Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Shopping: Madewell - Free Shipping!!!

Hello Everyone! Sunday Shopping is back again this week, and today we are visiting Madewell. If you haven't heard already, they are offering Free Shipping/No Minimum on ALL orders now until 12.19.11...YAY! This is the perfect time to give Madewell a try if you haven't already, or to pick up that item or two that you've had your eye on.

Lots to love at are some of my picks. :)

*silk spot blouse. Looks like a cami would be needed with this one, but the polka dots on the 'outlined true black' color are adorable.
*cloud puff sweater. Such a gorgeous color!
*striped cashmere cabin sweater. I want one in all 3 colors...

*great lawn sweaterskirt. Cute, cute, cute...especially with tights and knee boots.
*guidebook skirt. So pretty and the 'cherry preserves' color is especially lovely.
*alexa chung for madewell alice lace dress. Refreshing color of lace, especially in the fall and winter. Very nice piece to wear for the Holidays.

*[blanknyc®] skinny jeans. Love the color...
*colorwheel trousers. Love both colors...very cute pants.
*plaid passporter coat. How adorable is this? Love!

*windmill blouse. Another one that needs a cami (unfortunately), but it sure is cute!
*alexa chung for madewell zowie boots in calf hair. Of course my favorite is the 'bronzed treasure' animal print

*alexa chung for madewell ruby cardigan. This is absolutely!
*the perfect pennyloafer. Very cute and great colors, too! 

Are you planning to take advantage of the Free Shipping at Madewell? Is there a specific item you're considering? Is there any item you already have that you would highly recommend? Please do share!

Have a lovely day! :)



  1. I have nothing on my list right now but for those shopping I recommend the silk safari dress which is now in the sale section. It's available in black and a cognac color, I'm forgetting the exact color names. I got the black and love it.

  2. i really enjoy the displays of all of the pretty fall colors. the oranges, rusts, browns, golden yellows...makes me happy lol.

    btw, the kate spade bow bridge is on sale right now on her website...over $100 off. just saying lol.