Friday, September 30, 2011

PSA: J.Crew Foundry Pant Now On Sale!!!

The J.Crew Foundry Pant is now on sale!!! Each size has very limited quantities though, so shop quickly if you're interested in getting a pair! Good luck and happy shopping! :)



  1. Hi FFM! Ok, I've gone and discovered Pinterest will never be the same. I need red pants. Love the look on my eyecandy post today and need red pants. Or jeans, but I'm thinking J.Crew might be the place... I've pinned several looks I love with pink or red pants. Before Pinterest, I wouldn't have considered it!

  2. Mine are on the way! I have been loving those pants since first sight! Let us see how you are going to style them!!! (I am planning on total copy from the pic on the web!)