Sunday, November 13, 2011

PSA: The J.Crew Carriage Coat Dress is Back Online!!!

The Carriage Coat Dress from J.Crew is back online again this morning in all sizes. It made a very brief debut this past Thursday when the new Holiday arrivals appeared on the website, but was then removed and only available for pre-order. For those of you who may be interested in purchasing, I was able to find out some measurements from the J.Crew online chat rep:

For the Carriage Coat Dress, the chest circumference in size extra extra small is 34.5 inches, the hip circumference is 39 inches, and across the shoulders is 14.5 inches

The chest circumference in size extra small is 36.5 inches, the hip circumference is 41 inches, and the shoulders are 15 inches.

The chest circumference in size small is 38.5 inches, the hips are 43 inches, and the shoulders are 15.5 inches.

It appears that each size increases by 2 inches in chest and hip circumference and .5 in shoulders, so a Medium would be 40.5 chest, 45 hips, and 16 shoulders. Large should be 42.5 chest, 47 hips, and 16.5 shoulders. XL should be 44.5 chest, 49 hips, and 17 shoulders.

The front body length in size extra extra small is 35 inches, size extra small is 35.625 inches and small is 36.25 inches, so as you can see each size up gains about .625 inch of length to it.

Of course if you want to verify you can call or do the online chat to double check on sizes M, L, and XL, as well as XXS, XS, and Small.

What are your thoughts on the dress? Do you plan on giving it a try, or is it a 'no-go' for you? Please do share! :)

Have a lovely day!



  1. Thanks for posting! I fell in love until I saw the price.

  2. I LOVE this, but the price is a bit ridiculous. I love it just as it's styled in the pic too. Thanks for sharing the meausurements -- so it looks like it runs on the bigger end of the spectrum, no?

    Maybe if it somehow makes it to a good sale price, I'll get a chance to try it out. Preferably several months from now, when I have some budget available. :)

    Thanks for sharing all the details!

  3. I really think this is a great piece. If I loved in a more temperate climate I would really want to add it to my wardrobe.
    Here in Canada I would only have a few weeks a year to wear it, it would drive me crazy to wear a coat over it as it is a coat-dress, and it is either very warm here or quite cold.
    I would love to see it on you FFM, please try it out it for us!

  4. I meant LIVED not loved. Though maybe I would LOVE to live in a more temperate climate? lol!

  5. I like the color and material of this coat dress, the style less. I have a feeling it would overwhelm my stature as it looks boxy. I would give it a try though were it not for the price.

  6. Thanks for heads up, I did not even see this dress. Very cute indeed and perfect for Holidays. I love how it was styled.

  7. I really like this and wish it was long enough for me! I can see a lot of options. The buttons on the sleeves are such a nice tough, I like little details like that.

  8. Wow, I don't intend to slam anyone's taste, but it is very much a no-go for me. I'm sure it would look different in person, but on-line it looks like a 1970s home ec swimsuit cover-up to me. Plus, speaking of home ec, the weave looks like this Depression-era fabric called kettle cloth that I remember from working in the fabric store as a young teen. Perhaps now that would be retro, LOL!

    I just have a strong dislike for unstructured dresses, partly aesthetic and partly because they don't work at all on my figure.
    I had the same reaction to the blogosphere love for the spring 2011 Urbanite shift--shrieked 1950s psychiatric hospital to me.

    Different strokes!

  9. I'd like to give it a try, but it is so expensive. Still pondering, and totally bummed that I missed the 25% off. it looks like it would be fun to style and great for my could, like Hexicon said look like a housecoat. Thanks for your lost and all of the sizing details.

  10. A total must have for this winter!♥

  11. I almost pulled the trigger on this just now, but then decided even with 25% off, this wasn't going to be enough of a workhorse in my wardrobe to make it worth the price.

    Thanks for the info - it was very helpful. I love the color and silhouette of this coat/dress. I hope someone posts modeling pictures!