Thursday, September 8, 2011

OOTD: 8.30.11

Time for another Outfit of the Day! :) This is an outfit I wore on 8.30.11. Other than running a couple of errands, I spent most of the day at home taking care of 'domestic duties' and preparing for our trip to the Gulf Coast this past Labor Day Weekend.


The Details:

*Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Pocket V-Neck Tee in 'Ebony', size Small. Such a great purchase! The fabric is very soft, launders well, and doesn't stretch out severely as you wear it. I plan on picking up a couple more in different colors. (Similar here and here.)

*J.Crew 'Anne' pants that were an in-store only item last year. Now, I'm not one to normally wear 'skinny' style pants, but these are very comfortable and the color is a great neutral that goes with just about anything. They aren't available in stores anymore, but you can find a similar pant here and here.

*Silver Hoop Earrings purchased a couple years ago at Target. These were a decent price and have held up really well. They're lightweight and comfortable to wear, too. (Similar here and here.)

*Isaac Mizrahi Live Hammered Crystal Accent Stretch Bracelet in Silvertone. (Similar here and here.)

*Timex® vintage field army watch from J.Crew look-a-like. My watch is actually the Timex Expedition watch which I purchased last year at Walmart. I removed the leather band and replaced it with a Solid Watch Strap that I purchased on sale from J.Crew. It definitely gives me a similar look but for much less $$$. :)

*Oliver Peoples 'Phoebe 59' sunglasses. (Similar here and here.)

*My Leopard Handbag was purchased several years ago and is one of my favorites. The leather is soft and I love how it is woven on the front of the bag. At the time I purchased it, it was a bit of an investment for me, but the CPW on it is in the single digits by now since I carry it quite frequently. (Similar here and here.)

*Havaianas 'Top' Flip Flop in Black . Love, love, love my comfortable to wear! I own several pair in various colors/styles and highly recommend them. :) (Similar here and here.)

On me...

That's it for now! Enjoy the rest of your day! :)



  1. Fantastic outfit!!!
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela

  2. Wonderful, as usual!!

  3. Beautiful! Is your hair dark or was that the lighting?

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  5. Thank you Marcela and Anon@1:56pm! :)

    Lizzy T: Thanks! It's not just the dark picture (it was raining that day and I had very little natural light from the window), I am brunette now. :)

    The Outfit of the day: Thank you! :)

  6. omgosh, LOVE your hair!! (Not sure if I missed a previous full picture of it) It looks just great on you!!!

    Wish I had the courage (and styling patience) to try short hair myself :)

    And I love how you are always so put together, even in pants and a tee. So encouraging

  7. love the hair, and I'm a sucker for a black tee with great accessories and cute pants!

  8. glad the OOTD are slowly coming back ;) love the dark hair!

  9. This is a great look-- I love the narrow pants on you. As always your accessories are perfect!

  10. I stopped to comment on your hair color too - looks great!

  11. mommydearest: Thank you! No, you didn't miss a picture of my hair down. This was taken on a rainy day spent packing for our trip and other household chores, so I didn't bother to style it...just stuck it back instead. :)