Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Shopping: Fall Wish List

Hello Everyone! Sunday Shopping is back this week and this time I'm going to share my Fall Wish list with you. This year I am focusing on only adding items that will supplement my current wardrobe, giving new life to the pieces I already own by providing more ways to wear them with minimal expense. :)

*BLK DNM Blazer 1. Ok, so this one is completely out of my price range, but I would truly love to find a Camel blazer similar to this at an affordable price. I have been searching for the perfect Camel blazer for several years and have yet to find it, so my quest continues again this year.

*J.Crew Edie Purse in 'Flame'. I love the size and silhouette of the Edie purses, and this color is so pretty IRL.

*Edie purse in Italian calf hair. This one is at the top of my list...the size, the silhouette, not to mention that it is leopard AND calf-hair. Need I say more?

*J.Crew Skinny calf hair belt in 'Grey Black Leopard'. I already own the brown colorway from last year and love it. It really is a versatile piece that gives added visual interest to otherwise basic outfits, so I would love to pick up the grey this year to have even more styling options at minimal expense.

*J.Crew Dream ribbed yoga cardigan . I would like to pick this one up in 'Heather Carbon', 'Navy', and 'Heather Acorn'. I tried it on in the B&M last week and fell in love with the silhouette and overall 'comfort factor' of wearing it. I love this type of cardigan for wearing over a tee or turtleneck with either a pair of flare jeans and platforms or skinny jeans tucked into knee boots. If it wasn't made of the dream yarn then I would consider paying full-price, but knowing how badly it will pill I am waiting to get it on sale.

*Kate Spade New York 'Eryn' Calf Hair Flat. I adore the pointy-toe with the chain detail, not to mention that they are leopard, love, love!

*Anthropologie Concise Denim Jacket. I am looking for a cropped denim jacket to wear over many items in my wardrobe such as maxi dresses, sleeveless tops, and tees to help transition them into fall and extend their lifespan. This one is adorable IRL and a perfect length to wear over those items. I have tried it on and would go with the XSmall for a more fitted look.

*Bass Wayfarar Penny Loafers. I already own a pair of black patent penny loafers, but would love to pick up a pair of brown ones this year. I love the idea of wearing them with jeans/blazer outfit combinations in place of ballet flats or ankle boots, which is what I normally wear in the cooler weather months.

*J.Crew Wool Herringbone Bella Jacket in 'Pink Azalea'. This is one of my top wish listed items of all time. I am looking for a size 0, 2, or 4, so if you happen across one or have one to sell (please no over-inflated Ebay prices), please let me know! :)

*J.Crew Wool Herringbone Bella Jacket in 'Orange'. Another one of my top wish listed items. Just like the pink colorway, I am also looking for a size 0, 2, or 4 in this one.

*J.Crew Sapphire Tweed Pencil Skirt. I have mentioned before that pencil skirts are not the best silhouette for my figure (not horrible, but also not optimal) and that is why I rarely purchase them. However, this one is an exception, and I would love to find one in a size 2 or possibly a size 0 depending on the measurements. So once again, if you come across one or are looking to sell, please contact me! :)

*TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Steward Open Hem Flare Jean. Once again, these are a priced a bit higher than I would like to pay, but they show an example of what I'm looking for...winter white denim. I am of the 'old school' who prefers not to wear white in the fall and winter months, so I am looking for a pair of winter white jeans to wear instead. I own a pair of J.Crew trouser cords in 'Sea Salt' (the Polyvore below shows how I wore them last year), which is a winter white, but I would like to find denim in the same color as another styling option.

What's on your Fall List? Are you looking to completely overhaul your fall wardrobe or just supplement it like I am mine? When it comes to the purchases you do make, will you wait for sale or purchase full-price? Have you already started acquiring some of the items? Please do share! :)

Have a lovely day!



  1. Love your picks, and I am with you on trying to find items that will supplement my existing wardrobe!

    Possibly a stupid question, but how do you wear the Bass loafers? I'm thinking of buying a pair, but am unsure about being able to wear them with socks (Michael Jackson in the 80's comes to mind!).

  2. Hi Christy! Thanks for stopping by today! I normally just wear a pair of trouser socks with my loafers, since I typically wear them with long pants. (I like to pick up patterned pairs of the socks, such as argyle or plaid, so that when I sit down or cross my legs there is something more to be seen than a basic one). However, I am contemplating trying to wear the loafers with rolled trousers like in this pic from the Parisian Chic book. If I do that I will wear a pair of Footie Socks since they are hidden by the shoe and give the look of not wearing socks at all. HTH!

