Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guest Review by Desert Flower: Update...Quality Issues with the J.Crew Pia Calf Hair Pumps

At the end of July, Desert Flower shared a review of the J.Crew Pia Calf Hair Pumps that she had received. (If you happened to have missed her guest review you can see it
here.) In the review she mentioned that the pair she was sent had an area of discoloration and that she was exchanging them for a new pair. Well, the second pair arrived with another quality issue and today she is sharing an updated review with us.

Desert Flower writes:
"In follow up to my review post, I wanted to explain why I don't own the J.Crew Pia Calf Hair Pumps I raved about! The first pair I received, pictured in my post, had a very light area of discoloration on the toe of one shoe. I mentioned it in the review and it was prominent enough, and bothered me enough, that I returned the shoes and reordered. I received the second pair and opened the box to find that there was a quality issue with one shoe. The platform was separating from the shoe itself. Having never experienced any of the quality issues with tee shirts or knits or cashmere that I've heard about, I was surprised to have such problems with shoes.

I contacted my personal shopper who assisted me with once again returning the pumps and placing another order. This time the shoes were on back order until late September.  I waited patiently and then got that email that all J. Crew aficionadas dread, the cancellation email.  Although the shoes still showed up as backordered on the website, apparently my size was no longer available.

Three strikes, you're out. I give up on the Pia pumps.  There are lots of leopard pumps out there and I'm sure I can find something else I like.  In the meantime, these satin leopard pumps from Forever 21 caught my eye.  I ordered them and have received many compliments each time I've worn them. 

The F21 pumps also come in a grey/black combination, like the Pia pumps. 

I've been contemplating the J.Crew Silvia snakeskin pumps but after the quality issues I've had recently, I am hesitant to pay over $400 for them and I haven't seen any reviews to make me feel more confident about the purchase."

Thank you Desert Flower for taking the time to update us all regarding the quality issues with the Pia pumps. It is very frustrating to have such problems with the shoes, especially for the high dollar amount that J.Crew has them priced at. I'm glad you were able to find an alternative that you're happy with and hope that J.Crew considers increasing their quality control, not only on the Pia pumps, but on all of their merchandise.

Like Desert Flower mentioned, there are many other Leopard pump alternatives available right now. Here are a few I've come across in all my online window shopping adventures. :)

Have a lovely day!



  1. Ann Taylor has a leopard haircalf perfect pump that I highly recommend. They retail for $198 but Ann Taylor often has promos. They've been out for awhile too so maybe they'll hit sale soon. Anyway, I haven't worn them to work yet, but they are very comfortable for heels. They have a leather lining which is very soft.

  2. Thanks for the review update! How frustrating that DesertFlower had these issues with such expensive shoes.
    There do seem to be many options for a leopard shoe this fall, thanks for the links!

  3. What a spain for Desert Flower, I guess I have to roll out that old cliché, do they say this in the US, I don't know?
    What's for you won't go by you!

  4. We don't say that one, Tabitha! That's a good one.

    I am actually looking at some of the alternatives FFM was kind enough to post. I like the cheapo F21 pair, but I do want a better quality pair.

  5. I say this with some annoyance because she doesn't need any more money, but Ivanka Trump makes great classic shoes that are very comfortable.

  6. Sorry to read about the ordeal with these pumps!

    I've seen Ivanka's line in stores and it looks like it's pretty good quality.

  7. Wow, I am shocked to hear this. JCrew should give you a gift certificate for this.

  8. How annoying Desert Flower! Talbots has a really good alternative to the PIA -- I think it's called the almond-toe pump in leopard. I've had good luck with the quality of their shoes so far.

  9. I found a Nine West version very similar to the one you posted, except it is a slingback rather than a pump. I bought them at Ross for around $18.00. They're really cute.