Saturday, December 3, 2011

PSA: {Yes Please!!!} Kate Spade Bow Ellis Sweater On Sale Now!!!

Remember the Kate Spade Bow Ellis Sweater that I blogged about recently in one of my 'Yes Please!!! posts back in November? Well, I have found it on sale!!! In my post I said, "I had the opportunity to see this sweater in person last night and have to say that I am absolutely in love with it! Trust me, it is so much prettier IRL than it looks online. The 'jewels' at the neckline are such a lovely detail and along with the silhouette make the sweater feel extra feminine."

I really do love this little sweater and have one on the way to me right now...YAY!!! You can purchase the sweater here at the sale price, too...use codes SAVE25 and FREESHIP11 to get an additional $25 off your order plus Free Shipping, as well! The sale ends 12.4.11, so shop now to get the sweater at this fabulous price! :)



  1. That is a lovely sweater! They have some great sales.

  2. That is cute indeed. If I hadn't splurged yesterday on the deep purple Hutton pants at 30% off, I'd be giving it serious consideration! Enjoy!

  3. Love this sweater -- a great deal on it too! Thanks for the tip. :)

  4. Thankyou so much for posting this! I loved this bow sweater too....never got the bow sleeveless top from J Crew and still have been looking for that! I just ordered a gift for daughter from Bloomingdales using these codes on Friday! I was being good, and not shopping for myself....oops! But glad I was catching up on blog reading today b/f the sale was over/or size gone!
    Thanks so much!