Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yes Please!!!

J.Crew Wool Herringbone Hacking Jacket

Even though fall is several months away, I cannot help but swoon over this jacket. I love the color, the silhouette, the double-flap pockets...everything about it! Such a lovely, classic piece for the cooler weather months ahead, as well as for many years to come. :)



  1. I LOVE this...better start saving:)

  2. I say YES PLEASE TOO on this ONE!!! STELLAR!!! Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. Oh, FFM, you are not the only one! As soon as I saw that one on Net a Porter when you pointed it out recently, I knew it was going to be a must have this year! I looked for a jacket like this last year and didn't find one. Now I'm glad I didn't settle. :)

  4. J. Crew's fall pieces are really great this year. I can see a number of purchases in my future. It's silly to be thinking about fall clothes when it's 110!

    This is a gorgeous classic piece.

  5. Very cute, and not covered in ruffles, sequins, or shredded chiffon! Is it really going to be only $200? Or is that in British pounds? That seems like an unusually reasonable FP for J. Crew these days. (Hypothetical for me because I blew my fall budget on pre-sale at Nordstom anniversary!)

  6. It's $200 USD on Net-A-Porter. I seriously considered ordering it in the grey this morning - LOVE it!

  7. Nantucket Daffodil: You and me both! :)

    yogagirl: You're welcome! This jacket will look lovely on you, btw! :)

    ajr: I'm so pleased to see J.Crew bringing back such a nice classic piece. I really hope they offer it in more colors like they did the Bella jacket. I'm still sad I missed out on the pink one back then, so I'd love to see this one offered in a similar shade. :)

  8. Desert Flower: I totally agree with you about J.Crew's fall pieces. I also see several purchases from them in the future. :)

    Hexicon: It is $200 US dollars, which does in fact seem fairly reasonable compared to the $325 they still want for the Prince of Wales jacket. Btw, what did you get at Nordstrom?

    Caitlin: Please let me know what you think of the jacket if you decide to get it. Not sure if you know already, but the shipping at Net-a-Porter is now FREE for the US. :)

    Gigi: Thanks for stopping by! :)

  9. Love the color and wear lots of jackets so will definitely check this out. Thanks, FFM!

  10. Love this blazer too...nothing beats a great blazer in the fall.
    First time stopping in...
    definitely following along now!

  11. Lane and Janna: Thank you for stopping by! :)

    Carly: Welcome to my blog! I'm so happy to have you here! :)