Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Wishlist....Dresses

Here's a peek at the dresses on my Spring Wishlist...I would absolutely love to add any one of these to my wardrobe. I will be saving my pennies and hope to catch at least one or two of them on sale eventually. :)

Linda Dress

'Pippa' Dress

 Polka-Dot Cotton Dress

'Lettie' Dress

 'Sonja' Dress

 'Lourdes' Tank Dress (I really like it in the Grass Green colorway, too.)

Spiraea Shirtdress

'LouLou' Printed Twirl Dress

'Sarah' Twirl Dress (It also comes in Vermillion Red...I love both colors.)

Long Sleeveless Caftan Dress

'Jane' Link-print Dress

Zalda Bis Dress

Do you have any dresses on your Spring Wishlist? Please do share...I always love to hear from you! :)



  1. I love the DVF dress, it is such a classic, wearable piece. On my wishlist now!

  2. Linda, Pippa, Zalda Bis...Just give me all of them! Love the retro, classic feel of the dresses I'm seeing for Spring.

  3. My husband and I are about to remodel our kitchen, so sadly, my spring wish list is very short. I did, however, just get this Tory Burch dress on sale! If you sign up for e-mails on the Tory Burch website, you can get an extra 10 percent off and free shipping! I love the details on this dress, and it will look great with a gold cuff bracelet.,default,pd.html?dwvar_31112401_color=001&start=214&cgid=clothing-sale

    The other dress I really love is this one from Milly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sale!


  4. So many great choices!

    DVF sizing, at least in the wraps, is very consistent in my experience. This means once you know your size, you can buy on ebay or Bonanza and have good luck. I've purchased a few that way, including the Phyllis (which is actually not a wrap) last week.

  5. i adore the polka dot dress and was so delighted when i saw it is ralph lauren. ahhh, he never fails me. great list, they are all to die for.

  6. Oh, so many pretty dresses! I love the Linda...such a fun, bright color! I'm loving the "Cabana Dress" from Madewell right now in green and white. It looks so cute and comfy! It's already sold out in my size online though. :(

  7. That Zalda bis dress pleases me- but I think it just looks lovely on the brunette model!

    There's nothing I'm dying for at the moment, but that will change. I like the yellow, black and pink colour combination of one of the Jason Wu Target dresses, as well as Anthropologie's silk Otta dress. Looking forward to the Marni H&M launch as well!

  8. I love the Linda and have even made a few Polyvore sets with it in gray. Sadly orange look awful on my and gray isn't ideal, but I'd try it on sale. There is a pair of hot pink patent Kate Spade pumps due out next month that I'm actively saving for. I tried this on yesterday- as well as a few jackets-Phelps in black, Vendue and Marlee-all awesome. We are going to DC for Spring Break so what I really need to focus on is a new pair of (attractive) comfortable walking shoes.

  9. I love all of your picks, especially the Linda, the LouLou, and the Zalda Bis. My favorite dress purchase so far this year is the Riviera Shirt Dress from Boden. It has a flattering fit, beautiful fabric, and nice construction for the price.

  10. Love your picks FFM. Amazingly I don't have any dresses on my list, just bags. The Tillary in blue has gone to waitlist so I finally just ordered it, even though I have not yet received my rewards card. It will be so perfect for my summer holiday and if it doesn't ship until May at least I'll have lots of time to save for it.
    I did just order the Brompton mini-hobo in vibrant coral (I see you have it on your sidebar!) I wanted to use the Tillary on my Florida vacation as well but the Brompton might be a better choice for my wardrobe, and the size seems great. I also had the bright idea that CS would let me use my rewards card if I phoned and asked, they did, so hopefully I'll get it this week.
    I sold so many bags last year I just need to replace some. I've spent 2 days scouring the internet for options but I always go back to the JCrew bags! What a crewlade drinker!

  11. I think you just made my spring dress list for me! I've been looking and looking at DVF wrap and think spring will be the time to take the plunge. I just can't decide on long sleeves or short.

  12. Thanks for stopping by and for all the comments ladies! I apologize for my delayed response, but my cold has taken a turn for the worse, unfortunately. I did want to let you all know that I have read each comment and do appreciate you all taking the time to stop by. :)

  13. Julie/Anon@9:28am: The TB Declan dress is gorgeous, and I know it is fabulous on you! Congratulations on getting it! I have a similar one in Navy from TB that I absolutely love. :)

    The Milly dress is so pretty! I was just looking at the Navy/Ecru combo of it on the Nordstrom site and it is equally lovely. Which color combination are you considering?

  14. laurie_miw: I was also contemplating the Boden dress, but then the color I wanted was waitlisted for 12 weeks, so I didn't order. What color and size did you get?

  15. juliestyles: The Trina Turk dress is beautiful, and I'm sure it looks fantastic on you, too! The silhouette is one of my favorites, too. I have a Kate Spade dress in a similar cut and it's very flattering on.

  16. Dorothy: I say go for shorter sleeves since we are moving towards warmer weather now. That way you will have more of any opportunity to wear it a lot this spring and summer. :)

  17. Love the 4th dress, so gorgeous!

    xoxo Maria


  18. FFM, I got the dress in Harbour Provence, which is the blue floral print. I am normally a 0 or 2 in J.Crew, but based on the Boden garment measurements I got the 4R which fit perfectly. It works well for a pear or an hourglass because it is fitted through the torso, and has a gradual flair from the waist. The skirt is full, but the fabric drapes nicely so that it still has a somewhat sleek sillhouette (if that makes sense!) Let me know if you decide to try it, Boden often ships earlier than expected! :)

  19. Thanks laurie! :)

    Btw ladies, Kate Spade New York is running a surprise sale today for anyone who is interested. You can access it HERE. :)