Wednesday, March 13, 2013

J.Crew: New Promo-Priced Items & Markdowns Plus an Extra 30% Off - GOODNEWS!!!

J.Crew is offering an extra 30% off Final Sale Items with code GOODNEWS at checkout until the end of today...yay for the extra % off, but BOO for Final Sale! Thankfully, the Promo-Priced Items also receive the 30% discount but are NOT Final Sale...gotta love that! J.Crew has also done a 'switch-up' on the Promo-priced items this week...a lot of new items have been marked to promo-price, while others have gone back to regular-price or marked down to sale price (now making them final sale). I have updated the Women's list, and you can see the Men's list here.  

For those of you who aren't familiar with Promo-priced items, they are select Regular-price pieces that J.Crew marks down to a 'Promotional Price' for a short amount of time. These items are eligible for any extra % off sale or full-price promotions that may occur at any time. The Promo-priced items are also eligible for the Educator and Student Discounts, so if you are a teacher or student you can receive an additional 15% off on them, as well. 

 The promo-prices are usually in effect for a week or two (sometimes longer), then they either go back up to full-price or move on into Final Sale. I have noted the majority of the Women's Promo-priced items currently available on the J.Crew website, as well as the items that have been marked down (please note that the items ending in $.99 are the ones that have been marked down further from Promo-price and are now at Final Sale).  

New Promo-Priced Items: 

*Indigo floral quilted jacket
*Vintage cotton tee - Peach Sorbet, Neon Persimmon, and Neon Yellow on promo
*Vintage cotton boatneck tee - Neon Persimmon and Neon Violet on promo
*Vintage cotton V-neck tee - Peach Sorbet, Neon Persimmon, and Neon Yellow on promo
*Perfect-fit long-sleeve tee - Trellis Vine, Tangerine Sunset, and Vivid Violet on promo
*Vintage cotton tank - Peach Sorbet, Burnished Ruby, Neon Persimmon, and Neon Yellow on promo
*No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton - Frosted Lilac, Bright Indigo, and Melon on promo
*Collection curator pant - Hot Pink on promo
*Bennett chino - Dark Slate and Natural on promo
*Stripe wedge flip-flops - Chili Navy on promo

New Markdowns: 

*Tippi sweater in multistripe - $69.99
*Tweed-front tee - $59.99
*Bazaar scarf - $49.99
*Collection Cece Liberty floral ballet flats - $149.99 

**To see the list of Additional J.Crew Promo-Priced Items & Markdowns click here.

***Madewell is offering an Extra 20% off Promo-Priced Items & Sale Styles plus Free Shipping on Orders of $100+. For more details, and to see the list of Madewell Promo-Priced Items click here.



  1. Thanks for compiling these, though I need no temptation to check for things on my wish list. ;)

    I do not know from direct experience, but I read on TC's blog What I Bought Today you can no longer stack the educator's discount on top of another promo. :( for all the educators.

    1. Thank tiffany rose! Yes, they had stopped allowing the two discounts to be combined, but have just decided in the past few days to allow it once again. That definitely is GOODNEWS! :)