Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little This, A Little That...

Love This...

And This...

Absolutely Stunning...

This Too...


Season 3 will finally air on January 6, 2013, and I cannot about you? :)

My hubby and I went to see Skyfall the weekend it premiered here in the United States. I loved it, and will say that it is one of my favorite Bond movies of all time. Say what you will about Daniel Craig as James Bond, but I am quite fond of him, and think he plays the role very well. Not to mention...what a ruggedly handsome man he is! Of course, Sean Connery is my all-time favorite James Bond, but Daniel Craig is running a close second. How about you? Who is your favorite Bond?

Speaking of movies...

This is absolutely one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies of all time. So much so, that I watch it several times each Christmas season. Have you seen it? Do you also love it? What are your other favorite Christmas movies?

Are you just about finished with all of your Christmas shopping? Do you shop for gifts online, or do you brave the malls and stores to get them? I do most of my Christmas shopping online, and only have a couple more gifts to pick up at this point. Of course I still need to wrap everything, but at least it's here and waiting already. :)

If you are still looking for gifts, or simply shopping for yourself, there are plenty of good sales to be found at various retailers...

 J.Crew is offering 25% Off orders of $150+, or 30% Off orders of $250+, and Free Shipping on $150+ with code GIFTNOW at checkout until 12.9.12. They have also done another 'switch-up' on the Promo-priced items this week...a lot of new items have been marked to promo-price, while others have gone back to regular-price or marked down to sale price. I have updated the Women's list here, and you can see the Men's list here.

Madewell is offering 25% Off orders of $150+ and Free Shipping on Everything with code CHEERS at checkout until 12.10.12. Click here to shop the deals. :)

My picks:

*parisienne storyteller scarf - I own this one and love very pretty! WMM also loves it, and reviewed it here.
*team jacket
*western jean shirt in desert willow wash

Piperlime is offering 25% Off Cold Weather Essentials with code WARMUP at checkout until 12.8.12. (Shipping and Returns are always FREE at Piperlime, too.) Click here to shop the eligible styles.

My picks:

What are you up to this weekend? Anything special or fun planned? I have a hair appointment this afternoon, rummage sale tomorrow, church, a trip to the market for groceries, and hopefully hubby and I will make it to the movies at some point this weekend. Perhaps I'll try to get some of those gifts I've bought wrapped, too. :)

That's it for now...I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)



  1. I agree completely on Bond, FFM. Connery was my favorite. I do love Craig though. I mean, just look at him! Sigh. As my grandmother would say, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers :)

    I do love A Christmas Story. My second favorite movie is Scrooged. Bill Murray has me rolling with laughter every Christmas.

    1. I agree with your Grandmother, Desert Flower! :)

      I haven't watched Scrooged in several years, but will be putting it on my list of 'must sees' for this year...thanks for the reminder!

  2. FFM, I'd like both of your first outfit selects, head-to-toes, wrapped and under the tree, says me. (The car would be a nice bonus with a red bow.) Now back to closet realities and recreating the ideas with things I have (it was a happy Christmas fantasy.)
    Connery, Craig, Brosnan. I'm in with Desert Flower's gran, even if he can be a bit dour at times. And I am sure DBP will join me in happiness that your picks include our beloved and practical La Canadienne, they are some of best boots ever. Sounds busy but happy at your place, good luck with the wrap-a-thon. I may dig out "Love Actually" this weekend.

    1. Hi GetFresh! The first two outfits are absolutely divine, aren't they? I would wear either one of them in a heartbeat.

      Oh I love La Canadienne boots too, and actually own 4 pair of them myself. That's the reason that I always include them in my picks when they are on sale, and recommend them to anyone and everyone I know. :)

      On another note, I know you own numerous schoolboy blazers, and wanted to know if you have the one in Pearl Grey from a couple years ago?

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your movie! :)

    2. SCHOOLBOY If it was a flannel one in a slightly darker grey than the current version I definitely tried it. At that time it didn't make the cut since I was working on suits rather than separate jackets. But looking back it probably would have been a good one, since I find the flannel ones from around '09-'10 were a slightly plusher more "felted" fabric than the past two seasons. And how did you know I am still tempted to collect, the festival blue is still on my list (good weight and a bluebird spot for spring up here).

    3. Hi GetFresh! The pearl grey is the one I have on in this post back in 2010. I am contemplating letting it go, and would be more than happy to send it your way if you want. I'm pretty sure it's a size 2, but cannot remember if that's the size you take. Do you usually order the petite sizes?

