Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Love This...

Anna Wintour - Incredibly Chic, As Always.




  1. We may be on the same wavelength FFM. I am looking for a leopard or combo coat or long jacket that is not heavy or dense faux fur. I like the J. Crew calf hair and the Coach calf hair, both well out of my price range! The search continues. Ci love this look.

    1. Hi Desert Flower! I have also been looking for the same. Did you see that Zara has a leopard coat? It does not have leather though, but does appear to be fairly lightweight, and is also affordable. You can see it here. As for Anna's look, I absolutely love it! I would wear that in a heartbeat. :)

    2. I've seen the Zara one. It definitely has merit. I'm also eyeing this one and hoping it goes on sale:

  2. She is divine. I don't care about personality - she just looks divine!