Friday, August 19, 2011

J.Crew Fall 2011 Arrivals

J.Crew introduced another rollout from the Fall 2011 season on their website Thursday and with it came numerous lovely pieces, as well as Flat Rate shipping of $8.95 or Free Shipping on orders of $175+.
Even though I live in a warm climate, I absolutely love the Fall Season and all the gorgeous clothing that goes along with it. This fall J.Crew has brought back beautiful colors, as well more classic pieces similar to what they once offered years ago...hopefully the level of quality will return to what it once was, as well. 

Let's take a look at some of the Fall 2011 arrivals, and I'll share some of my personal picks with you. :)

*Fisherman Sweater. This is a new fall version of the Shrunken Fisherman Sweater that was released earlier this year, but in a wool blend. I absolutely love all the colors the new version is being offered in, especially the 'vintage champagne', 'heather honey', and 'deep plum'.
*Double-cloth townhouse trench. Love the anchor buttons and all the beautiful colors it comes in. If I lived in a colder climate this would be top on my list.
*Schoolboy blazer in Prince of Wales wool. I like this year's version much better than last year's. It appears to have a similar silhouette to the Hacking Jacket (which happens to be one of my favorite fall pieces).

*Herringbone vest . I love the look of the blazer and vest worn together. How fun would it be if they offered the vest in all the colors of the Hacking Jacket?
*Hacking jacket in cashmere . {Swoon} gorgeous, but the price! Yikes!
*Bonnie dress in floral taffeta. I know the dress isn't really practical, but I love the floral print. I hope they offer it in something other than this dress, the Mini, and the Café Capris (if they already have and I somehow missed it, please let me know).

*New Café capri in wool. Sadly these are not a very flattering pant for my body type, but I do love all the colors they come in, and think they look great on others. I really wish J.Crew would make a wide or even straight leg trouser in these gorgeous colors for those of us who can't wear this type of pant.
*Café capri in plaid wool and Café capri in houndstooth wool. Adorable, but once again, it would be SO nice if J.Crew would offer the plaids in a different pant style. I know I would buy a pair!
*Gallerista Skirt. Oh how I adore this skirt! I am fully aware that it isn't all that practical for everyday wear, but it is still one of the top items on my wish list. (The silhouette is very similar to the Floral Long Swing Skirt which I already own, love, and am looking forward to wearing this coming holiday season.)

*Tippi sweater in leopard. I received mine yesterday (size XSmall) and LOVE it! I don't consider the animal print on this one to be too overwhelming or *out there* and think it will look great worn with denim, as well as brown, ivory, or camel pants or skirt.

*Brompton Hobo. Love the new Warm Burgundy color...gorgeous!
*Cavalry Skirt. This is such a comfortable and flattering piece. I think it would look adorable paired with a turtleneck or white button-down and brown knee boots like this Polyvore set I styled with it at the end of last week:
Call in the Cavalry

*Foundry Pant. I know there are many who are not a fan of these pants, but I personally love the relaxed-look of them and think they will be a great casual pant to wear with blouses, sweaters, and blazers.
*Adrianna satin buckle pumps. I love the pointy-toe and buckles, not to mention the gorgeous colors! The also come in a Leather version.

*Two-tone circle skirt. Yes, Please!
*Crystal daffodil earrings. I'd love to see these in person...maybe the next time I'm at the mall.
*No.2 Pencil skirt in double-serge wool. I tried this on in the Viridian Green and it really is lovely. However, once again I am running in to the problem that the pencil skirt is not a preferable silhouette for my figure. It doesn't look horrible, but there are other silhouettes that look much better on me, so I am trying to focus on only buying them if I do make a purchase.

*Hutton trouser in Italian wool. I absolutely love the silhouette of these pants. This is one of the styles I would love to see the plaid and camel offered in, possibly the 'yacht blue', 'dahlia', and 'baked citron', as well .
*Jester sweater. Adorable! Love both colors.
*Stretch perfect shirt in classic stripe. I love this in all three colors! It looks great worn by itself or under a blazer (which is my favorite look).

What are your thoughts on the new arrivals at J.Crew? Are there any *must-haves* for you? Have you seen any of the pieces IRL? Is there any particular item you have and would highly recommend? Please do share! :)

Have a lovely day!



  1. Wonderful choices, FFM! :)

    I have my two must haves ordered, including the teddie dress. I just went over to the site and saw my size is backordered until 12/12, so I am psyched that I will be receiving it before then.

    I will be ordering the blue hacking jacket and at some point will be picking up one or two of the fall rollout skirts, but I am on the fence about which ones I want to have in my closet, so I am holding back until I see them on other bloggers.

    I adore the winterlude jacket that is available as a pre-order, the light grey is amazing and the fabric looks wonderful.

    I have a cashmere hacking jacket from a few years ago in navy that I bought off ebay for about $100 so I will not be biting there, but I will say it is an investment piece and I hope that it makes it to sale, as it would definitely go the distance in anyone's wardrobe.

  2. I love the burgundy sweater, jeans and gray pumps look!

  3. Hi FFM! I agree 100% that it would be great to see some pretty color pant options in more than one silhouette. I adore the capri style, but it is dreadful on me.
    My picks favorites are the suede wedges, Lulu Frost bangles, (although I'm not wild about the colors), and the merino pencil skirt. Years ago I had a knit pencil skirt that I wore for several seasons and I loved it. I did order the Dolman sleeve sweater dress, which is on its way, and HTH the navy lace pencil skirt - in store only apparently. I tried both the Hacking and School Boy blazers, desperate for a pop of color in my dark wardrobe, only to find them itchy. I am also hoping to try, on sale, the Symphony and Plaza coats. I'll be looking for a black everyday coat this fall.

