Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little This, A Little That...

My Christmas decorations came down on 1.2.12, and now I am in the process of cleaning out kitchen cupboards, all the closets in the house, underneath beds, etc., as I prepare for a Yard Sale that my friend and I are having the weekend after next. It feels good to once again de-clutter, especially after the Holidays...anyone else feel the same way?
I am also concentrating on eating healthier and getting back into my routine of daily exercise after my 2 weeks of over indulging/no workouts during the Holidays. I don't know about you, but I find it incredibly frustrating when I can't fit properly into all of my clothes and that is where I am now. Determined to drop my 'holiday pounds' and regain my entire wardrobe I have been preparing homeade soups, vegetable juice (in my juicer), leafy green salads (with numerous other veggies added), and have also once again eliminated sweets and desserts from my diet.

 The weather finally cooperated this week and made it actually feel like January for the past couple of days...yay! The boys and I have been enjoying the cooler temps, and have spent a good deal of time outside. I think that enjoying the outdoors is a great stress reliever and really good for the spirit, especially when the 'after-holiday' doldrums or gloomies show up like they have for me this year.

Even though we have had a couple of winter-like days, I have to say that at this point I am just about ready to give up on many more cold days this year. I have resigned myself to a warm winter and the fact that my jackets and coats won't be getting much use this year. As of right now I am ok with that and will just continue to enjoy temps in the 70's. :)

You may remember from my 'A Little This, A Little That' post last week that I had found this black leather mid-heel Mary Jane at Well, I want to let you know that I wore them out shopping last Sunday and they were very comfortable, not to mention very cute (much more so in person than the online pics). Highly recommend! :)

happy new year. our sale's on sale. enjoy an extra 25% off all sale items. in stores and online enter promo code NEWYEAR25 at checkout.
Kate Spade is offering 25% off Sale Items with code NEWYEAR25 at checkout. The Dorothy Leopard-print dress that I found at my local outlet store is part of the sale, and a couple of sizes are still available here.. This is the same dress that Kate (an assistant designer at J.Crew) was wearing in this photo on the 770/Behind The Line J.Crew blog. I loved the dress from the moment I saw it on Kate, so you can imagine that I am extremely pleased to now own it myself. :)

Piperlime is offering an additional 20% Off sale items with code LIME at checkout until tomorrow. Some great deals to be here to shop. :)
A handful of my picks:
*Indigo by Clarks Buena Vista
*La Canadienne 'Bette' Boot

I had been searching for another pinafore apron and much to my delight, my friend DaniBP came across an Etsy seller who makes them and mentioned it in this post on her blog. The seller's shop is Terrace-Hill, which you can see HERE. My apron shipped very quickly and came packaged very nicely, as well.

The apron is pretty and made very well, the only thing I would prefer is that it had straps going down the back connecting it to the ties at the waist, like my other pinafore apron does. This one slips over your head and 'sits' just over your shoulders on your upper back. You can see an example of what I'm talking about here. Not a deal breaker for me, as I think the apron is lovely, but I would still prefer to find one with the straps over the shoulders like I mentioned previously...please chime in if you have any suggestions on where to get one.

So what have you been up to lately? Have you taken down your Holiday decorations? Have you done any after-Christmas sale shopping? Please do share! :)



  1. I'm in precisely the same place, except that I haven't yet had a chance to take down my holiday decor, LOL.

    I went through 7 pair of jeans and 4 skirts this morning before I found a bottom that fit properly. :( Very distressing. But I too went off the rails completely during most of December, and I need to get back on track now.

    I also find I have a bizarre desire to chuck 75% of what I own. I feel like it's suffocating me, and I just want it all to go away. I'm trying to clear out things little by little, but I'm discouraged by how slow my progress is.

    I just keep telling msyelf to do the best I can. Already toward the end of last year, my desire to acquire anything new, even *gasp* clothes, had started to wane. The new J Crew catalog arrived the other day and after I flipped through it,there was only one thing I wanted, and it was a t-shirt! Hoping that's a sign of good things to come.

  2. Hi FFM, I love those old images, especially the wall refrigerator!
    Thanks for mentioning me and linking to my post. The Terrace Hill apron is so nice! I was curious about the bit across the back of the neck: does it pull at all? I sent an inquiry and the answer was that there is no pull with this design but I find the least pressure around my neck leads to a dreaded migraine, so I'm nervous about it.
    I only had 3 desserts over the holidays but they really put on extra weight, it's so much easier to just avoid them completely. My exercise has fallen to every other day with all of my children at home and the extra cleaning I've been doing. I'm looking forward to my walks and my daily stretches again beginning on Monday!
    That Kate Spade sale is so tempting, there is a little skirt suit in black and cream that I love.

  3. Ditto here as well, as to the overindulging. I'm back on my healthy diet and exercising has kicked back in, and I feel better, only a few days in.

    I actually like when the Christmas decorations are put away -- everything seems cleaner/less cluttered. (Not that I don't love my decorations!) I did a huge fridge clean-out (and clean-up, yuck), and next I'm tackling my paperwork. I tend to save my wardrobe whittling for the spring. So jealous you are able to do a rummage now!

    It's been warm here too in the Midwest where I am. I don't even think I've worn my winter boots yet! I'll take it. :)

    Was tempted by the Kate sale -- lots of pretties!

  4. Hi Elaine! Thanks for stopping by and sharing! I am with you on tossing out 75% of what I own, and lately I have been tempted more times than you can imagine. I would really love the chance to just start my wardrobe over from scratch, but that just isn't feasible so I have to do it little by little.

