Friday, October 21, 2011

Kate Spade Friends and Family Sale is Here!!!

The Kate Spade Friends and Family Sale is here...YAY!!! Save 30% on your entire purchase plus free shipping with code FALL11FF at checkout. Valid until 10.23.11. Merchandise sells out quickly during these now for the greatest selection. :)

Lots and lots to love...


*Nellie dress in bold paper floral print or 'scribble print'.

Have a lovely day, and Happy Shopping! :)



  1. oh crap. jcrew, sephora and now this. not good.

  2. I picked up the cutest glasses necklace.

  3. The faux fur pullover is so cute!

  4. Just picked up the Charm Magazine Iphone case! Thanks for posting! :)

  5. I got the Kati beaded cardi in the yellow. There's so much else I'd love to get, but even at 30% off, Kate Spade is still pretty dear. But I absolutely love this sale! And isn't it 5% more off than last time around? If so, yay for KS!

  6. i just purchased the bow bridge bag, but it was before this sale came out. oh well...have to say i am enjoying the bag though!

    i also purchased the book clutch which is really fun!