  4. Thanks for sharing!

    I didn't find any immediate must-haves in this roll-out, which is just as well, because my bank account is still recovering from the purchases I made earlier this month with my 20% off code. And you know that feeling when you go to the B&M to make a return and wind up spending more than you return?

    I'm glad to see that they are offering several suiting dresses with work-appropriate hemlines and necklines. I share your disappointment with the exposed zipper on the Teddie. I still think it's a cute dress, and I know that to some it looks much more fashion-forward but that's not necessarily the look I'm going for at work! I did exposed zippers enough in the 80s; plus my hair is long and I know that the zipper would leave my ponytail in a snagged mess.

    I love, love the grape hacking jacket, but I am still having fit problems with the vent. I don't want to order yet another size so I hope it shows up in the stores so I can try a 4 R to compare.

  5. I like all your choices, FFM.

    My fall picks have been ordered and/or arrived:

    Pia leopard pumps
    Leopard Tippi sweater
    Daylong shirt in champagne and rust
    Liquid Silk skirt in navy

    I have 2 items on my wish list and will wait for sale before buying, the whip snake pump and the mixed media skirt in leather and wool.

  6. Love your picks FFM.
    I too think the Foundry pant is really cute, though I really don't wear pants at all I think they are a great everyday, almost "work-wear" look.
    I love the Lulu Frost bangles. I want them all.
    I did order the merino pencil skirts, betsy sweaters in 2 colors and the Icon trench in wool cashmere, camel in color, before the Canadian website was ruined. Also a pencil skirt suit, can't remember the name, in heather elm. I'll review them this week on my blog.
    I won't be ordering anything again until JCrew corrects their billing problems for us up here in Canada.
    I would have ordered that gorgeous silk skirt in the navy, and the bracelets, most definitely.
    Oh well I guess it is saving me money!

    Thanks for the lovely post as ever.

  7. Hi FFM!
    Totally agree about the cafe capri's. LOVE the colors - pre-ordered them but the cut was dreadful on me. Weird because I have the cotton cafe capri's in almost every color and they fit great :(

    Pre-ordered the Teddie dress but will return if it ships... agree with you about exposed zipper. My origami red is perfection so I won't even bother.

    I bought quite a bit... more than I should.. Pia grey calf hair are my favorite. Ordered the bright dahlia silk skirt will review on polyvore when I see what it looks like IRL.

    These clothes make me wish I didn't live in S. Fl.

  8. Not at all what I was expecting for a fall layout but loving the colors- not the typical burnt orange, rust, and camel that you usually see for Autumn. I'm digging it all!

  9. Thanks posting this, b/c I would have never know the new Schoolboy blazer in Prince of Wales wool existed, since it's already sold-out!??

    Great picks by the way.

  10. FFM, I love all your picks. Still deciding between the tippi sweater vs tippi shirt. Did you see the shirt in store? Is there a reason you picked the sweater vs the shirt or did you get both? I consider you my style guru, so I value your advice!!!

  11. I love the 1st four looks! Especially the colored cafe capris, would live in them. Am in trouble this fall!!!

  12. Good Morning Ladies! Thank you all so much for stopping by and sharing your fall favorites! I placed an order for the Gallerista skirt and Foundry pants, so I'll be sure to let you all know what I think when they arrive. :)

    Anon@7:04: Thank you so much for the kind words! You have made my day! :) To answer your question...I actually WAS able to try on the Leopard perfect shirt last night and love it, too! Now I am really having a hard time deciding which I like better and think that I may try to manage getting both. Hopefully I can at least get one of them on sale though!

    Have a lovely day everyone, and thank you again for stopping by to comment! :)

  13. Hello:). I love the foundry pant also!!! I normally wear a size 2 or 4 in pants. What size do you suggest I purchase?

  14. Hi Tish! I ordered the size 0 based on measurements I got from the online chat rep. They seem to possibly run a tad big. I think I might be able to wear the size 00, but I want to make sure they sit a little lower on to my hips and have that baggy look like they're supposed to. :)

    Here are the measurements she gave for sizes 00, 0, 2, and 4:

    Size OO: The waist is 28, and the hip is 39.25.

    Size 0 the waist is 28.5, and hip is 40.

    Size 2 the waist is 29.5, and hip is 41.

    Size 4 the waist is 30.5, and hip is 42 .

    My pants are due to arrive late tomorrow, so I will post here to let you know how they fit. HTH! :)

  15. Thank you so much for your time!!! The information is very helpful. I can't wait for your pants to arrive:). I'll be watching for your review. 

  16. My Foundry pants finally arrived a little while ago. The size 0 fits really well, with the waist fitting perfectly just below my belly button (they have a higher rise), and the legs still remaining roomy like they are on the model. The fabric is a very nice, heavier weight and they appear to be made really well. They are very comfortable, and I love the way they look and feel on. The only hesitation I have is the color, which is more green IRL than it is online. I need to check them in the daylight tomorrow, but inside they remind me more of a baby food pea green...not necessarily a bad thing, but I need to see how well the color is going to pair with all the tops I had planned on wearing them with. I really do like them though, and I would love to see them offered in additional colors. I will post a picture of them tomorrow so you can better see the color difference from online to real life. :)

  17. Hey ladies, I just put up a new post with a review of the Foundry pants which includes IRL pics. :)

  18. Hi everyone, I just put up a new post with a review of the Gallerista skirt. :)