    I have also been telling myself to do the best I can. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed but keep trying to do a little at a time. It will get done eventually. :)

  5. Hi Dani! Aren't those images great? My favorite is also the one with the refrigerator. :)

    I didn't notice the neck on the Terrace-Hill apron pulling. I wore it all day Sunday and didn't end up with a headache. I normally would have with any other apron that goes around my neck, but didn't with this one. It actually sits back away from my neck and more on my shoulders/upper back. I have noticed after wearing it again on Monday that it 'stays' even better if your shirt or dress has a structured collar. The construction of the apron is excellent and the fabric is sturdy but pretty, at the same time. I think it's made better than many more expensive ones I have seen at retail stores, too. As I said, the neck isn't a dealbreaker, but I am still going to keep hunting for another one with the straps down the back. HTH! Let me know if you end up getting one. :)

  6. shopwithm: Isn't it amazing how much better you feel just within a few days once you get back to eating healthy? Even my 13 year-old commented how nice it is to be loading up on veggies and healthier foods again after all the Holiday meals and desserts.

    I hope our sale goes well. I want to put the earnings toward some home-related/decorating projects and need the extra $$$ to get started. :)

  7. Thanks for the tip on the Clarks! I bought a similar pair (suede & patent leather) and they are fabulous. As you know from Dani's blog I'm currently revamping my whole wardrobe. I've been enjoying your blog ever since Dani pointed me in your direction.

  8. Hi Dorothy! The Clarks are wonderful, aren't they? I love how cute, wearable, and affordable they are. Good luck as you continue to revamp your wardrobe, and once again I say kudos to you for wanting to look nice on a daily basis even when just staying at home. I do think that our families appreciate it, even if they don't always say so. :)

    Thank you so much for continuing to stop by and comment...I truly appreciate it! :)

  9. BTW, I'm really happy to see that I am not the last person on earth who wears an apron. I pull one on the minute I start prepping! People in my neighborhood tease me all the time, but I don't want food splatters on my clothes, lol!

    I have been wearing the Williams-Sonoma heavier-weight canvas ones for a while now. They aren't very pretty, even though one is toile, but I need the full coverage they provide. I get quite messy sometimes, usually from oil or sauce splatters.

    I covet these pretty ones on Etsy, I'm just not sure how well they'll stand up to repeated laundering, even on gentle.

  10. Happy New Year, FFM! I prefer to start my new year free of all Xmas decorations, so I pack them all away before the new year starts. I also get in the cleaning/organizing mode in January and have started a garage sale pile. This year I hope to purge more things and be more selective when adding things to my wardrobe. I haven't bought one J. Crew item (or any clothing) in the new good going so far! HEE! I live in Oregon and although we've had uncharacteristically dry weather it's also been cold enough to enjoy my winter clothing...which has been fun. Usually all my cute clothes are covered up with a big rain coat. Like everyone, my husband and I are back to our normal diet and exercise routine. So far this year I've made wild mushroom soup and gingered pumpkin soup...yum! Have a wonderful day and everyday of 2012!

  11. Happy New Year, FFM. Tonight's the night. Must take the tree down to benefit a local charity which collects them. I hate taking it down. Most everything else is packed away, but I just like the tree we cut down right there in the living room, cheering and bright. We have candles in the windows still,too, as an antidote to the darkness and cold.

    This weekend the closet beckons for its twice yearly clearout,deep cleaning and giveaway. My girls are helpful judges and encourage donation of anything they deem inappropriate, ill-fitting, out of date or just pain ugly.

    Love the apron you received. My current one is green and white stripes on heavy duck fabric, v.plain but serviceable.

  12. I like your idea of eating healthier. I need to do the same. I have to lose about 7 pounds to regain my wardrobe in its entirety.

    I love your idea in a previous post of dressing more classic, less trendy. I know that at 46, I try to keep up, so as not to seem old...but there is always that bit of me that yearns for the Jackie-O, Hepburn, Sophia Loren classic, yet VERY stylish beauty.

    FFM, you are a trendsetter, and I have always enjoyed the IRL's you post because you make it REAL.

    I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start. Thanks for being one of my fav "daily reads".

  13. straycat and Lane: Happy New Year to you both! I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in my 'clearing the closets' mode. Yesterday was my second born son's 8th birthday so I wasn't able to get much more done, but did manage to make a bit of progress today. I hope all is going well for both of you in your clearing out endeavors! :)

  14. EverydayMomStyle: Thank you!

    Thank you Nantucket Daffodil! Your comment made my day! :) I am really working hard at turning my wardrobe into one that is completely 'age appropriate' with an occasional trend thrown in here and there. I think part of the difficulty lies in the fact that I feel younger than 41. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I really do want to grow older gracefully, embracing the next stage of my life completely and not be a 'slave to the trends' like I have been at previous times in my life. It is a difficult process, but seems to be easier as I put even more thought into my purchases and personal style. I will continue to post on my progress and share any tips that I have discovered alont the way. :)

  15. Hi FFM,
    Like you I can't stand aprons with a neck loop. I wear an apron all day and get headaches from the loop style. The 'H' back aprons you are looking for are hard to find new but you can pick up good used ones on etsy and ebay. One apron style I like is the "Edwardian apron".
    My other favorite and very usefull apron is a pinafore style.Check out "ladies prairie apron and scalloped apron here.

    Hope you find something.


  16. Thank you for the links Kim! I really like the Scallop apron you suggested. How does the back of it fit? Is it an 'H' style?