Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yes Please!!!

Kate Spade New York Bow Ellis Sweater

I had the opportunity to see this sweater in person last night and have to say that I am absolutely in love with it! Trust me, it is so much prettier IRL than it looks online. The 'jewels' at the neckline are such a lovely detail and along with the silhouette make the sweater feel extra feminine. (It does remind me a bit of the Beaded Ribbon-Front Top from J.Crew, too.) This one is definitely on my 'watchlist' (as in my watch it to go on sale, then snatch it up quick list). :)



  1. This sweater is darling. I have the J.Crew bow blouse in beaded and chiffon and I love them both, they are so pretty and feminine. I could see this Kate Spade version dressed up for NYE. Love it.

  2. Love this too! Exactly the same thought when I saw your post since I missed out on the JC beaded bow top. But whoa ... I'll be watching for a sale on this one too :)

  3. it looks really pretty but i bet it looks way better in real life! it looks really good with red jeans.


  4. xoxo, tiffany rose, and Carrie: Thank you all so much for stopping by! :)

    xoxo: You are right...this one would be perfect for NYE! Perhaps I should put it on my Christmas list. :)

    Tiffany Rose: I will be sure to post if I see it go on sale. Hopefully we can both snatch one up! :)

    Carrie: It really is SO much prettier IRL than it is online. The online pics just don't show all the little details well enough. If I do end up getting it at some point I will try to post pics and do the sweater some justice. :)

  5. Hi Ladies! I just wanted to let you know that I found the Bow Ellis Sweater on sale!!! More details in this new post. :)

  6. Oops! I had to re-do the post. The new one is here. :)

  7. Hi FFM - though only left in limited sizes, it's on super sale now! I just ordered it and credited you on my blog. ;) Did you see the cream in person too and did you see the cardi? If so, what do you think about those?

  8. Hi Tiffany Rose! Congratulations on getting the sweater! I think you are going to love it! Thanks for the mention on your blog, too! :)

    I did see the cream in person and it is also very pretty. The beading around the neckline is more of a pearl-like effect, if I remember correctly. It would be lovely worn this spring with a pair of capris or ladylike skirt. :) I didn't get the chance to see the cardigan. My only hesitation with it would be the possibility that the jewels/beading would cause the neckline to hang funny when wearing the cardigan open. HTH! :)

    1. Ooo, I may be tempted to get the cream too. The model wears the cardi open and closed (of course it's just a photo and they can place the neckline just so) and I'm really liking how they have the cardi buttoned up with the cami peeking through neckline and hemline. The bow detail is better that way too. Your info helps a lot, thanks so much!