purchased and would recommend? Please do share! :)

I also want to mention that Tippy has started a Madewell blog where she shares the sizing and fit of many Madewell items she already owns. Check it out here. :)

Have a lovely day!



  1. I like that Asian model. I always want to buy whatever she's wearing.

    I don't see many of the Lookbook items available yet. At least not the ones that I had my interest. I have a Madewell gift card that is gathering dust, waiting for fall.

  2. I also liked outfit 28 with the shirt dress. I already have the Memento Cardigan in Burnt Soil and am planning on recreating the outfit. I need to shop for knee boots.

  3. I am interested in few items, in particular the skirt of Look 2 and the Parka of Look 18. I chatted with a CS agent and found out that the skirt is 100% silk and will retail for $145 (in Mohogony and Beige). The Parka is going to retail for $298 but they didn't have information on the fabric available.
    Also the blazer in the last look (that looks a lot like the Joseph blazer that Marissa Web was wearing in an infamous email) is going to be wool and retail for $175. HTH!

  4. Love the free shipping on all orders!!

  5. Wow i'm loving a lot of these fall items! I think J.Crew and Madewell really hit it out of the park this season - thank you for these pics :)