Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Arrival Alert: J.Crew Fanfare Wool-Blend Jacket on Net-A-Porter!!!

Net-A-Porter debuted the Fanfare Wool-blend Jacket from J.Crew on their website this past week (this means it should also be available on the J.Crew website with the next roll out of new arrivals). It reminds me of this jacket from Moschino Cheap and Chic that was available earlier this year.

What are your thoughts on the jacket? Will it be one of your *Fall Must-Have* purchases, or will it be a pass for you? Please do share!



  1. A bit too 'mumsie wears Chanel' for my tastes.

  2. If this is new, how come it's showing as sold out in all sizes already? very strange.

    I love black & white, but not sure if this is my style. I'm glad J. Crew is going back to their classic jacket styles!

  3. Tabitha: This would still be lovely on you though! :)

    Louise: I believe it's been on the Net-a-porter site for the past several days and things sell out quickly there. For instance, the Lolli pants were available on Net-a-Porter one day two weeks ago and sold out immediately. Plus there was a special email code sent out for 30% off to certain people, so maybe this jacket was able to be purchased with the discount?

  4. While this particular jacket isn't on my list, mostly because it's wool and I'm a desert rat, I am looking forward to what's new from J. Crew. After a few years of being somewhat disappointed with the offerings, they have reeled me back in.

  5. Tabitha- LOL

    Not on my list to buy, mostly b/c it reminds me of something my grandmother would wear. She's in her 90's, I'm in my 30's... no offense though to anyone who likes it.