  3. I love the white dress with the black, it's just beautiful. Most of my Christmas shopping was done online too. I finished quite a while ago thankfully, I have so many other things to do over the next few weeks.

    We saw Skyfall this week. I quite like Daniel Craig myself, although Sean Connery is still "the" Bond in my mind.

    1. Hi xoxo! Isn't it just so much easier to get the gifts online? I started doing that several years ago, and really much prefer it to trekking from store to store trying to find items on my list. I'm glad that you have yours complete so you can focus on all the other things you have going sound like a very busy woman!

      It appears as if Daniel Craig has agreed to make 2 more Bond films, so we will get to enjoy him in the role for a little longer. :)

  4. Such pretty photos. We love A Christmas Story as well!
    I have so much baking to do this weekend-I'm in denial :-)
    We haven't seen Skyfall yet, but plan to soon. I adore Daniel Craig as Bond...he is my favorite.
    I am not a fan of Sean Connery. In 2006 he discussed with Barbara Walters about how it is ok to slap a woman if the situations merits it. WTH??? After that, no more Connery for me.

    1. Oh Julie no, Sean is known for inserting foot in mouth when must do PR. But that strikes him off my list.

    2. GetFresh - you can google the it and see the interview for yourself. I watched it when it aired - astonished that Babs didn't get up and walk off set.

    3. Oh I have never seen that! That would strike him off my list too!

    4. Hi Julie! I hope your baking is coming along at a good pace! I haven't done any so far, since we are trying to avoid too many sweets at our house. However, I do plan on making some of our family favorites to give friends and also to serve on Christmas Day. :)

  5. Oh FFM! SO much to love and comment on on about this post (apart from the wonderful shout out to me and our scarf! Much love for that!)

    Okay - will take them one at a time:

    !) I love the first outfit especially. I want to ooze that kind of cool. Now i have to remind myself that I am nearly 50 and half a head shorter than this gal, but this is what I keep forgetting when I order things - THAT is my goal (well not entirely, but I think you know what I mean!)

    2)I would like the blue and white beaded dress a little further back on the rack and it would be nice if Santa through in the beaded clutch as well!

    3) I am almost as sick with anticipation for Downton Season 3 as for Les Mis! I plan to rewatch all of season 2 over the holidays to ensure I am ready!

    4) WHile I love Sean Connery, Skyfall was so amazing that I have now put Daniel Craig up in the same category and he is close to getting to being the alternate club boyfriend if for some reason George is unable to fulfill his duties.

    5) I have already watched A Christmas Story and will likely do so again before the holidays are done. This year it is particularly poignant for me; the movie is set in 1940 and my dad always loved it but it was only when I went through the the papers in his desk in the nursing home did I realize he was still holding all of his paperwork as a card-carrying member of the Lil Orphan Annie Brigade, including his secret decoder! I cried and cried as I realized all of those years of watching it with him he never mentioned how that was basically "his" story, too (sans lamp!) and the story of all of those little boys of the late 1930s. WHile I loved the movie before, now i will treasure it as a snapshot to an era that was very familiar to my dad.

    5) this year was almost completely online, but I do have a couple more little things to do in person and hope to do that this am. I always reserve the right to stupidly spend $50 on Christmas Eve day. The consumer and christmas lover just has to get out there one last time to be amongst the excited people! It is quite fun, as all my shopping is done, so I have no desperation!

    6) haven't shopped this sale - I just received that nice blouse (will do a review today when I try it on) and I have that merino sweater with the beading at the shoulder coming as a try-on. It had limited wearability on a regular basis, but if it looks good has such a vintage feel that I love!!

    Have a wonderful Saturday! I am so slow at getting to everyone's blogs todays! And sorry for such a long response!!!

    1. Hi WMM! Oh yes, I would absolutely LOVE to wear that first outfit, too, not to mention have her hair, as well!

      I have watched several of the episodes of season 2 over the past couple of weeks, and hope to finish them all before the start of season 3, too. Does it start the same date for you that it does for us?

      Daniel Craig is perfect for the club boyfriend! Only if George cannot fulfill his duties, of course! ;)

      Oh how special to find out that A Christmas Story is a snapshot of your dad's boyhood! I will always think of that now, too! I cannot believe he still had the secret decoder! I would love to see it...can you send my a pic?

      Did you see that Madewell is now 25% off and free shipping on ALL orders? I just picked up another storyteller scarf. I got the little tokyo one a couple weeks ago, and just ordered the city storyteller in grey with the discount today. I love those scarves! :)