  3. I always thought I was in the minority with not looking that great in pencil skirts! I have a very straight figure with a thick waist and no hips, so the pencil silhouette only emphasizes that. I haven't tried any pegged pencil skirts yet, though.

  4. throughkseyes: Nope, it's not just you, except I have the opposite problem with larger hips/thighs and a smaller waist. I find the pencils to emphasize my thighs, plus I always have to have them taken in at the waist to fit properly. I do much better with an a-line skirt.

    Let me know how the pegged skirt works out for you if you get the chance to try one. Also, have you tried J.Crew pencil skirts? They seem to be cut with a larger waist and smaller hips, so perhaps they would work with your shape?

  5. I am not the ideal pencil skirt body either. I'm built like a ruler and have no curves whatsoever. I have the tailor take in all my pencil skirts at the bottom - making them more pegged - and they look much better. Every so often I find them that way but most J. Crew skirts require altering. Imalso always wear a belt, often a wider one. Voila, curves.

    As to my fall wish list, it's very short.

    A brown dress (currently waiting for a free ship code for Bergdorf so I can bite)
    Black knee high leather boots
    A grey pencil skirt
    A camel jacket/blazer

    FFM, I'm also striking out on the camel blazer. Either the style isn't what I'm looking for or the fabric is too heavy for my climate.

    I have crossed a few things off the fall list already - navy pumps, leopard pumps, a navy skirt.

    Your wish list is amazing! You are making me think about a denim jacket too. Great idea to use it to transition summer clothes to fall.

  6. So glad you're following my blog, I just adore reading yours every day! xo, LP

  7. I also have that belt in my mind, like you I have the brown from last year and I wear it all the time.

    Those bella jackets are adorable!

  8. I'm in line for an overhaul. I've cleared out a lot and sold a few things on Ebay. Ideally I want to fill up on pencil skirts, I only have two, like Desert Flower they work better for me when they are really nipped in at the bottom as my hips and waist are almost the same!

  9. Love your pics! The pink Bella is also my #1 wishlisted item - I missed out on it because I was pregnant at the time and was only looking at maternity clothes - argh! I'll keep my eye out for you - I need an 8, so at least we're not competing for the same jacket :)

  10. I like your list and those pretty blazers. Isn't it great to have a tightly edited list to keep you focused. I've got a healthy wish list and I'd love to overhaul, but can't really justify it.
    I'd need to find the perfect black low heeled pump to wear with a lot of my skirts and dresses, plus a new handbag-if only the Edie purse was a little bit bigger...I'd love a new dress. I might get the origami shift, or this one from DVF (i'd get both if I can catch them on sale). I'm alos really looking for a sweater dress to wear with boots or this cashmere skirt, I tried it yesterday, but my usual medium was too small. It is very expensive, but even too small, it looked good and I can see wearing it at least once a week, so I'm considering it with a discount code that I have for the line. A must have is a new trench/rain coat. The only one I have is very casual and only works for baseball games, and grocery store runs.
    Lastly-I need trousers, and have a very hard time with fit-my thighs and hips don't fit narrow legged pants :-( so the search continues.

  11. What a great list! I'm also looking just to supplement, but I've done quite a bit of supplementing already. I'm on the hunt for a well-priced camel-colored blazer, too. But I'm loving those colored blazers you have picked out!

  12. Hi FFM! Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. I will at some point share what I got for my birthday!

    I have similar items on my wishlist as well! Zara is bound to come out with a camel blazer this season :)I was at Madewell last week and they have some cute items for Fall that I think you'll like too!

  13. I enjoyed seeing your fall wishlist. It has been so hot this past week that I've yet to even think about fall shopping, but I hope to do so soon with the kids heading back to school :) I hope to mix it up a bit this year and go more color to my wardrobe, but build around more classic pieces (in FFM style) versus following trends.

  14. Desert Flower: Thank you for sharing your list! Isn't the camel blazer a touch one? Maybe J.Crew will surprise us and offer a really high quality one in the perfect shade of camel this year. I know it's probably wishful thinking, but we can always hope, right?

    I think I'm going to try having one of my pencil skirts taken in at the bottom to see if that helps the way the look on me, too. Thanks for the tip! :)

  15. DaniBP: I really think the Grey Leopard will be highly versatile just like the brown. The Bella jackets really are adorable. I had one in the Heather Camel, which was a brown shade, but it was too big so I sold it. I've never been able to find another one in my size, unfortunately. If I could find the pink or orange I would be beyond thrilled. :)

  16. Bourbon & Pearls: I hope you're able to get one or two of the J.Crew pencil skirts that you've been looking at. Did they ever sell them on the UK Net-a-Porter site?

