Friday, October 14, 2011

You Had Me At Hello...

Kate Spade Victoria Faux Fur Pullover

How fabulous is this??? Yes, I am completely aware that it would not be practical for life in Florida, however, that does not stop me from longing for it! I love the funnel neck, the little bow in the back, the overall silhouette...everything about it! (Well, everything but the price, of course.) Now if I only lived somewhere with a colder climate and had unlimited disposable income...



  1. So luxurious....and beautiful. Love it!!!

  2. I have the same problem living in Arizona FFM. I want to buy all kinds of beautiful fall and winter clothes that don't fit into my life. This fur is amazing and the style is so chic!

  3. I love all the topknots on the KS models this fall. I wish I could wear my hair like that without everyone thinking I am crazy!

  4. You can buy it, and then I will borrow it! ;)
    Besides, I'll use it more in NJ!

  5. Oh this just says cocktails to me, I love it.