Monday, September 5, 2011

You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?

Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a great week so far! It's time for another edition of *You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?*, so let's get started! :)

K.Jacques Homere Sandal

Roberto Cavalli Leopard-print Scarf

*The Heritage Cardigan in numerous colors.

*If you have a *Familiar Find* you would like to share, please feel free to email it to me:

That's it for this week's edition...I hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a lovely day! :)



  1. I love the color palette of today's post! Lots of great finds, especially the shoe options.

  2. Love the BP Flats:) Thanks for the information and have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Like this post FFM. OT, while catching up on my blog reading, I noticed you had made a great outfit with the paisley scarf. I bought it today after seeing your outfit, but am stumped as to how to style it with other items besides the zara tee and schoolboy. I checked polyvore, but nothing. I know you made some suggestions in your post, but could you put some sets together for us visual but fashion impaired? Thanks, and sorry for being a blog hog.

  4. i like the new addition especially the Bevv-L' Pumps and the scarfs. fabulous one:)

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed this week's finds! :)

  6. Anon@7:55pm: Congrats on getting the paisley is SO pretty! I would be more than happy to make a couple of Polyvore sets with styling options for it. I'll try to get them up in the next couple of days. :)