  17. ifky12: Thank you! I would also be more than happy to keep an eye out for your size 8 if you like. Just make sure to send me your email address so that I can get in touch with you if I come across one. :)

  18. JulieStyles: I love your wish list picks...that DVF dress is gorgeous. I bet it feels wonderful on, too.

    Have you considered checking Marshall's or TJ Maxx for a pair of black pumps? I've found some great deals on shoes at Marshall's in particular, so you might have luck here. I also found a great pair of black pumps last year at Kohl's, no less. They're made by Dana Buchman and were very affordable, as well.

    I have the same problem as you do with trousers. That's part of the reason I prefer to wear dresses more than I do pants or jeans. :)

  19. AllDressedUp: Thanks! I really wish J.Crew could bring back blazers like the Bella and Lexington at the same quality level, but I think that is really just wishful thinking at this point. However, from what you posted about the Blackwatch blazer on the other thread, it sounds as if they might at least be trying to bring some better quality pieces. Fingers crossed! :)

  20. Hi Tippy! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday! I'm looking forward to the post about your gifts, too. :)

    Thanks for the information about the Madewell fall items. I'll be waiting anxiously for them to debut online.

  21. Thank you Janna! I'm so glad you stopped by! I hope you and your family are all doing well! I also want to tell you that you look absolutely stunning in your Maui pictures, and I love the maxi dress on you! :)

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  23. FFM, I like your picks, particularly, the Edie purses in both colors, Bellas, and the skirt. The purses and jackets are also on my wish list. (I have and love the skirt.)

    Pencil skirts, cut well, flatter me better than other styles. Skirts with a flare at the bottom (like the old Francie) work well for me too. I have the most issue with J.Crew skirts, though, since the waist is usually too wide. Ann Taylor skirts fit me best because they are contoured at the waist. I cannot do pegged since it would only make my hips look bigger.

    I'm looking for a feminine, very girly jacket this year, something contoured and not boxy, in black. I'm also wanting leopard-print shoes in a low heel.

  24. Cleo: Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wish list! :) I purchased a pair of Nine West Pointy-Toe Leopard Calf-hair pumps last year and they are gorgeous. The style was called 'Madeup' and the online pics really didn't do them justice. I haven't seen them around in awhile, but Nine West does have some new leopard styles available this year, so I would suggest having a look. Like I said, mine looked so much better IRL than online, so I'm sure that will be the case with the new styles this year, too. :)

  25. Thanks for your response, FFM! Definitely helpful:)

  26. Great list, FFM! You have given me some great ideas, and possibly some additions to my wish list, like a cropped denim jacket and an animal print belt.

    I'm just looking to add a few key pieces to my wardrobe. Most of my fall/winter budget has been earmarked for a wonderful, black leather Ferragamo shoulder bag..It will be an investment piece that I can use for years.

    1. J.Crew Hacking herringbone jacket in Charcoal I hope to wear this with fitted jeans and knee length boots, but I may need to conact you about a set for additional styling ideas :-)

    2. Jcrew cashmere cable sweater in heather indigo. I tried this on, and it is *fabulous* nice, thick cashmere, but not too bulky, beautiful color - nice change from the navy, black and gray in my winter wardrobe. I love the 3/4 lenght sleeves so I can dress up the outfit with some pretty bracelets.
    3. black knee/over the knee riding boots.
    4. I'm on the lookout for a long sleeve black dress with a built in metal buckle. Something like this, but in black

    To date I purchased the J.Crew blazer. I have a feeling the charcoal blazer in my size will sell out (it is already on back order til 9/6). Obviously, I would prefer a sale, but I don't want to take the risk of it selling out.


  27. Hi Julie! It's great to hear from you again! I love all of your picks, and think the Charcoal Hacking jacket was a great purchase! Definitely a classic piece that will last for many years to come.

    I would be delighted to work with you again, so just email me if you decide you want some styling help. :)

  28. Hello! I was hoping you could tell me if the Dream ribbed yoga cardi fits tts? I just bought one, final sale, and hope that I fits! Lately I've been in between sizes xxs and xs. I ordered the xs. Thanks so much in advance!

  29. Hi anon@10:33! I would say the Yoga cardigan runs TTS maybe a bit large. My store didn't have the XXSmall for me to try, but I did try the XSmall and the fit was good. If you normally wear an XSmall or XXSmall at J.Crew then it should work out fine for you. HTH! :)